How Much Does a Gas Safety Certificate Cost?

A gas safety certificate is normally issued by a qualified gas engineer after checking and testing gas appliances in the home to ensure they are safe and working properly.

The average cost of gas safety certificate checks is around £30 to £150, although the price may vary depending on the number of appliances that need checking.

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How Much Does a Gas Service Cost?

Gas engineers are qualified to perform regular gas servicing on various appliances, which includes conducting checks, performing maintenance to prevent leaks and cleaning to prevent blockages or other issues.

There are various types of gas servicing including boiler servicing which is around £60 to £100 for a typical annual boiler service price.

If you have a gas fire, you may also have to pay for it to be serviced which is typically priced at £40 to £60 for a professional to check and maintain a domestic gas fire.

What are the Additional Costs of Gas Safety Certificate & Servicing?

There are various other costs you need to consider in your budget when having a gas safety inspection or service, including:

Boiler Repair Costs

Before an electrical safety certificate can be issued when servicing a boiler, a heating engineer may need to conduct some repairs to ensure the boiler is compliant and safe.

The cost of a boiler repair differs depending on the issue. Some of the most common repairs include a damaged gas valve - which costs around £300 to £350 to replace - while a broken pump replacement is normally priced at £200 to £300.

Boiler Replacement Cost

If you have an old or severely damaged boiler, then a heating engineer may need to completely replace your boiler.

The cost of a new boiler will vary depending on the type of boiler you choose, with more affordable options including a combi boiler which costs around £1500 to £3500, and a system boiler which ranges from £1500 to £2800.

More expensive boiler replacements include a condensing boiler which cost around £2000 to £2500, while a biomass boiler is priced at £4000 to £9000 to install.

Chimney Sweep Cost

If you have a gas fire, then you will need to have it serviced regularly which may also involve having it swept at least once a year.

Chimney cleaning tends to cost around £50 to £90, which will involve sweeping the gas fire itself, the chimney and the flue.

Gas Fire Replacement Cost

During an inspection or service, your heating engineer may find numerous problems with your gas fire and may advise that you need a replacement.

This will involve removing the existing gas fire and installing a brand-new gas fire. The cost of this will range from £50 to £200, although this will vary depending on the type of gas fire you choose.

Tradesmen Costs for Gas Safety Certificate & Servicing

When calculating the cost of a gas safety certificate and servicing, you need to consider tradesmen prices. Heating engineers tend to charge around £40 to £60 per hour or a daily rate of £230 to £280.

This will vary depending on the job itself, especially with gas checks, as the amount of time on the job will be determined by the amount of gas appliances there are in the property. They may also charge more if they have to perform any repairs or replacement.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Gas Safety Inspection & Service?

The amount of time spent on a job will vary depending on a number of factors. For instance, a gas safety inspection may only take around twenty minutes for a small number of appliances, although this could take up to one hour to complete if you live in a large property with more than ten appliances.

Servicing a boiler or gas fire usually takes around 30 minutes, although this may take longer depending on the size and the location of the boiler or fire.

Types of Gas Certificate & Servicing

There are several types of gas safety certificates and servicing jobs that can be performed, such as:

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Cost

This certificate is issued to landlords after a heating engineer performs checks on all gas appliances in the rented property. This will involve testing the gas meter, boiler, gas fire, radiators, cookers and more.

These checks are usually conducted once a year to ensure that everything is working properly, while also being safe for tenants living in the property.

The cost of a landlord gas safety certificate is normally around £40 to £60 for one appliance, while the price for three appliances ranges from £120 to £130.

The job itself will involve checking that the location of the gas installations is safe and compliant, along with testing and assessing chimney flues, cookers and airflow in the boiler.

LPG Gas Safety Certificate Cost

If you have an LPG boiler or gas fire, then you will need to obtain an LPG gas safety certificate which will only be issued after all appliances have been checked.

This will involve inspecting appliances, along with pipework and ventilation to help reduce the risk of a carbon monoxide leak.

You should expect to pay around £40 to £60 per appliance, although some heating engineers do offer discounts for multiple gas appliance checks.

Boiler Service Cost

A gas boiler service is usually conducted on an annual basis to ensure that your boiler is working properly and that it meets industry regulations.

The average boiler service cost is around £60 to £100, although the average price for boiler service, will, of course, vary depending on the type of boiler you have.

In order to determine if your boiler is working correctly, the heating engineer you hire will first check the position of your boiler and pipes to see if it located in a safe place.

An engineer will conduct tests on the boiler such as checking the gas pressure, combustion and the flue. Once this is complete, they will then issue a report to establish whether your boiler is fine or whether you need repairs or a replacement.

Gas Fire Service Cost

If you have a gas fire in your home, then you will need to schedule a service to ensure that it is working properly and that it is not producing any harmful fumes. A typical gas fire service cost is around £40 to £60.

A gas fire service involves checking every part of the appliance to ensure everything is working as it should. While this is not a required check, it is worthwhile as a faulty gas fire can be very dangerous. It can also help in the long term, as you can save money on expensive repairs or replacement.


Q: What is a gas safety certificate?

A: A gas safety certificate is a type of notice that is issued by qualified heating engineers to confirm the safety and compliance of domestic gas appliances.

They are usually given after repairs or appliance replacement and must also be obtained by landlords to ensure the safety of their property for tenants.

Q: Is a gas safety certificate a legal requirement?

A: In order to comply with the current regulations, landlords must have their gas appliances checked every 12 months to ensure everything is working properly.

To show their compliance, they must be in receipt of a gas safety certificate which approves the condition of the appliances along with any repairs or replacements that may be conducted.

Q: How often do I need a boiler service?

A: Professionals advise that boilers should be serviced at least once a year to ensure that the boiler is functioning properly. This can help cut costs in the future, as a heating engineer will be able to spot any problems early on to avoid costly repairs or replacement.

Q: How long does a gas safety certificate last?

A: Gas safety certificates are usually valid for twelve months, which is why it is important that landlords have their gas appliances checked once a year to ensure they have an up to date gas safety certificate.

Q: What does a gas safety check involve?

A: Hiring a heating engineer to perform a gas safety check will consist of them checking all gas appliances. This includes the position of the installation to ensure it is in a safe and suitable place.

They will then start to run checks by checking the parts on the boiler, gas cooker, gas fire or other gas appliance. They will assess the appliances for blockages, cold spots, and any broken parts.

Once the check is complete, they will provide you with a report of any issue or if there are no problems, they will issue a gas safety certificate confirming the compliance of your gas installations.

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