How Much Does a Chimney Sweep Cost?

If you're wondering about the costs of chimney sweeping, in this article, we will take a look at all of the costs that may come up with chimney sweeping.

Chimney sweeping

This includes the labour costs, material costs, and any additional costs that may come up with this type of work.

So what is the cost of chimney sweeping?

Chimney sweeping prices will vary depending on several factors including the type of chimney you have, the difficulty of the job, the current state of your chimney, and your location in the UK.

Chimney sweeping prices tend to be higher in the London area when compared to other UK regions.

The average price that you can expect to pay for chimney sweeping is around £70-£120. The work will usually be completed by a professional and it should take around 2-3 hours to complete.

An unlined chimney is more difficult to sweep and, therefore, this type of chimney sweep may cost more. If you have this type of chimney, you can expect to pay around £50-£100 more for the work, depending on the condition of the chimney.

Unlined chimneys tend to be more difficult to sweep.

Chimney Sweep Prices

The table below highlights the costs that you can expect for different types of chimney sweeping jobs:

Job Description Average Cost
Chimney sweeping on a open fire chimney cost £60-£100
Chimney sweeping on a lined stove chimney cost £80-£120
Chimney sweeping on an unlined stove chimney cost £90-£150

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What are the Supply Costs of Chimney Sweeping?

Chimney sweeping supply costs will usually only be of interest if you are planning on sweeping the chimney yourself. DIY chimney sweeping is never recommended as it can be very dangerous.

However, if you have experience in the work and you have the appropriate safety equipment, then you may be able to sweep the chimney yourself.

Chimney sweep

The table below shows the costs for various chimney sweeping tools:

Chimney sweeping brushes (basic) £20-£40
Chimney sweeping brushes (professional) £180-£270
Dust shovel £4-£10
Hand brush £2-£8
Telescopic mirror £5-£10
Smoke pellets £22-£25
Dust sheets £15-£50

What are the Additional Costs of Chimney Sweeping?

There are several additional costs that you may need to think about when it comes to chimney sweeping. Below is a list of the additional costs that may come up with this type of work:

Removing a Chimney Breast

If you no longer need a chimney and want to have it removed, then you will need to hire a professional to complete this work. This is quite a large job that shouldn’t be attempted as a DIY project.

The cost for this work will vary depending on your type of chimney, the ease of access, and the difficulty of the job. On average, you can expect to pay around £2200-£3500 for a chimney breast removal.

Chimney Repairs

If your chimney sweeper identifies any problems with your chimney during the cleaning process, then you may need to have some chimney repair work done. The average cost of chimney repairs will depend on the type of work that needs to be completed.

Chimney repairs

A professional chimney contractor will charge around £18-£25 per hour to do repairs on your chimney. Depending on the problem, you may need to buy materials for the job too. The cost for these will vary depending on what the problem is.

Installing Gas Fire

When you get work done on your chimney, this may inspire you to invest in a new gas fire. The average cost of installing a gas fire will vary depending on the type of fire that you choose.

The average cost for installing a gas fire is around £300-£700. Those based in London can expect to pay slightly more for the work than those based in the North or other parts of the UK.

Tradesmen Costs for Chimney Sweeping

When it comes to chimney sweeping, you will most likely be interested in the labour costs for the work as it’s not really a job that should be completed as a DIY project. In this section, we will take a look at the labour costs for this type of work.

A budget chimney sweep on an open fire should cost around £60-£70 in labour costs. If you are looking for a chimney sweep on an unlined chimney, this will usually cost around £90-£150 to complete.

Chimney sweep on roof

Sometimes, there may be some additional work needed to complete the chimney sweep. This will increase the labour costs. For example, bird nests can be a problem and will need to be removed. This can add an additional £20-£40 onto the labour costs.

Those based in London can expect to pay around £30-£50 more for a chimney sweep than other parts of the UK.

How Long Does It Take to Sweep a Chimney?

The time it takes to sweep a chimney will depend mostly on the type of chimney that you have, the ease of access, the level of dirt in the chimney, and whether any additional work is needed to complete the sweep.

If you are looking for a budget chimney sweep on an open fire, then this will usually take around an hour to complete. If you are looking for a chimney sweep on an unlined chimney, this will usually take around 1-2 hours to complete.

Professional chimney sweep

If there is any additional work needed such as removing bird nests, then this can add some extra time onto the work. The extra time may be around 1-2 hours on top of the chimney sweep depending on how difficult it is to remove.

Types of Chimney Sweeping

There are two major types of chimney sweeping – a traditional chimney sweep and a power chimney sweep. In this section, we will take a look at these two types of chimney sweeping in more detail:

Traditional Chimney Sweeping Costs

A traditional chimney sweeping method uses a round brush that is attached to a rod. This brush is usually around a metre in length.

The brush is pushed up inside the chimney flue and pulled down several times. This motion makes the brush rub up against the sides of the chimney flue. The soot is dislodged and falls down the chimney where it will then be vacuumed away.

Traditional chimney sweeping

So that the brush can travel and clean the full length of the flue, it will be attached to several detachable rods. A typical flue length is usually around 8-10 metres. This method of chimney sweeping is best for older properties where the condition of the flue tends to be weaker.

A gentle approach is best for these properties as you don’t want to remove any of the rendering from inside the flue. The average cost of a simple brush sweep is around £50-£100.

Power Chimney Sweeping Costs

With the advancement of new technology, you can now get a power chimney sweep. Power sweeping involves a different type of brush that is shaped like a spider.

The sweeping head is made from thick nylon strands rather than thin bristles like traditional brushes. The head on a power brush rotates at speed.

Power chimney sweeping

Power sweeping is much more effective at removing soot and creosote. However, since the brush is powered, this type of sweeping may damage an older flue as it may remove some rendering. Therefore, this type of chimney sweeping is best on newer homes.

This type of chimney sweeping usually costs around £60-£120 on average.

Benefits of Chimney Sweeping

There are many benefits to have your chimney swept. Below is a list of the main benefits of this type of work:

Prevents Blockages

If you have a fire that burns fossil fuels, then your chimney will start to collect soot residue. This will build up and stick to the flue every time you light your fireplace.

If you sweep your chimney, you can prevent creosote from blocking your chimney. The sooner you have it removed, the easier it will be to get the job done.

Any creosote that is left can become highly flammable and it can be hard to remove. So with this in mind, you should have a professional chimney sweep regularly to prevent blockages.

Prevents Expensive Repairs

If you leave your chimney to collect soot, then this can be very dangerous and can result in an inefficient fire. If your chimney collects a large amount of creosote, this can be very difficult to remove and the removal can become costly.

Leaving soot and tar to build up in the chimney can also lead to cracking and structural damage. This can be very expensive to repair, so the more frequently you can have your chimney swept, the better.

chimney sweeping benefits

Efficient Heating

When you get a build-up of creosote in your chimney, this causes your fireplace’s efficiency to decrease. This will result in you using more coal, wood, or fuel for your fire.

The best solution to keeping your fireplace as efficient as possible is to have your chimney swept regularly.

Health and Safety

One of the main advantages of having your chimney swept regularly is that you can keep your family and your home safe from toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide. Chimney sweeping will allow your chimney to work exactly as it should.

If you want to prevent harmful fumes from entering the home through your fireplace and make your home a safer and healthier place, then you should ensure that you get your chimney swept regularly.


Q: How often does a chimney need to be swept?

A: Every chimney will have a recommended frequency of sweeping required depending on several factors such as the type of fire and the type of fuel used. If you use wood or coal in your chimney, then it is recommended that you have it swept at least twice each year.

Smokeless chimneys should be cleaned once each year. Some chimneys may need to be swept quarterly if they are used frequently.

Q: How can you tell if a chimney needs sweeping?

A: As a general rule, if you’re not sure when your chimney was last swept, then you should think about having it swept as soon as possible.

If you have any soot deposits on your fireplace or if you start to notice any strong odours coming from the fireplace, then you should also book a chimney sweep as soon as possible.

If you hear animal noises through the fireplace such as bids, then you should book a chimney sweep as there may be a nest that needs to be removed or relocated. You may also notice bird droppings around the fireplace if the birds are nesting in the flue.

Q: Is chimney sweeping a messy process?

A: Chimney sweeping can be a messy process. However, a professional chimney sweeper will take care to leave as little mess behind as possible.

They will use procedures to prevent dust from escaping during the process of the sweep. However, it can be difficult for the sweeper to guarantee that there will be no mess at all.

Q: How do I prepare for a chimney sweep?

A: In the majority of chimney sweeping cases, all you need to do is make sure you have a clear passage to the chimney and ensure that there is plenty of room. You should also clear away any ornaments from around the fireplace in case they get accidentally broken.

The sweeper would also appreciate you clearing away any fuel, ash, or rubbish from the grate. A gas fire should be turned off for at least 24 hours before the sweep as these take a long time to cool down.

Q: Can I do chimney sweeping myself?

A: In some cases, you may be able to sweep your chimney yourself. However, DIY chimney sweeping is not recommended as the work can be dangerous and messy. A trained professional will know exactly which tools to use and will have all of the relevant safety equipment needed.

Chimney sweeping is not too expensive, so it is highly recommended that you choose a professional to complete your chimney sweep for your rather than going down the DIY route.


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