How Much Are Tradesmen Rates?

Firstly, do they charge hourly or daily?

Tradesmen tend to charge a daily rate for jobs that will take longer than a few hours to complete.

Every tradesperson offers their own set prices, depending on the types of services offered.

To help you calculate the cost of hiring a tradesperson, take a look at the following cost guide, which includes the plasterer day rate, builder hourly rate and more!

Tradesmen Prices

The below table sets out the hourly rate for each individual tradesperson.

Tradesperson Average hourly rate
Plumber £27 - £80
Carpenter £16 - £40
Painter and Decorator £16 - £40
Electrician £28 - £50
Plasterer £15 - £50
Kitchen Fitter £18 - £37
Bricklayer £12 - £20
Labourer £10 - £40
Scaffolder £18 - £35
Tiler £16 - £75
Builder £16 - £42
Window Cleaner £8 - £24
Gardener £12 - £59
Landscaper £12 - £111
Roofer £21 - £39
Window Fitter £17 - £38
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What Are the Average Hourly Rates?

To help you understand the tradesmen hourly rates, take a look at the guide below.

Some tradesmen tend to charge an hourly rate UK standard, which is the preferred option for smaller tasks which may only take an hour or two.

Let's take a dive into the prices then...

Plumber Hourly Rate

Plumbers tend to charge around £41 per hour for smaller jobs such as installing a new toilet or repairing pipes. The standard gas safe engineer hourly rate may cost up to £60 an hour for those working with an established company, while self-employed plumbers may only charge £30 per hour.

Carpenter Hourly Rate

For furniture and door frame repairs, you can hire a carpenter who will charge an hourly rate of £35. The price may lower to £20 an hour for simpler tasks such as fixing kitchen cabinets, while more complex stair repairs could cost up to £40 per hour.

person sawing wood

Painter and Decorator Hourly Rate

Painters and decorators tend to charge £24 per hour to re-decorate one or two rooms in your home. For paint touch-ups on one or more walls, you may only have to pay £15 an hour, while a large room could cost up to £40 per hour.

Electrician Hourly Rate

Electricians usually charge an average hourly rate of £37 to install new lighting and appliances. Some professional electricians will set a price of £60 an hour to replace a circuit breaker or fuse box, while a single light replacement may only cost £30 per hour.

Plasterer Hourly Rate

The average hourly wage in the UK for plasterers is usually around £15 per hour to re-plaster a whole room. If you only need one or two walls plastering, they may only charge £15 an hour, while a large room that needs plastering can cost up to £25 per hour.

plaster on a trowel

Kitchen Fitter Hourly Rate

Some kitchen fitters may charge an hourly rate of around £18 for average-sized kitchens which need new worktops and cabinets installed. They tend to lower their hourly rate to £10 per hour for kitchen cabinet repairs, while a full kitchen suite replacement can cost up to £20 per hour.

Bricklayer Hourly Rate

For small scale constructions, such as building a wall or a shed, which may only take a day to complete, bricklayers will charge around £29 per hour. The price, will, of course, vary depending on the company you choose, as sole traders may only charge £16 per hour, while more established business may set prices at £29 per hour.

Labourer Hourly Rate

The majority of labourers will charge an hourly rate of £25, which may involve preparing the site by digging or assisting bricklayers. If you hire a labourer through a company, you could be charged anywhere from £10 to £40 an hour depending on the skill of the labourer and the job itself.

Scaffolder Hourly Rate

Scaffolding is usually assembled in a matter of hours by a professional scaffolder, who usually charge an hourly rate of £22. For smaller projects, you can expect to pay around £18 per hour, while more complex constructions which require more scaffolding can cost up to £35 per hour.

Tiler Hourly Rate

Some tilers prefer to be paid by the hour, with the average hourly rate being £26. The labour cost, will, of course, vary depending on the type of tiles you have, as larger tiles are much easier to install, so tilers may only charge £16 an hour. More intricate smaller tiles are quite difficult to install, you may expect to pay up to an hourly rate of £15.

Builder Hourly Rate

For small building projects, including wall and foundations repairs, you will need the help of a builder who typically charges around £29 per hour. This price may vary depending on the extent of the job, as simple tasks such as repointing may only cost £16 per hour, while laying new foundations could cost up to £42 an hour.

builder on roofing timber

Window Cleaner Hourly Rate

Window cleaners prefer to charge an average hourly rate of £11 per hour to clean all windows that are accessible to them. The price will depend on your location, as window cleaners in northern areas of the UK may only charge £8 for the hour, while tradesmen in London set a standard rate of £24 an hour.

Gardener Hourly Rate

Gardeners tend to do regular maintenance at least once a week during the summer months which involves watering plants, weeding and lawn mowing. For these services, they charge an average of £27 per hour. The hourly rate may lower to £12 per hour for smaller gardens, while large unruly gardens may cost £59 an hour.

Landscaper Hourly Rate

Many landscapers prefer to be paid by the hour for jobs such as laying down gravel borders for flowers or installing a water feature. They usually charge around £28 per hour, although this can range from £12 per hour for small gardens and up to £111 an hour for bigger gardens.

Roofer Hourly Rate

For roof repairs, you should expect to pay around £29 per hour for professional roofers to restore any damaged roof tiles. The hourly rate will depend on the type of roof, as roofers may only charge £21 an hour for a flat roof as it easy to access, while a roof with a high pitch is more dangerous, so repairs could cost up to £39 per hour.

two roofers on a roof

Window Fitter Hourly Rate

It usually takes around an hour to fit an average-sized window, which would cost around £27. This hourly rate can differ depending on the type of windows you have, for example, a sash window may only cost £17 per hour to fit, while a large skylight window could cost up to £38 an hour, as it is much harder to install.

Average Wages for Tradespeople

The majority of tradespeople are paid a wage rather than a salary, as a salary usually involves a fixed payment which is not applicable to tradesmen who are typically paid per job or by the hour.

To help you understand the yearly wage for different trades, take a look at the following price guide:

Tradespeople Wages

The below table sets out the average wage for each following tradesperson:

Tradesperson Average wage
Plumber £27,000 - £80,000
Carpenter £29,000 - £39,000
Painter and Decorator £28,000 to £32,000
Electrician £31,000 - £38,000
Plasterer £28,000 - £33,000
Kitchen Fitter £31,000 - £42,000
Bricklayer £32,000 - £42,000
Labourer £21,000 - £28,000
Scaffolder £31,000 - £42,000
Tiler £31,000 - £39,000
Builder £29,000 - £56,000
Window Cleaner £16,000 - £48,000
Gardener £16,000 - £24,000
Landscaper £19,000 - £27,000
Roofer £25,000 - £36,000
Window Fitter £31,000 - £65,000

Plumber Wage

The average yearly wage a plumber earns is around £41,000, however, recently qualified plumbers may only get £27,000, while those who have more than five years’ experience in the industry can generate a wage of £41,000.

Carpenter Wage

Professional carpenters should expect an average of £27,000 per year. A carpentry salary will, of course, vary depending on how many jobs they have worked on along with their skill level, as newly qualified carpenters may only earn £29,000, while expert carpenters can get up to £39,000.

Painter and Decorator Wage

Painters and decorators earn a yearly average of around £24,000. Those with plenty of experience with both painting and wallpapering have the potential to make up to £32,000 per year, while novice decorators may only earn an annual revenue of £28,000.

white room being decorated

Electrician Wage

The average yearly wage for a qualified electrician is £33,000, which is what you could get if you have regular work on a weekly basis. Electricians with less work may only earn £31,000, while electricians working with steady work who work for a well-established company could earn an electrician salary of up £38,000.

Plasterer Wage

The average plasterer salary is around £31,000 per year, although this can vary depending on how much work they get and how experienced they are. A plasterer with regular work who has at least five years’ experience can earn up to £33,000, while someone with less work and experience can expect an annual wage of £28,000.

Kitchen Fitter Wage

A kitchen fitter’s average wage is typically around £31,000 when working with a local company. Kitchen fitters who work for themselves may only £31,000, while tradesmen working for well-known companies can earn up to £42,000.

olive kitchen

Bricklayer Wage

Bricklayers are usually paid by the hour and can, therefore, accumulate around £37,000 per year. This will, of course, vary on where they are working, as bricklayers in London can earn up to £42,000, while a bricklayer salary for those working in the surrounding areas may only be £32,000.

Labourer Wage

Labourers are hired to assist tradesmen on construction sites, and therefore usually receive a lower annual wage of £24,000. Labourers who are new to the job may only earn around £21,000, while those with more than years’ experience on the job could make £28,000 per year.

Scaffolder Wage

Scaffolding is classified as a dangerous job, so they tend to be paid an average of £32,000 a year. Recently qualified scaffolders may only earn £31,000, however, after several years on the job, they could even earn up to £42,000.

Tiler Wage

Kitchen and bathroom tilers usually make around £32,000 per year. Tilers with more extensive experience who can fit intricate tiles can earn up to £39,000, while novice tilers tend to receive an annual sum of £31,000.

Builder Wage

The average annual wage a builder can earn is £43,000. This will vary depending on the location of the job, as builders working in London earn an average of £46,000, while builders in the rest of the UK may earn slightly less at around £43,000.

Window Cleaner Wage

Window cleaners tend to make around £24,000. The amount they earn will usually depend on how many houses they work on and where they operate, as those in countryside settings will have fewer customers and may earn around £24,000 a year, while window cleaners in urban areas will have more customers and could get £48,000 per year.

window cleaner cleaning high window

Gardener Wage

The average annual wage for a typical garden is £21,000. A gardener’s income will depend on how many customers they have and where they offer their services, as those working in a city may only earn £16,000 as there are not as many homes with gardens, while gardeners operating in suburban areas could have the potential to get up to £24,000 per year.

Landscaper Wage

A landscaper’s wage is similar to a gardener wage, as it all depends on location. However, the average yearly wage for a landscaper is slightly higher at £23,000, while landscapers in urban areas may earn a touch less at £19,000 or up to £27,000 for large landscaping jobs.

Roofer Wage

The majority of roofers earn around £32,000 per year. A roofer’s revenue will depend on the type of roofing they specialise in, for example, if they tend to work on more flat roofs then they may earn £25,000, as these are much easier to install, while large-scale pitched roof projects can help them earn up to £36,000.

Window Fitter Wage

Window fitters can earn a significant wage, as many are paid by the hour or per window. The average yearly wage for a window fitter is £40,000, however self-employed window fitters may only earn £31,000, while those who work for a well-established company can actually earn up to £65,000.


Q: How do tradespeople work out their daily rate?

A: The majority for tradesman will charge a day rate for about 6 or more hours of work within one day. They may also factor in the cost materials, along with the difficulty of the job and whether there is any risk.

Q: Should a tradesman’s work be guaranteed?

A: The majority of tradespeople will offer a guarantee for their work, which should be stated in a written contract. The time period of the guarantee will depend on the type of work completed, for example, a builder’s guarantee should last up to 10 years, while a kitchen fitter may offer a 5-year guarantee.

Q:How do I choose the right tradesman?

A: Before hiring a tradesperson, you need to ensure that they have the right qualifications, which may include an official diploma or on-the-job training. You should also check that they have at least three years’ experience or more if the job is more complex. You can also ask for evidence of previous experience in the form of reviews or images.

Q: What type of insurance should a tradesperson have?

A: All qualified tradesmen should have public liability insurance to protect homeowners and employer’s liability insurance if they have employees should an accident or damage while on the job. This will cover a number of costs including legal, injury, loss of earnings and more.

Q: Do I need to hire a qualified tradesman?

A: While some jobs can be completed on a DIY basis, you should only take on the job if you have experience. However, jobs such as roofing and scaffolding tasks should be left to the professionals, as they are usually dangerous and complex. Some jobs such as electrics and plumbing must also be completed by a qualified tradesman as part of building regulations and planning permission.


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