How Much Does a Polished Concrete Floor Cost?

So, what is the overall cost of such an installation?

The average cost of fitting a polished concrete floor is £1,500 to £1,950 for a floor space of 10m2, £2,850 to £3,450 should it be 20m2, £5,250 to £6,450 if it’s 40m2, but you’d need to budget for about £7,800 to £9,750 for a 60m2 area.

You may be interested in covering the floor space in a room or an entire house; hence the scale and associated costs of the project could vary wildly.

Polished concrete hallway

Is there anything else to consider?

The price of having polished concrete floors installed by a professional will differ based on factors such as:

  • The size of the room
  • Condition of the existing floor
  • Size of the room
  • The finish used
  • Ease of access
  • Number of tradespeople hired
  • Where exactly in the UK you are based

Labour prices differ throughout the UK, and with labour cost being an important component of fitting a polished concrete floor, it's important to take this into consideration.

Such prices tend to be lower in the north of England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland but above the national average in the southeast of England. London is known for being particularly expensive as far as labour expenses go.

Polished Concrete Floor Prices

Size of Area Labour Cost Supply Cost Total Cost
10m2 £300 to £900 £1,200 to £1,500 £1,500 to £1,950
20m2 £300 to £900 £2,400 to £3,000 £2,850 to £3,450
30m2 £300 to £900 £4,800 to £6,000 £5,250 to £6,450
40m2 £300 to £900 £7,200 to £9,000 £7,800 to £9,750

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What are the Supply Costs of a Polished Concrete Floor Installation?

The supply cost of installing a polished concrete floor excludes the labour cost, additional expenses, and any waste removal costs.

Polished concrete flooring prices are especially helpful for those who wish to fit a polished concrete floor DIY (you should only do so if you understand exactly what’s involved and take the necessary safety steps).

pouring concrete

On average, the material costs of fitting a polished concrete floor is £120 to £150 per m2.

Of course, polished concrete floor prices can differ significantly depending on the quality of the product, the brand, colour, and other factors.

However, the average cost per square metre given above equates to around £1,200 to £1,500 for a 10m2 area, £2,400 to £3,000 for a 20m2 surface area, £4,800 to £6,000 for a 40m2 space, or £7,200 to £9,000 for a 60m2 surface.

What are the Additional Costs of Laying a Polished Concrete Floor?

There are some added costs you may choose to incur, along with having polished concrete floors installed. Let's have a look at some common examples.

Painting a Room

Upon having a new floor installed in a room or throughout your entire property, you may wish to have a room painted (or several, for that matter). The costs shown below include both labour and supply expenses.

Underfloor Heating

What about getting some underfloor heating? These heating systems save on space, are more energy-efficient than many alternative systems, can increase the value of a property, and offer a comfortable underfoot.

underfloor heating being laid

 On average, underfloor heating costs the following to install:

More Additional Costs And Cost Factors

Other considerations that could bring up your overall bill are the possibility of a minimum fee, charge for excess mileage, whether excavation is required, the condition of the existing floor and the number of tradespeople hired.

The type and size of the floor are also obviously relevant to the total installation cost.

Tradesmen Costs for a Polished Concrete Flooring Installation

The price of labour will make up a relatively small fraction of the overall polished concrete flooring cost and, of course, excludes the supply cost, additional expenses, and any waste removal costs.

The price of labour for a professional floor fitter is around £150 per day, and since the work tends to take between two and six days, you can expect the overall cost of labour to be about £300 to £900.

How Long Does It Take To Lay a Polished Concrete Floor?

Pouring liquid concrete

It tends to take between two and six days to have a polished concrete floor installed, but this will depend on a range of different factors.

Such factors can include:

  • Size of the floor
  • State of the existing floor
  • Number of tradespeople hired
  • Ease of access

Benefits of a Polished Concrete Floor

There are quite a few advantages to choosing polished concrete flooring. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent examples.

Better Reflectivity

Polished concrete floors come with reflective qualities that can enhance the lighting in a room/space, providing better ambient lighting.

Highly reflective floor with lights

You may feel the need to use less lighting in the room(s) with this type of flooring, and thus this may also save you money on your electricity bills.

Better Slip Resistance (Yes, That’s Right)

You’d be mistaken if you thought that the shiny image of a polished concrete floor meant that it was slippery.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. The nature of polished concrete floors makes them less slippery than regular concrete floors.

Less Dust Gathered

Thanks to the nature of polished concrete floors, dust from efflorescence cannot gather on these floors.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Polished Concrete Flooring?

You may wish to have a polished concrete floor removed so that can you install another type of flooring or as part of the removal of an entire room so that perhaps your garden could be expanded or another structure could be built in its place, such as a conservatory.

dust from removing concrete

The cost of removing a polished concrete floor will vary greatly, but on average, you’re probably looking at paying about £14 to £18 per hour plus waste removal costs.

It may take a few days, so you’ll likely pay around £500 to £1,000, and this would include the cost of waste removal.


Q: How do you clean a polished concrete floor?

A: Broadly speaking, the following steps are needed; Dust mop your floor using a microfiber pad each day, with the mop being wetted and cleaned before each use (clean water is a must too, of course).

If you are wet mopping, it’s important that you employ a neutral floor cleaner and one that has the correct formula needed to suspend particles of dirt for straightforward removal. Notably, you should clean stains and spills as fast as you can.

Beyond that, allow the cleaner sufficient time to break down contaminants like grime before suspending the dirt particles. Should you use a cleaning agent and then mop or vacuum the product up, it will not have received the necessary time to clean the floor.

It’s also key that the solution is not allowed to dry on the polished concrete floor. Ideally, you want to clean small areas and make sure that you do the job correctly at any given section of flooring before proceeding to clean another.

Q: How long does polished concrete flooring last?

A: These floors generally last for two decades before they should begin to look worn down. However, it depends on a range of factors, such as how well you maintain your flooring.

Q: Where can I get polished concrete floor tiles?

A: One handy approach is to Google search ‘polished concrete floor tiles near me’ and then have a look at any good polished concrete floor tiles on sales in your area.

Q: Should I consider getting a polished concrete garage floor?

A: It’s definitely worth considering. It is most commonly used inside homes, but it is a great choice for a concrete garage floor and is worth contemplating.

Q: What are some popular colours of a polished concrete floor?

A: Such examples include gold finish, light grey, dark grey, and really anything in between light and dark grey. However, there are many more options out there, and it really depends on what best suits your home and your own preferences.



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