How Much Does a New Bathroom Cost?

So, what are we going to cover in this guide? In short, we will cover all the costs of a new bathroom that you need to know about.

This includes the costs for materials and labour associated with installing a new toilet, bath, tap, shower, and more.

And on top of that, we'll outline any extra costs you might need to pay, how long it’ll take to build, and how much you should expect to pay for repairs and maintenance.

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A new bathroom can increase the value of your home.

Let's get to it.

A basic quality bathroom might cost you somewhere between £1,500 to £2,000 to be installed. An average quality bathroom will cost you roughly £3,000 to £6,000, while a high-quality bathroom may cost between £7,000 and £15,000.

The overall cost of your bathroom will mostly depend on the size of the room and the quality of the finish.

If you want a small bathroom installed, you might expect to pay between £1,000 to £3,000. For a medium-sized bathroom, it will likely cost around £3,000 to £6,000 while a larger bathroom could set you back up to £10,000. Depending just how big your bathroom is, it could cost even more.

Bathroom Prices

Let's break this down a little.

In the table below, we’ve covered the costs of a new bathroom - which varies depending on what type you choose.

But keep in mind: the estimated price range for significantly altered bathrooms (such as modern or traditional bathrooms) can vary a lot.

Type of Bathroom New Bathroom Cost
Budget Renovated Bathroom Cost £1000 to £3500
Mid-Quality, Minimal Renovation Bathroom Cost £4000 to £5500
Modern Bathroom Cost £4000 to £10,000
Country Bathroom Cost £4000 to £10,000
Traditional Bathroom Cost £4000 to £10,000
Average Quality, Large Bathroom Cost £7000 to £10,000
Luxury Bathroom Cost £7000 to £15,000
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What are the Additional Costs of a New Bathroom?

But wait a moment - you need to think about other costs when getting your new bathroom installed.

This could include new flooring, custom designs, tiling, and more. Let's take a look at these additional costs now.

New Bathroom Design Costs

Want to have your new bathroom professionally designed?

It would cost you between £35 and £50 per hour to hire someone to professionally design a new bathroom.

New Bathroom Lighting Costs

New lighting can make a world of difference when getting a new bathroom fitted. But how much should new bathroom lighting cost you?

The average cost of new bathroom lighting will be somewhere between £25 and £50. However, this does not include the cost of bathroom light installation.

New Bathroom Floor Costs

What about the cost of new bathroom flooring?

This will vary depending on the material used. For instance, porcelain tiles might cost £20 to £30 per m², while rubber flooring usually costs between £30 and £60 per m².

white marble bathroom

New Bathroom Painting and Decorating Costs

How much does it cost to decorate a bathroom in the UK?

To start, you’ll need to spend £20 to £50 to buy enough cans of paint to cover the entire bathroom with at least one coat of paint.

But remember: the bigger the bathroom, the more cans of paint you’ll need! On top of this, it will cost you around £325 to £500 to hire a painter to decorate your new bathroom.

New Bathroom Tiling Costs

Average-sized ceramic tiles will cost roughly £12 to £50 per m². But what about other types of bathroom tiles?

The cost of new bathroom tiles will vary significantly based on the materials used. For example, slate tiles may cost between £40 and £50 per m², while glass tiles tend to cost £110 to £160 per m².

If you are hiring a tiler, the total cost of labour and materials will probably end up between £500 and £800 (if you wish to get your bathroom fully tiled).

What are the Supply Costs of a New Bathroom?

Thinking about buying the materials for a new bathroom yourself?

Here's a quick list of what you should expect to pay (on average) for bathroom supplies.

These prices exclude the cost of installation and labour. It's just the cost of materials.

  • New Toilet Cost: £100 to £200
  • Manual Shower Cost: £40 to £200
  • Electric Shower Cost: £60 to £250
  • Digital Shower Cost: £300 to £500
  • Power Shower Cost: £200 to £500
  • Shower Screen Cost: £50 to £150
  • New Bath Cost: £100 to £400
  • New Sink Cost: £50 to £200
  • New Bathroom Taps Cost: £40 to £100
  • New Floor Tiles Cost: £10 to £20 per m²

Bathroom Installation Costs

Let's break this down even more.

What is the price of a new bathroom installation (excluding materials)? In this section, we cover the installation and labour cost you should expect to pay for your new bathroom in the UK.

We look at how much you should expect to pay overall - depending on the size and quality of the bathroom which you would like to have installed.

In terms of an average cost of a new bathroom, you can expect to pay between £3000 and £6000. However, a high-end bathroom costs between £7000 and £15,000.

large walk-in shower in bathroom

But what if you're looking for something a little cheaper?

It's possible to have a budget bathroom installed for around £1500 to £2000.

To achieve this, you’ll need to find ways to reduce costs by using cheaper materials. You could also consider what you could do by yourself - as a big chunk of a new bathroom cost is paying for the installation.

How Long Does It Take to Build a New Bathroom?

Although it depends on the size of your bathroom, here's a quick break down of the average time it should take to have a budget, standard, or luxury bathroom installed.

Size/Quality Duration
Budget Bathroom Suite 6-13 days
Standard Bathroom Suite 7-14 days
Luxury Bathroom Suite 9-16 days

How Much Does Each Stage of a New Bathroom Build Cost?

Every new bathroom installation goes through some common stages. In this section, we break down the (average) cost to install a new bathroom for each stage of the project.

Old Bathroom Removal Cost

Don’t forget:

Before you can install a new bathroom, you'll need to remove your old bathroom!

This can include gutting out the entire bathroom so that a builder has a fresh canvas to work with. However, there may be opportunities for some parts of the old bathroom to remain (which can lower the total cost of the project).

So, how much should it cost to remove a bathroom?

On average, it will cost between £300 to £1000 to remove an old bathroom.

Plumbing Relocation Cost

Moving plumbing fixtures for a bathroom will likely cost you between £700 and £900.

This may involve rerouting plumbing pipes to adapt for a new bath, sink, or toilet.

plumber moving toilet

Minor Building Work Cost

When you have a new bathroom installed, you might need to have some minor building work done.

And how much should this building work cost?

  • Moving a door will likely cost you between £150 and £250.
  • Having a wall knocked down might come with a price tag of £100 to £300.
  • A stud wall installation will probably cost between £200 and £400.

But remember...

The size of your bathroom and where it's located in your home will impact the cost of any minor building work you have done.

First Fix Cost

The next step involves plumbing and electrics.

Plumbing will cost roughly £700 to £900, although this depends on how much work is required.

And what about electrics?

There are a few costs you might incur at this point:

  • If you wish to install an extractor fan, this might cost between £250 and £350.
  • If you want to replace an existing fan, this will probably cost around £150 to £250.
  • For the installation of a power shower, you can expect to pay between £400 and £600.

Plastering Cost

Plastering involves applying building material which coats and protects interior walls and ceilings.

But what is the cost of plastering?

Plastering work costs around:

  • £390 to £510 for a small bathroom.
  • £430 to £560 for a medium bathroom.
  • £550 to £700 for a large bathroom.

Bathroom Suite Installation Cost

Installing a bathroom suite involves adding fittings such as a bath, toilet, sink, and shower.

But how much should installing a bathroom suite cost?

On average, the cost of installing the bathroom suite will probably fall in the £750 to £1250 range.

white tiled bath with double sink

Cost of Final Fixtures and Fittings

The price for final fixtures and fittings will largely depend on how many pieces you want to add to your new bathroom.

For example, installing a new extractor fan should generally cost between £250 and £350. And to have a bathroom cabinet installed, the fee will probably end up around £40 to £55.

New Toilet Cost

In this section, we detail the different types of toilets that you could have installed in a new bathroom.

Common toilet types include close coupled, wall hung, back to wall, rimless, and short projection toilets.

These estimates exclude the cost of labour and installation.

Close Coupled Toilet Price

Close coupled toilets are very popular in the UK.

Their two key components (the pan and cistern) are made of ceramic - with the cistern positioned directly atop the pan. They usually have a dual flush option.

Typically, the cost of a close coupled toilets ranges between £50 and £300.

close coupled toilet

Back to Wall Toilet Price

As the name suggests, back to wall toilets utilise the wall to mask their cistern. They also offer a modern, minimalist aesthetic. They're popular among many consumers as they use up less space than most toilets.

Back to wall toilets cost between £100 and £250.

Rimless Toilet Price

Rimless toilets do not feature a conventional toilet rim. This allows the water to wash along the entire pan with each flush.

The best part?

These toilets will reduce your water expenses, are easier to clean, and also more hygienic than most other designs.

The estimated price range for rimless toilets is £100 to £300.

Short Projection Toilet Price

These toilets project outward to around 65cm or less. They have a shorter depth than a typical toilet, making them a great choice for smaller bathrooms where space is limited.

In most cases, short projection toilets will cost you around £100 to £300.

Wall Hung Toilet Price

These toilets allow for more room underneath since they are mounted to the wall, which helps to give your bathroom a more spacious look.

A wall hung toilet will probably cost somewhere in the range of £150 to £300.

However, additional costs may add an extra several hundred pounds - such as for the cistern and hidden frame required for these toilets.

wall hung toilet

New Bathtub Costs

In this section, we'll look at the cost for different types of baths that you could have installed in a new bathroom.

Popular choices in the UK include alcove baths, free standing baths, corner baths, and shower baths.

Alcove Bath Price

Also known as recessed baths, alcove baths are commonplace across the UK. They tend to be made of fibreglass or acrylic and have two or three sides fitted against a wall.

These baths usually cost between £100 and £350.

Free Standing Bath Price

As the name suggests, a free standing bath is not connected to a wall. More than often, these are larger than an average bath - meaning that you'll need a larger bathroom to accommodate it.

Free standing baths will generally cost between £400 to £700.

free standing charcoal bath

Corner Baths Price

Corner baths are (also as the name might suggest!) designed to fit neatly into the corner of the room. While using up little space, these baths can add an appearance of luxury to your bathroom and enable more walking room around it.

Corner baths will usually cost around £200 to £600.

Shower Baths Price

Shower baths are often installed by families since they cover all the essentials. These baths tend to be quite spacious and are designed to support showering and bathing alike.

The average price range for shower baths is £200 to £400.

New Sink & Taps Cost

In this section, we go through the cost of different bathroom sinks and taps that you could have installed.

This includes popular choices like deck mounted taps, wall mounted taps, and floor mounted taps.

Bathroom Sink Cost

Here's the thing.

A new sink can range in price quite considerably - from as little as £50, all the way up to £500 (just for the materials).

But on the plus side?

The cost to install a sink tends to be roughly the same. This is regardless of the size - as it's mainly a case of attaching it into place, hooking up the waste, and fitting the taps.

This sort of job won't usually take more than a few hours, so you'd expect to pay around £100 for installation.

Deck Mounted Tap Price

These taps & sink are particularly popular among UK households.

Deck mounted taps are connected with the basin or bath via tap holes which are present along the rim.

You can expect the cost of deck mounted taps to be between £30 and £60.

Wall Mounted Tap Price

Wall mounted taps are attached to the wall and extend over the bath or basin.

The estimated cost for wall mounted taps is about £50 to £200.

chrome wall mounted tap

Floor Mounted Tap Price

Floor mounted taps are relatively recent designs.

As its name suggests, these types of taps are positioned on the floor and designed primarily for bathtub use.

While most floor mounted taps fall in the £200 to £500 price range, you can easily find yourself paying more than this.

New Shower Cost

So, what can you expect to pay for different types of showers?

Let's cover that now.

Mixer Shower Price

These types of showers combine hot and cold water supplies available to achieve the preferred temperature.

Mixer showers cost between £75 and £400.

Electric Shower Price

Electric showers are more complex versions of mixer showers - whereby an electronically powered heating element warms up the water.

The cost for an electric shower is usually between £90 to £300.

Power Shower Price

Power showers mix cold and hot water taken from your supplies.

These showers use a pump to provide a powerful and rapid water flow. They usually come with either manual or thermostatic control.

Typically, a power shower will cost between £150 and £500.

power rain shower

Thermostatic Shower Price

Thermostatic showers have greater temperature control than most showers, with no sudden temperature changes if a tap is turned on elsewhere in the house.

Thermostatic showers tend to cost between £50 and £250.

Eco Shower Price

Both electronic and mixer showers can come in eco styles. These types of showers reduce water usage while maintaining an acceptable level of water flow.

Eco showers tend to cost around £100 to £230.

Want a cheaper alternative to this?

Check out the eco shower heads which are available in many DIY stores in the UK!

Wet Room Cost

Wet rooms are designed to be watertight and are usually open plan - with limited, if any, barriers.

Someone might want a wet room if they are claustrophobic and prefer a more open space or if they want a more modern or spacious style.

Benefits of a wet room include increased accessibility and spaciousness. It’s also easier to keep clean!

The cost of a wet room will fall in the range of £4000 to £12,000. However, this will depend on numerous factors - including the size of the room.

By itself, the labour cost of installing a wet room will add up to around £1400 to £6500. But again, this will depend on numerous factors.

New Downstairs Toilet Cost

Having a downstairs toilet installed will usually cost between £600 and £1000.

If you were to hire a tradesperson to install a downstairs toilet, the total cost would be somewhere in the range of £2000 to £4000 - with labour costs making up around 55% of the total expenses.

Locations to place your downstairs toilet include beneath the stairs or in a utility room.

small downstairs toilet and sink

Bathroom Repair Costs


Over time, you're likely going to need to have parts of your bathroom repaired.

In this section, we cover some of the most common bathroom repairs you might need to do - and their associated costs.

Faucet Repair Cost

Faucet repair may be required due to leakage.

The average cost for this job is around £30 to £80.

However, if you need the entire faucet replaced, the material cost will stand roughly at £25 to £150. The plumbing work cost will also increase to roughly £150 to £250.

Caulking Cost

Caulking is the process of filling cracks or gaps with sealant. This tends to be less flexible than sealant.

To buy enough caulk to cover your whole bathroom should cost somewhere in the range of £5 to £25.

As for labour costs, a full bathroom caulk will probably come to around £50 to £130. However, this will depend on how much work is required.

Replastering Cost

If you want to replaster your walls or ceiling, existing plaster will need to be removed before the new plaster is applied.

Plastering materials for an average-sized bathroom will cost around £50 to £100. The cost for labour will likely range from £390 to £700 depending on the size of the bathroom.

Clogged Toilet Cost

Toilet clogging is not an uncommon problem.

And while most toilet blockages can be fixed with DIY methods, sometimes a professional will be needed.

The cost of getting a clogged toilet fixed is going to be around £75 to £150 which includes any material expenses.

Bathroom Maintenance Costs

In this section, we cover the costs of various forms of bathroom maintenance you'll need to undertake.

Common types of bathroom maintenance include regrouting, resealing, and toilet maintenance.

Regrouting Tiles Cost

Regrouting tiles involves replacing grout (the paste which fills tile crevices).

With the passing of time, grout becomes discoloured and blackens so regrouting your tiles can give a fresh, vibrant look to your bathroom.

The cost of regrouting will be about £20 to £30. However, labour costs will end up costing between £200 and £250.

Resealing a Bath Cost

Sealer tends to cost between £5 and £10. The labour cost of resealing a bath will end up at about £75 to £150.

Toilet Maintenance Cost

Toilet maintenance will, on average, cost you somewhere between £60 and £100. This will include any supply costs.

Weekly Clean Cost

A great way to maintain the cleanliness and longevity of a bathroom is by cleaning it each week.

As a DIY job, this will not require any labour expenses and may extend the time period before maintenance work by a professional will be required at all.

Your expenses for materials and supplies will probably come to around £10 to £50 per year based on how much of your cleaning supplies will be used on the bathroom alone.

Bathroom Removal Costs

So, how much does it cost to remove a bathroom?

You might need to remove a bathroom to replace an old bathroom with an entirely new one. Or you might have several bathrooms and have decided to turn one into a different type of room.

Gutting and replacing an old bathroom will generally cost £300 to £500 between labour and waste removal costs. The waste removal costs alone will likely total about £200 to £250 if you hire a skip.


Q: How can you clean bathroom tiles?

A: You can employ heavy-duty tile cleaners, cleaning product, lemon juice or vinegar to clean bathroom tiles.

Q: How can you remove bathroom sealant?

A: Applying a mild dish detergent before scrubbing can help to remove sealant. A hot air blower can also make it easier to remove sealant by softening it.

Q: How long does it take to install a shower?

A: Most showers take about 8 hours to install.

Q: How can I best maintain a clean bath?

A: Rinsing your bath after use and remembering to turn on the extractor fan are two of the best ways to maintain a clean bath.

Q: Does the cost of bathroom installation depend on where I live?

A: Yes, generally prices vary from region to region across the UK for any installation work.

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