How Much to Clean Gutters?

Assuming that no scaffolding is used, the average cost of having gutters cleaned is £75 to £125 for a terraced house, £100 to £150 for a semi-detached property, or £100 to £200 for a detached house.

Remove leaves from guttering

However, if scaffolding is needed (as would be the case if working at a specific height), you’d be looking at paying around £325 to £425 for a terraced house.

For a semi-detached home, you'd expect to pay anywhere from £375 to £425, and you’d need a budget of around £400 to £450 if you live in a detached house.

The cost of gutter cleaning tends to be higher if scaffolding is needed for access.

The total cost may depend on the following factors:

  • Type/size of gutters
  • Condition of gutters
  • Location
  • Number of tradespeople hired
  • Materials used
  • Location of property
  • Ease of access

Gutter Cleaning Prices

The below table sets outs the average costs of gutter cleaning:

Scaffolding? House Type Total Cost
No Terraced £75 to £125
Semi-detached £100 to £150
Detached £100 to £200
Yes Terraced £325 to £425
Semi-detached £375 to £425
Detached £400 to £450

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What are the Supply Costs of Gutter Cleaning?

Let’s now have a look at the cost of materials in particular. This is separate from the overall price of gutter cleaning and is especially relevant if you’d like to undertake this work DIY.


Cleaning gutters

You may choose to buy some of these tools depending on the gutter cleaning method you use:

  • Ladder - £60 to £80
  • Gutter scoop - £5 to £20
  • Leaf blower - £50 to £70
  • Rotary gutter cleaning system - £20 to £160
  • Gutter flusher and cleaner - £15 to £35

These costs may or may not apply if you hire a professional or a gutter cleaning service, since they will already have the materials at the ready.

What are the Additional Costs of Cleaning Gutters?

We’ll now have a look at the added expenses you may incur when having your gutters cleaned.

Removing leaves from a gutter

New Gutter Costs

While you could have your existing gutters cleaned, maintained, or/and repaired as necessary, there may come a time when you’d rather have your gutters replaced.

Here are some average gutter replacement costs:

  • Semi-detached house - £400 to £500
  • Terraced house - £400 to £500
  • Detached house - £500 to £700
  • Flat - £250 to £350
  • Bungalow - £400 to £600
  • Garage - £300 to £350

Cost Affecting Factors

There are various factors that shape the total price of gutter cleaning. Firstly, a minimum fee may apply. This could be a set amount that you’d be charged regardless of how long the work takes or a minimum fee that is added to the total.

Charges for excess mileage may also apply if you hire a contractor who needs to travel a sizeable distance to reach your property.

Beyond that, the type/size of gutters and their condition is also relevant given that these factors would shape the overall labour cost. However, the type and size of gutters could also influence supply costs. 

The number of tradespeople hired could impact on the overall price too, since it would affect the hourly labour rate. That said, if the labourers work well together it may take half the time to complete.

Tradesperson Costs for Gutter Cleaning

The price of labour is likely to land around £20 to £25 an hour, with the daily rate being approximately £150 to £300.

a wooden loft

Alternatively, guttering cleaning can be charged per linear metre (or at least this could be part of the overall price). In most cases, the cost of gutter cleaning per metre lands around £4 to £5.

Gutter cleaning takes about 2-5 hours depending on the size/type of property. With that being said, if scaffolding is needed then you can expect the work to take a few hours longer at least although if the property is particularly large then the work may carry on into a second day.

Don’t forget it’ll take a bit of time for the hired professional to disassemble the scaffolding too.

How Long Does It Take to Clean Guttering

We’ll now have a look at the time frames involved in cleaning out gutters. In this section we’ll also take a look at the time factors involved.

For a terraced house, this work takes about 2-4 hours but it would last approximately 3-5 hours for a semi-detached property and the same for a detached house. Should scaffolding be necessary, you can expect it to last around 7-8 hours in most cases.


It should be noted that the duration of this work will vary significantly depending on the method used.

The duration of this work depends on a variety of factors like the size/type of guttering, the condition of the guttering, and ease of access.

Types of Gutter Cleaning

There are various ways of cleaning guttering. In this section we’ll break down some popular methods and look at their pros and cons.

Gutter Scoop and Binliner Cost

A very simple manual method of dealing with clogged gutters is to prop up a ladder and clear out gutters by scooping up the debris within and putting it into a bin liner.

This method is cheap and pretty straightforward. However, it is more time consuming. Don’t forget to always take the necessary safety precautions when using a ladder and working at a height.

a wooden loft

Unless you have the necessary gutter cleaning equipment already it would likely cost about £70 to £100, which includes the price of the ladder. Of course, the cost would be a lot cheaper if you already have a ladder and just need the gutter scoop.


  • Easy manual method
  • Cost of cleaning gutters can be kept to a minimum


  • Not very time-efficient

Leaf Blower Cost

A faster approach is to utilize a leaf blower. With an average cost of £50 to £70, this method isn’t overly expensive either. Of course, the money you spend on a leaf blower would also be an investment for the future.

a wooden loft

Obviously, this approach can be pretty messy and will result in leaves and other debris falling to the ground below. It can also be quite heavy to operate and this could be a safety concern for working at a height.


  • Good investment
  • Fast and efficient


  • Pretty messy solution

Rotary Gutter Cleaning System Cost

This piece of equipment is very useful and improves comfort and safety since it doesn't require a ladder. A rotary gutter cleaning system is a piece of equipment that extends like a long pole right up to the gutters (indeed, it is effectively a gutter cleaning pole).

a wooden loft

They tend to cost anywhere from £20 to £160, so, and assuming you’re looking for one of decent quality, you’d need to spend a little more to use this approach.


  • Safer method
  • Very useful
  • Good investment


  • Can be quite expensive

Benefits of Cleaning Gutters

Aside from the obvious, there are a whole host of short and long-term advantages to clearing out your property’s gutters.

a wooden loft

Avoid Interior Damage

Debris can take a toll on guttering and if left to accumulate over time this can lead to leaks, as a result of breaks and cracks in your guttering.

In turn, this would allow water into your home which could cause damage, and even increase the risk of mildew and mould both within your property and the exterior.

Increased Lifespan For Your Roof

One big advantage of cleaning gutters is that it reduces the weight and stress on your roof. As a result, this will increase the longevity of your roof.

Stops Pests From Nesting

Allowing debris to build-up in your guttering can attract bugs and rodents, so clearing out your guttering as often as needed can help avoid this.


Q: Why is gutter cleaning important?

A: Ultimately, it’s important as it can maintain your gutters and roof over time, prevents interior damage, and avoids attracting pests and other organisms that can spread disease.

Q: How often should you clean gutters?

A: It is advisable to do so twice a year, but 3-4 times a year may be preferable depending on the sort of foliage that gathers in your guttering (e.g. pine tree leaves).

Q: When should you clean guttering?

A: It’s best to clean them at start of spring and the start of autumn, as these are times in which foliage will be plenty and gutters are most likely to be full of debris.

Q: Where can I purchase a rotary gutter cleaning system?

A: Many hardware stores will provide these. You’ll also find such systems for sale on websites like eBay.

Q: What is the battery life of a leaf blower?

A: Many last for about 15-45 minutes on average. However, it will depend on the product as some will be designed for longer battery life, though you’d likely need to spend more in this case.


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