How Much to Replace Roof Tiles?

If you notice any broken tiles on your roof, you may need to have them repaired to prevent leaks or further damage.

So what can you expect to pay?

The average cost of roof tile repair will vary depending on the type of repair job. For instance, to repair slipped or broken tiles you should expect to pay around £170 to £500, while the price to re-cement ridge tiles ranges from £150 to £600.

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What other type of roof tile repair is there?

Other roof tile repairs include implementing a dry ridge system to fix tiles which costs around £750 to £950, and repair cost for valley tiles usually starts from £350 to £450.

Repair Roof Tile Prices

Replace Slipped/Broken Tiles £170 to £500
Ridge Tiles Re-cement Cost £150 to £600
Valley Tiles Cost £350 to £450
Dry Ridge Cost £750 to £950

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What are the Supply Costs of Roof Tile Repairs?

If you are an experienced DIY enthusiast, you may want to consider repairing roof tiles yourself.

Before doing this, you need to consider the following supply costs:

Clay roof tiles £0.40 - £20 per tile
Concrete roof tiles £0.70 - £50 per tile
Interlocking roof tiles £0.80 - £7 per tile
Large format roof tiles £3 - £4 per tile
Low pitch roof tiles £5 - £7 per tile
Pantiles £0.90 - £8 per tile
Clay ridge tiles £4 - £15 per tile
Cement ridge tiles £4 - £50 per tile

What are the Additional Costs of Roof Tile Repairs?

There are various other costs you consider when repairing roof tiles, such as:

Cleaning Guttering

When repairing roof tiles, you may also want to consider having your gutter cleaned.

The cost to clean a gutter is around £40 for small terraced properties and up to £120 for a detached home.

Replacing Guttering

If your gutters are damaged or broken, then a professional may advise you to have them replaced. Gutter replacement usually costs around £520 to £650 for uPVC guttering or for cast iron gutters you can expect to pay up to £1400.

Chimney Repair

Another significant cost you may want to consider is chimney repair, especially if you notice anything broken on your chimney or excess smoke is exiting the chimney.

Common chimney repairs include fixing flashing which ranges from £200 to £300, while chimney repointing costs around £500 to £1000.

Tradesmen Costs for Roof Tiles Repair

When calculating the cost of roof tile repairs, you need to take tradesman costs into account. Roofing specialists typically charge around £150 to £250 per day or £15 to £25 per hour for smaller roof repairs.

To repair broken tiles, roofers tend to charge around £150 to £400 and £100 to £400 to re-cement ridge tiles.

The labour cost for dry ridge repairs is normally about £150 to £250, while the price to repair valley tiles ranges from £200 to £300.

How Long Does It Take for Roof Tile Repairs?

To ensure you calculate the cost of roof tile repairs correctly, you should consider the time frame for each type of repair.

For instance, roofers tend to take around two to five hours to repair broken roof tiles, while re-cementing ridge tiles can take two to three hours.

Tradesman may take around four to six hours to repair a roof valley, while dry ridge repairs can take up to two days to complete.

Types of Roof Tile Repairs

Before hiring someone to fix your roof, take a look at the below guide which will outline the different types of roof tile repairs and their costs.

Replace Slipped/Broken Tiles Cost

If your roof was installed more than twenty years ago or more then may notice that some of your roof tiles are broken or have slipped out of place.

This usually costs around £170 to £500 for a professional roofer to repair which may involve securing the tile or removing and replacing it with a new tile.

Ridge Tiles Re-cement Cost

If you notice that the ridge tiles at the top of your roof are damaged or loose, then you may need to hire a roofer to fix the issue, who will charge around £150 to £600.

This job will involve removing all the old cement and replacing it or repointing it with new cement to secure them in place.

Valley Tiles Cost

The roof valley is the centre part where the two sloping roofs come together. This area tends to build up a significant amount of water which can cause valley tiles to dislodge or break.

In the event of this, you will need to hire a professional to repair your valley tiles which should cost around £350 to £450.

Dry Ridge Cost

A dry ridge system is a type of mechanical ridge which is fixed to a roof to repair or replace roof tiles without the use of traditional mortar.

To repair your tiles using a dry ridge system, you should expect to pay around £750 to £950.

How Much Does Roof Tile Maintenance Cost?

To ensure your roof is long-lasting, you should consider the following roof tile maintenance tips.

Sealing Roof Tiles Cost

To protect your roof tiles from moisture damage during heavy rainfall or other adverse weather, you should consider having a sealant applied to your roof tiles.

The average cost of sealing and cleaning roof tiles is around £1500 to £2500, although the final price will depend on the size of your roof.

Cleaning Roof Tiles Cost

It is also essential to ensure your roof is kept clean from any moss growth, dirt or debris as this will prevent damaged tiles.

This could include pressure washing your roof, which costs around £8 to £15 per square metre.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Roof Tiles?

If your roof tiles cannot be repaired, then you may need to consider having them removed. The cost of roof tile removal typically ranges from £150 to £500 for one to two days’ work.

You will also need to factor in the price of waste disposal, which will range from £60 to £300 to hire a skip for your unwanted roof tiles.


Q: What are the best tiles for a roof?

A: There are various roof tile options; however, before making a decision, you need to consider what works well with your roof type.

For instance, if you have a high slopes roofs, then you should consider clay tiles and concrete tiles.

Low pitched roofs work better with interlocking roof tiles which are highly durable and easy to install.

Q: What is the cheapest roof tile available?

A: Interlocking tiles are the cheapest roof tile option, and they are available in both clay and concrete material.

Although the actual cost of the tiles is more expensive than averages tiles, the installation is much cheaper as you will require fewer materials.

Q: How long should roof tiles last?

A: Average roof tiles tend to last around thirty years, although concrete and clay roofs tend to have a lifespan of up to sixty years if they are well looked after.

Q: How do you know when to replace roof tiles?

A: There are various signs that your roof tiles may need to be replaced, the most obvious one being your roof tiles are visibly loose and cannot be repaired. You may also notice leaks coming from your ceiling, which could be caused by broken tiles.

If any of your tiles are cracked or rotted, then you will also need to consult a roofer to replace your roof.

Q: How often do roof tiles need to be maintained?

A: It would be best if you tried to maintain your roof at least once a year to ensure any mould, dirt or debris is removed. It would help if you also got your roof checked every three years by a professional to ensure the roof is in good condition.

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