How Much for a New Front Door?

The average cost of fitting a new uPVC front door is £300 to £570. The price lands somewhere in the range of £550 to £2620 for a composite door, £350 to £1920 for an oak door, or £350 to £1570 for a mahogany door. In the case of a pine front door, you'll need to budget for anything from £170 to £1220 or in the case of a custom-made door, £1050 to £4020.

charcoal front door

The factors for the cost of front door installation include the type/size of the door, the number of tradespeople hired, ease of access, and location of your property.

As for where you live, labour costs tend to higher in the southeast (London in particular) but lower in regions such as Northern Ireland, Scotland, and the north of England.

Replacement Front Door Prices

Type of Door Labour Cost Supply Costs Total Cost
uPVC £50 to £120 £250 to £450 £300 to £570
Composite £50 to £120 £500 to £2500 £550 to £2620
Oak £50 to £120 £300 to £1800 £350 to £1920
Mahogany £50 to £120 £300 to £1450 £350 to £1570
Pine £50 to £120 £120 to £1100 £170 to £1220
Custom-made £50 to £120 £1000 to £3900 £1050 to £4020
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What are the Supply Costs of a New Front Door?

The supply cost of installing a front door can be broken down primarily into the labour and supply costs with the cost of materials making up about 60-70% of the total. This section will look at the supply costs involved in fitting various types of front doors.

open blue front door

These costs would apply on their own if you were to buy the materials for a DIY fit. The supply costs are roughly £250 to £450 for a uPVC front door, £500 to £2500 for a composite front door, or £300 to £1800 for an oak front door.

The material costs land around £300 to £1450 for a mahogany front door, £120 to £1100 for a pine front door, or £1000 to £3900 for a custom-made front door.

Supply Front Door Prices

Type of Door Supply Costs
uPVC £250 to £450
Composite £500 to £2500
Oak £300 to £1800
Mahogany £300 to £1450
Pine £120 to £1100
Custom-made £1000 to £3900

What are the Additional Costs of a New Front Door?

There are several added costs that you may incur when having a new front door fitted. Let's consider some prominent examples of what influence the price of front door installations.

black front door

Minimum Fee

Sometimes, labourers/companies will set a minimum charge, whether as a standalone fee or in some cases, one that is part of the expected costs such as a daily labour fee. Of course, a daily labour cost is unlikely to apply given that it usually takes up to half a day to have a new front door installed.

Front Door Size/Type

In the previous two sections, we looked at how the door's material is the main cost factor. However, the type and size of the door are also important.

The larger the door, the more expensive it is likely to be. As for front door types, the costs can vary significantly, from a simple timber entry door to a security door. Custom-made doors are another example of a more expensive option.


As discussed, the material that your front door is made from is the main cost factor. uPVC and pine doors tend to be the cheapest options, but composite can be quite dear with such doors often costing over £1000 in supply costs alone.

Number of Tradespeople

In the vast majority of cases, a single door fitter will be able to install a new front door. However, if a second labourer is needed for any particular reason, this would obviously double the overall labour costs.

At the same time, it would reduce (roughly half) the time needed to complete the job so whether this will prove an added cost overall will depend on how well the door fitters work as a team.


In general, the longer a door installation takes, the higher the labour costs will be. With that said, in some cases if a set fee applies regardless of the time it takes, then duration won't actually matter when it comes to determining your bill.

man installing white front door

Tradesmen Costs for New Front Door Installation

Though not the biggest cost factor, labour costs are generally the second most important price element for having a new front door fitted. We'll now take a look at the labour costs for fitting a new front door and the cost factors involved.

Given that the average time it takes to fit a new front door is the same for various types, the labour costs will end up around £50 to £120. The average daily labour cost of hiring a door fitter is approximately £150 to £200.

Among the factors determining the labour cost are ease of access, the state of the work area, and location.

How Long Does It Take to Fit a New Front Door?

We'll now break down the durations involved in having a new door fitted. In this section, we'll also consider some of the most common factors in shaping the timeframe of fitting a new front door.

woman installing front door frame

On average it takes 2-5 hours to have a new front door fitted, regardless of the type. However, ease of access, the state of the installation area, and the number of tradespeople hired can also shape the duration of the work.

Since the door is being fitted from the outside, adverse weather can prolong or delay the work.

Types of Front Door

In this section, we'll take a closer look at the various options you have when it comes to having a new front door installed. Let's consider why you should and shouldn't go with these different types.

uPVC Front Door Cost

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) doors are a cheap but sufficient option. They are highly resistant to the weather and much more than the average wooden front door, low-maintenance should last for 35+ years, and are not so prone to warping.

green uPVC front door

uPVC doors, however, are not everyone's cup of tea due to their look. Further, they can discolour and lose strength over time. The average cost of a uPVC door is £250 to £450.


  • Cheap but sufficient
  • Weatherproof
  • Low-maintenance
  • A uPVC front door tends to be durable
  • Does not warp easily


  • Can lose colour and strength
  • Aesthetic not as popular

Composite Front Door Cost

This type of door consists of several materials that are pressed together and glued under very high pressure. The materials used are chosen for the positive properties they come with to maximise the quality of the door.

composite grey door

Composite doors tend to be a lot thicker than uPVC doors and tend to be strong, secure, durable, and resistant to the elements. They also require little maintenance, are thermally efficient, and feature a modern aesthetic. Composite doors tend to cost between £500 and £2500.


  • Strong and secure
  • Noise reduction
  • Thermally efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • A composite front door offers a modern aesthetic


  • Usually expensive

Solid Oak Front Door Cost

The first traditional timber-based option on our list is that of solid oak. The value of doors made from solid oak is that they create a stylish and classic appearance and may be resized relatively easily.

oak front door with glass

It's also easy to change the colour of solid oak doors whether you want a blue, white, red, or black front door or even a grey front door. They can also be sourced sustainably. However, solid oak doors are not weather-resistant, and they are not as durable as the two previously mentioned options.

In addition, they can become warped and weather-beaten over the years. The average supply cost of a solid oak door is £300 to £1800.


  • Stylish and classic
  • Prone to warping with time
  • Colour can be changed
  • Can be sourced sustainably
  • Natural material


  • Does not last as long as uPVC or composite doors
  • Require plenty of maintenance
  • Not weather-resistant
  • Can end up weather-beaten and warped

Mahogany Front Door Cost

The next choice is mahogany. Though it sounds more expensive, mahogany front doors tend not to be more costly than solid oaks with a price range of roughly £300 to £1450, though it would depend on the quality of the door.

mahogany front door

These doors are insect and decay-resistant, visually appealing, can be re-decorated and as with solid oak doors, are made from a natural material.

However, it is not generally as sustainable or as eco-friendly as most types of timber doors and needs to be resealed or re-stained every so often.


  • Aesthetic value
  • Can be re-decorated
  • Resistant to insects and decay
  • Natural material


  • Not as eco-friendly as most timber door types
  • Should be resealed or re-stained from time to time

Pine Front Door Cost

Alongside uPVC doors, pine doors are the cheapest option. Costs can be as low as £120, but they can reach up to £1100. Pine doors are easy to sand, and you repaint or change their colour as you wish.

pine front door with glass

On the other hand, pine doors are prone to denting given that they are a softwood option, they are more vulnerable to weather damage, have a relatively short life expectancy of 10-20 years, and pine is not a very sustainable option either.


  • Can be cheap
  • Straightforward to sand
  • You can repaint and change their colour with ease


  • Not particularly durable
  • Susceptible to weather damage
  • Pine is not eco-friendly

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Front Door?

You may decide to have a front door removed, most likely because you're having a new one fitted but it's also possible that you're choosing to fill it with a wall and have a new front door installed elsewhere on your property.

man removing front door and frame

If you decide to have a front door removed, this job alone will cost about £40 to £180 on average. However, before any new work/installations are undertaken, the total cost of the job will likely be at least a few hundred pounds more than the estimate given above. Ultimately, it will depend on the nature of the replacement work.


Q: Which paint is best for your front door?

A: In most cases, a semi-gloss finish is preferable.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a front door?

A: On average, between £500 and £2500 or as much as £4000 for a customised front door.

Q: How long does a front door last?

A: Though it will vary depending on the material, in general, it should last for two to three decades, if not longer.

Q: How can I improve front door security?

A: One approach is to get more sophisticated, and higher quality front door locks. Alternatively, you could replace your current door with an actual security door.

Q: Can I fit a front door DIY?

A: You should only do so if you're completely sure of everything involved. Fitting a front door can be a tricky job. If you've any doubts, you should hire a professional door fitter.

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