How Much For Soffit and Fascia Replacement?

Looking to have your soffits and fascias replaced, but don't know how much it's going to cost you?

In the following guide, we outline the costs of replacement soffits and fascias (based on supply and labour) that you can expect to pay. We also cover the costs of any additional work that you might want to undertake at the same time.

This article also explores subtopics such as:

  • How long it takes to replace soffits and fascias
  • How much it costs to paint soffits and fascias
  • How much capping soffits & fascias costs
  • Replacement prices for each of the different types of soffits and fascias
  • The cost of scaffolding (which significantly impacts price)
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What are the Supply Costs of Soffits & Fascias?

The focus of this section is specifically the average cost for the various supplies required for new soffits and fascias, as if you were to purchase directly from a retailer. The supply price of soffits and fascias are a key price component of the total cost.

The cost estimates discussed below are based on the approximate costs for flat fascia and soffit boards. Vented and hollow soffits and ogee style and bull nosed fascias are examples of alternate types of boards which have their own price ranges.

Timber Fascia Board Prices

A timber fascia board will cost you around £5 to £10 per metre while a timber soffit board is probably going to set you back somewhere in the range of £5 to £8 for each metre.

Aluminium Fascia Board Prices

For an aluminium fascia board, it’s likely to cost around £25 to £70 per metre and for aluminium soffits, you’re looking at paying about £10 to £40 per metre.

uPVC Fascia Board Prices

For a uPVC fascia board, it will likely cost about £4 to £12 per metre in length. To purchase a uPVC soffit board, will cost around £2 to £8 per metre.

Steel Fascia Board Prices

The cost of a steel fascia board may range from £8 to £35 per metre while a steel soffit board will probably cost about £18 to £35 for each metre.

Material type Supply cost fascia per metre Supply cost soffit per metre
Timber £5-£10 £5-£8
Aluminium £25-£70 £10-£40
uPVC £4-£12 £2-£8
Steel £8-£35 £18-£35

What are the Additional Costs of Soffits & Fascias?

You may choose to have additional jobs undertaken after your soffits & fascias have been replaced. For this section, we will look at the costs of possible additional jobs such as having a drain unblocked and replacing cement work.

Cost of Scaffolding

Hiring scaffolding in order for the work to be complete will cost you around £600 to £800.

Waste Disposal Cost

Waste disposal costs will depend heavily on how much waste needs to be disposed of. On average, the cost may come to around £50 to £200.

Blocked Drain Cost

The cost of having a drain unblocked will vary depending on what actions are needed to remove the blockage. Drain rodding will probably cost about £60 to £100, drain jetting will be priced at around £150 to £200 while to have both tasks undertaken will cost you roughly £180 to £220.

Replacing Cement Work

If you wish to have small cement work replacements on your roof, it is probably going to cost you about £150 to £300. If you need to have around 10 metres of roof ridge tiles replaced it’s likely to stand at about £250 to £600. To have cracked mortar on ridge tiles repointed may cost around £125 to £250 for an average semi-detached house.

Gutter Guards Cost

The cost of having gutter guards installed will vary depending on the guard type and whether or not it will need scaffolding. A hedgehog guard is going to set you back about £200 to £300 without scaffolding or roughly £400 to £600 with scaffolding. A mesh guard without the use of scaffolding will cost between £150 and £250 while the price for this type of guard rises to around £350 to £550 with scaffolding.

Tradesmen Costs for Replacing Soffits & Fascias

For this section, we’re going to look at the labour and installation costs involved in having soffits & fascias replaced based on different house types or given parts of a house. Tradesmen costs exclude the supply and material costs.

We will look at the labour costs for replacing soffits & fascias on a small, medium and large terraced house, semi-detached house, detached house, garage and a small and large porch. To have fascias and soffits replaced on a terraced house is likely to cost about £230 to £300 in terms of the labour costs.

For a semi-detached house, the labour costs are likely to be around £500 to £600. The labour/installation costs will end up about £800 to £900 for a small detached house, £900 to £1,000 for a medium detached house and £1,000 to £1,200 for a large detached house. For a garage, the labour costs should end up around £200 to £300, for a small porch about £100 to £150 and around £150 to £200 for a large porch.

How Long Does It Take to Replace Soffits & Fascias?

The table below shows the different durations it takes to replace soffits & fascias for various house sizes and different parts of a house, namely a porch and garage. After the table, we look at the various factors that may influence the duration of a soffits & fascias replacement job. As you can see, the house types discussed below are the same as in previous sections.

Type of house Duration
Terrace house 1-2 Days
Semi-detached 2-3 Days
Small detached 3-4 Days
Medium detached 4-5 Days
Large detached 5+ Days
Garage 1 Day or Less
Porch 2-4 Hours

The length of time it takes for such replacement work to be complete can depend on factors such as the size of the house, type of house, ease of access to the soffits & fascias and the type of soffits & fascias you wish to have installed.

Types of Soffits & Fascias

We will now discuss the different types of soffits & fascias in more detail. In each of the subsections below we will look at the costs of each type, when they might be used as well as lay out their pros and cons. The labour costs in each case will be about £20 to £30 per hour with a two-hour minimum charge likely to be incurred.


Timber soffits and fascias are wooden based and are often used for their visual appeal and may be used in regions with less rain and humidity as they would be less at risk of rotting in such environments. A timber fascia board will cost you around £5 to £10 per metre while a timber soffit board is probably going to set you back somewhere in the range of £5 to £8.


  • Cheaper than metallic soffits & fascias
  • Offers an aesthetic appeal
  • Easier to find in various different colours
  • More environmentally friendly


  • Timber soffits & fascias are more vulnerable to weathering
  • Can require plenty of maintenance
  • Not as cheap as most uPVC soffits & fascias


Aluminium soffits & fascias are particularly tough and ductile metallic installations. Aluminium soffits & fascias might be installed in a region where a person is expecting plenty of rain. They would not be a good option if a house needs particularly strong insulation as they are a poor insulator.

Aluminium soffits will cost about £10 to £40 per metre while aluminium fascia boards will come with a charge of around £25 to £70 per metre.


  • Very strong and ductile
  • Water resistant
  • Another environmentally friendly choice


  • Very expensive compared to uPVC and timber products
  • A poor insulator


Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) soffits & fascias are low-maintenance and plastic-based. These may be installed to reduce costs such as when replacing old soffits & fascias. uPVC soffits & fascias might also be used when a homeowner is seeking a low-maintenance option.

We will now look at the uPVC soffits and fascias cost. The plastic soffit price in this case will be around £2 to £8 per metre with the fascia board of the same material costing around £4 to £12 per metre making them particularly cheap.


  • Inexpensive
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly durable
  • Available in a wide range of colours


  • May discolour or fade
  • Can become brittle
  • May prove unsuitable for older properties


Another metallic form of soffits & fascias is based around steel, a metal with high levels of durability and thermal conductivity. It may be used due to its various benefits such as water resistance while at the same time being a cheaper metallic alternative to aluminium soffits and fascia’s. Steel soffits will cost you around £18 to £35 per metre while steel fascia boards may cost about £8 to £35 per metre.

How Much Does Repairing Soffits & Fascias Cost?

In this section, we will explore the soffits and fascias prices for different repairs. Common soffits & fascias repairs include repairing a rotted soffit and sealing fascia gaps in the roof.

Sealing Fascia Gaps in Roof

Before fascia gaps can be sealed, old rotted material should be removed and replaced with a new fascia board. Moving from the end of the fascia board, it will be necessary for the corner edge to be caulked. The caulking process should continue until the entire fascia is covered.

Assuming about 2-4 hours of work and the replacement of 4 fascia boards, the subtotal between labour and supply costs will probably come to about £75 to £310. The price varies greatly as it will largely depend on the type of fascia material used and how long it takes for the task to be complete.

Repairing Rotted Soffits & Fascias

This repair is essentially a small replacement job. In order to repair a rotted soffit, first shingle mould will need to be removed, where present. The fascia will then be removed before the soffit’s rotting wood is taken out. The rotted rafter will be removed, where applicable and a new rafter will be installed.

A sealant will be used to prepare the new soffit. The new soffit will be installed, and the fascia re-attached although the fascia will need to also be replaced if it has become damaged. Assuming a small job and minimal new materials being required, you’ll probably end up spending about £60 to £150 between both labour and material costs. This assumes 2-4 hours of work.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Soffits & Fascias?

For this section, we will look at the estimated cost to have soffits & fascias removed. You may choose to have soffits & fascias removed in order to have new ones installed. This may be done because the old soffits & fascias have become too damaged to repair or because the homeowner would like to install new soffits & fascias made of a different material.

The labour costs involved in having soffits & fascias removed will likely end up around £20 to £26 per hour although there will probably be a minimal two-hour flat charge. The removal costs may end up around £50 to £200. You can dispose of old soffits & fascias with a skip or through a ‘man and van’ service such as that provided by Hippo Waste.


Q: What are soffits?

A: Soffits are the underside element below a fascia, which itself is situated where the roof and exterior house walls meet.

Q: What do asbestos soffits look like?

A: Once they are painted, asbestos soffits will probably appear like any other ply boards. If you want to know whether your soffits are asbestos-based and you are uncertain, you should contact a professional.

Q: What is a fascia?

A: Fascias are positioned where the roof and exterior house walls meet.

Q: What is a bargeboard?

A: This is a board that is positioned at a house’s gable end.

Q: How much do soffits cost?

A: Soffits may cost anywhere from £5 to £40 per metre. The price will vary depending on the soffit material and specific product.

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