How Much is an End of Tenancy Clean?

Find out more about end of tenancy cleaning prices...

When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, your cleaning crew will stay until the job is completed, including dealing with appliances, moving furniture, and cleaning within cabinets.

They'll leave your property immaculate and gleaming, guaranteeing that you get your security deposit back in full and undamaged.


End of tenancy cleaning differs from ordinary cleaning in that it occurs after residents have left the property. Only the belongings that came with the tenancy should be left at the property.

An end of tenancy clean can help ensure you get your full security deposit back.

Because all the objects in the property have been removed before cleaning, the end-of-tenancy cleaning crew can get right to work.

The areas that aren't covered by a normal clean will be cleaned to a 5-star standard. Your oven, white goods, and inside windows will all be cleaned, as well as inside cupboards and under furniture.

So, what will this guide cover?

Here we will go through the different costs of an end of tenancy clean such as the supply costs, additional costs, and the tradesmen costs, as well as the duration and the benefits of an end of tenancy cleaning, so, if you want to learn more then carry on reading.

You may have already worked it out, but the cleaning area is crucial. The cost will vary depending on whether you want a studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or larger property cleaned. In other words, the higher the price of the service, the larger the home or house.

The size of your property will affect the overall cost of the job.

If your home is in good shape, the price will be very affordable. If the house is in bad shape, though, expect to pay much more. Every aspect of the property is affected by interior and exterior cleaning.

So, how much is an end of tenancy clean?

End of tenancy cleaning prices for a studio flat range from £95 - £225, and a 1-2 Bedroom Flat, cleaning costs range from £140 - £315.

For a 2-3 Bedroom House, the price is nearly the same, with a tiny rise. From £155 - £380. Cleaning costs for a 4–5-bedroom house range from £185 - £525.

6+ Bedroom House if you reside in or have a vast area, you should expect the greatest cleaning costs. Given the amount of labour and time involved, it is also unremarkable. An end of tenancy clean will cost between £230 - £415, depending on the number of bedrooms.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Size of Home Cost
Studio flat £95 - £225
1 – 2 bedroom flat £140 - £315
2 -3 bedroom house £155 - £380
4 – 5 bedroom house £185 - £525
6+ bedroom house £230 - £415

What can affect the overall cost of the job?

Several elements influence the cost of an end-of-tenancy clean, including the length of time the jobs will take, as the longer time the cleaners spend in your home, the more labour charges you will incur.

How much cleaning you've already done; if the house is a shambles, more work will be required, raising the cost.

Because more work is required, the size of your home will have an impact on the cost. Extra intricacy is why bond cleaning is usually much more expensive than a conventional clean.

If you have any extras that need cleaning, such as the oven, cabinets, windows, or carpets, then this will also increase the cost.

Another thing that can affect the overall cost is location. Prices in the southeast of England (and particularly in London) are higher than the national average.

Labour costs in London tend to be higher than other areas of the UK.

The contrary is true in places like the north of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Other things that can affect the cost:

  • How difficult or simple it is to access and complete the task
  • how urgently you need the job doing
  • if you need the cleaning done on a weekend.
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What are the Supply Costs of End of Tenancy Cleaning?

If you want to give your home a deep clean, then you might want to invest in the equipment cleaners used for a deep tenancy clean. Or you might want to buy the supply for the cleaners yourself to save some money.

Therefore, in this section, we will go through the different supply costs that are needed for an end of tenancy clean, so you know what to expect when you buy the products.

Cleaning Equipment and Products

If they have specific preferences or are allergic to certain compounds, some cleaners or clients will prefer to bring their cleaning chemicals.

Always check ahead of time to see if this is the case. Having a supply of fundamentals on hand is a good idea nonetheless, just in case what you're using runs out or if there's a mistake and the cleaner or client isn't supplying their own.

First, you will need a sponge which is good for scrubbing. This will cost you £1 - £7 as you can buy the sponges in a pack. You will also need a scourer which costs £1.50 - £5, a yellow duster or a microfibre cloth will set you back by £1 - £17 depending on if you want to buy the clothes in the bulk of single. 

A glass polishing cloth will cost you £4 - £27, then you will need to buy cleaning brushes, there are many types of cleaning brushes, but they are all important and good to have around you just in case you need one.

You can buy a set of cleaning brushes for £6 - £17; however, it is probably best to have a good brush set as it will last you longer and be of good quality.

A mop and bucket are important pieces of equipment to have this will set you back £12 - £30 on average, and a dustpan and brush will cost £1.50 - £6.50.

You will need protective gloves as there is handling bleach involved, so this will protect you from hurting yourself. This will cost £0.50 - £7.

A plastic caddy is a good bit of equipment to have these cost around £5 - £9 and are great for carrying all the equipment.

Then moving on to the essential cleaning products, you will need furniture polish which costs £1 – 3, glass cleaner costs £2 - £6 on average and multipurpose cleaner will cost £1 - £14 depending on if you want to buy it in bulk or the single product.

Disinfectant costs £4 - £30, mildew cleaner usually costs around £5 - £9, and a descale to get rid of all the bacteria will cost you £2 - £20 on average. A degreaser costs £4 - £13 depending on the brand and how much you will need, bleach will cost £0.50 - £1 and sanitiser will cost £1 - £20.

Floor cleaners' costs will vary depending on what type of floor you have; however, on average, they usually cost around £2 - £15. There are different types of toilet cleaner; therefore, it will depend on which one fits you best. However, for a standard toilet cleaner, it usually costs around.

Oven cleaner can cost £3 - £4 depending on the brand you prefer, washing detergent costs £7 - £10 on average, and dishwasher chemicals will cost you around £5 - £12

All these chemicals are classed as dangerous substances, and they must be handled, utilised, and stored with caution. If you're going to use these, you should also put on some protective gear, such as a pair of cleaning gloves.

Below there will be two tables, one including the equipment needed and the second being the essential products that are needed for an end of tenancy clean.

Equipment Cost
Sponge £1 - £7
Scourer £1.50 - £5
Glass polishing cloth £4 - £27
Set of cleaning brushes £6 - £17
Mop and bucket £12 - £30
Dustpan and brush £1.50 - £6.50
Protective gloves £0.50 - £7
Plastic caddy £5 - £9

Then a breakdown of the essential cleaning products needed:


Product Cost
Furniture polish £1 - £3
Glass cleaner £2 - £6
Multipurpose cleaner £1 - £14
Disinfectant £4 - £30
Mildew cleaner £5 - £9
Descaler £2 - £20
Degreaser £4 - £30
Bleach £0.50 - £1
Sanitiser £1 - £20
Oven cleaner £3 - £4
Washing detergent £7 - £10
Dishwasher chemicals £5 - £12

What are the Additional Costs of End of Tenancy Cleaning?

The cost of a cleaning service is determined by a few criteria’s, including the chores you assign to the professionals. Whether it's a full end-of-tenancy cleaning, individual appliance cleaning, or expert carpet cleaning, we can help (undoubtedly one of the most difficult parts).

If you believe you will be unable to handle all of this on your own, tenancy cleaners can give you timely and high-quality support.

However, there are usually additional costs of an end of tenancy cleaning that may affect your overall budget. Therefore, we have created this section so, during your end of tenancy clean, you have an idea of what additional costs to expect, so if it comes to that, then you have an idea on how to handle it.

Window Cleaning

It's difficult to argue that living in a home with clear, glistening windows through which you can gaze and watch the world go by, or appreciate the views if you are fortunate enough to live in an area of natural beauty, is preferable. But how much does it cost to clean windows?

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning costs anywhere from £15 - £150. Depending on the number of windows to be cleaned and your location, this will vary.

For seven windows to be cleaned will cost you £15 - £35; however, if you live in London, that price will increase to £25 - £50.

For nine windows to be cleaned out of London, it costs around £17 - £120 and to have nine windows cleaned in London it will cost you £120 - £150 on average.

There are various aspects to consider, such as the number of stories in the building, the number of windows, and whether the windows are external or interior. Is it necessary to clean the screens? So, don't underestimate how long it will take.

For a team of two individuals, washing a conservatory's internal and external windows takes about 4-5 hours. For an external clean, a 2-story end-of-terrace house with seven windows takes about 2 hours, while a semi-detached two-storey house with a skylight takes about 3-3.5 hours.

If required, you can find out more about the costs of window cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

The cost of carpet cleaning is massively affected by the amount of carpet in your home, as if you have a lot, then the cost will increase. Therefore, depending on the size of the space, the usual cost of hiring a professional carpet cleaning business would vary.

Carpet Cleaning

A small room, for example, should cost roughly £20 - £30, a large room around £40 - £50, and a landing or staircase should cost around £72 - £90.

Depending on the size of your home, you may expect to pay between £120 - £400 to have all your carpets professionally cleaned.

These fees may vary depending on the cleaning business you choose, your location in the UK, and whether the cleaning company needs to relocate your furniture before finishing the job.

The ultimate cost will be determined by how dirty your carpets are and whether there are any stubborn stains, as these factors can affect the amount of time it takes to complete the cleaning.

The length of time it takes to clean a carpet is mostly determined by its size and condition. Larger carpets may take longer to clean, as would carpets that have a lot of stains on them.

There are different types of carpet cleaning methods; however, you should research and pick the best one for your end of tenancy clean. However, the most common sort of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning, which is a very successful procedure.

If you are curious, you can find out more information about the costs of carpet cleaning.

Type of Job

The sort of cleaning service you require is the single most important cost aspect to consider. For example, if you only need your oven cleaned, it can cost as low as £50, whereas if you want to hire a professional cleaner, then it might cost up to £2,000 each week.


If you require cleaning for your house or workplace, an estimate will be provided based on the size of the space, as the greater the space, the longer it will take. The same is true for carpet cleaning, with a huge living room costing significantly more than a small bedroom.

Number of Rooms

The cost is also determined by the number of rooms in a property; for example, if you just require carpet cleaning in one bedroom, it will be considerably less expensive than a job that covers the entire house.

Tenant Packed Up

If you employ a cleaning service or an independent cleaner for your end of tenancy clean, they may charge by the room. Thus the more space you have, the more you'll pay.

Minimum Fee

Some end-of-tenancy cleaners will charge a small fee on top of the labour, supplies, and time it takes to complete the work. As a result, depending on who you choose, there may be an extra charge for an end-of-tenancy clean.

In some circumstances, rather than being added to the total, a minimum fee will be charged as a predetermined labour charge. Some cleaners, for example, charge by the day, so you'll get compensated for two working days even though the job takes one day and four hours.

Number of Cleaners

For the end-of-tenancy cleaning, only one cleaner will most likely be hired. Larger assignments, on the other hand, may need the use of two or even three cleaners if the job is extensive and will take a long time to complete. In certain cases, your hourly labour cost could double or triple, depending on the number of cleaners hired.

Cleaning Team


Your location is also a key cost factor. Cleaners will charge higher rates in various areas of the country, such as the southeast and London in particular. On the other hand, cleaners in Scotland, the north of England, and Northern Ireland usually charge less.

Tradesmen Costs for End of Tenancy Cleaning

Cleaners' costs for jobs usually depend on the size and the amount of work that needs to be done for the job to be complete. Therefore, during an end of tenancy clean more than likely, you will be charged more as the cleaners will be giving it a deep clean, meaning it will take longer to do.

Here we will go through the tradesmen costs for an end of tenancy clean, so you have an idea of what you should be charged.

Cleaning Hard Floor

The cost of an end of tenancy cleaning is determined by who you employ and where you reside. The cost of hiring a cleaning in the UK can range from as little as £10 per hour to as much as £30 per hour.

For example, in Sheffield, you may expect to pay roughly £14 an hour, whereas, in Edinburgh, you might expect to pay up to £27 an hour. Cities on the south coast are often more expensive, while cities in the north are less so.

When compared to other cities in the UK, cleaners in London can charge as much as £5 - £10 extra per hour.

The typical hourly charge for house cleaning in the UK is between £15 - £22 per hour if you hire from an agency. Of course, some businesses will charge significantly more than £20 per hour.

You may be able to save some money by hiring an independent cleaner. In 2021, you can expect to spend between £10 - £15 per hour, depending on where you reside and who you hire.

The cost of a cleaner varies widely, but you should expect to pay at least £18 per hour if you reside in London or the south coast or if you want specialised equipment.

How Long Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Take?

The duration of an end of tenancy cleaning depends on the job and the size of the job. As if your home needs a deep clean to remove stains and marks around your home, then the process will be longer.

Or if you live in a 6+ bedroom home, then it will take longer than a 2-bedroom flat as there are more rooms to clean.

Team of Cleaners 

Here we will go through the different durations of end of tenancy cleaning jobs, so you have an idea of what to expect when it happens to you.

Cleaning at the end of a tenancy is not the same as cleaning every week. It's a time-consuming comprehensive cleaning routine. The length of time it takes depends on the size and condition of your home, as well as whether you handle it yourself or hire a cleaning crew in all circumstances. Set aside one full day to ensure that you complete all necessary tasks.

If you prefer to clean on your own, you'll need to obtain the necessary equipment. It will take around 6 – 7 hours to complete an end of tenancy clean on your home. Dusting and vacuuming are insufficient. You'll need to steam clean your carpets if you have them.

The greatest time will be spent in the kitchen since you will need to clean all your appliances both inside and out. It could take an hour to clean the oven alone, and that's assuming you use the correct cleaning product


Benefits of End of Tenancy Cleaning

When having a deep clean on your home can make you feel so much better. However, it does seem like extra money isn't needed as you can give your own home a deep clean. Therefore, if you are debating an end of tenancy clean, then here we will go through the different benefits you will have when going through with one.

Save Time and Effort

You just don't have time to perform the cleaning duty when moving out or the end-of-tenancy cleaning when you're changing property. Your entire rental property will be cleaned and sanitised in less time by skilled and experienced personnel.

They will adhere to the cleaning checklist specified by you, ensuring quality services within the estimated time frame and saving you time and effort.

Better Equipment

The best aspect of hiring a professional end-of-tenancy cleaning service is that they use high-tech equipment to provide you with comprehensive and satisfactory cleaning.

Professional cleaners will have all the required cleaning equipment, such as carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, and creative procedures, which will help to simplify the entire end-of-tenancy cleaning process.

Cleaner Finished Work

Reduces the Stress of Moving

Moving a house is undeniably a stressful process that necessitates time, money, and effort. Getting the time for an end-of-tenancy cleaning service becomes tough in this situation.

As a result, it's critical to employ a competent end-of-tenancy cleaning service to handle your responsibilities while you focus on your relocation.

Saves Money

On the surface, paying pros rather than completing the job yourself may appear to be an unnecessary expense. However, it is critical that you correctly estimate this expense.

If you need to purchase cleaning supplies and equipment to conduct the work yourself, it may end up costing you more than hiring professional end-of-tenancy cleaners.

Better Standards

End of tenancy cleaners provides a considerably higher level of cleaning than you are likely to attain on your own. Your property will be left looking beautiful, smelling fresh, and with any persistent spots or stains removed from around the property by skilled and expert cleaners.

Clean Kitchen Worktop


Q: What does end of tenancy cleaning include?

A: Cleaning, disinfecting, and dusting objects such as the front door, skirting boards, walls, ceiling, limescale on tiles, and taps were all part of an end-of-tenancy clean.

It also includes deep-cleaning equipment like the oven and stove, as well as the microwave and refrigerator. They will also clean your carpet, shampooing and deep cleaning it throughout your home.

They will also clean and disinfect furniture such as cupboards, bookcases, shelves, and bed frames, as well as blinds and drapes. They will vacuum and mop your entire home, removing all furniture and heavy appliances to remove all dust, dirt, and stains.

They'll deep clean your kitchen and bathroom. Sanitising these areas is critical, owing to the increased danger of infection. They'll also clean your windows both inside and out, leaving them gleaming and smudge-free.

Q: What is the difference between normal cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning?

A: Cleaning duties that keep your home in a tolerable state are referred to as 'regular cleaning.' Consider this form of cleaning to be a part of your 'home tasks.' You can regularly clean yourself or hire someone to assist you if you are short on time.

When it comes to end-of-tenancy cleaning, your cleaning crew will stay until the job is completed, including dealing with appliances, moving furniture, and cleaning within cabinets.

They'll leave your property immaculate and gleaming, guaranteeing that you get your security deposit back in full and undamaged.

Q: Can you do your end of tenancy clean?

A: Tenants can tidy up after themselves at the end of their lease. They cannot be forced to hire any cleaning firm or any cleaning service at all by the landlord.

The landlord has the option of requesting the same level of hygiene as described in the move-in inventory report. If you intend to clean yourself, set aside enough time.

Q: Do you need an end of tenancy clean?

A: End of tenancy cleaning is required for landlords, agents, and renters of both residential and commercial rental properties. If you wish to receive your security deposit back, end-of-tenancy cleaning is required for renters of rental properties.

Q: How clean is clean?

A: When it comes to cleaning your leased house, your landlord or rental agent should only expect you to keep it clean to the same standard as when you first moved in while taking into consideration normal wear and tear.

Whether you hire a professional cleaning or do it yourself, make sure you bring your inventory with you so you can see how things were before your tenancy began.


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