How Much is a New Garage Door?

The average cost of a garage door ranges from £2,000 to £4,000, however, it depends on the type of door you choose.

Garage door costs can vary significantly depending on the type of garage door you choose.

The garage door installation cost would be about £610 to £1,250 for an up and over garage door, £730 to £1,550 for a roller garage door, £1,050 to £5,250 for a sectional garage door, £920 to £4,550 should you wish to install a side-hinged garage door, or £1,950 to £9,950 to have a round-the-corner garage door fitted.

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What can the price depend on?

The total cost will depend on a whole host of factors such as the size, type, and material of garage door used, the location, number of tradespeople hired, additional materials used, property location, and ease of access.

Labour costs for fitting a garage door are typically higher in the London area.

As for property location, this is relevant given that labour prices vary across the UK. For example, the cost of hiring a contractor tends to be greater in the southeast (London especially), while prices are generally lower in the north of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Garage Doors Prices

Type of Garage Door Labour Cost Supply Costs Total Cost
Up and Over £150 to £250 £460 to £1,000 £610 to £1,250
Roller £150 to £250 £580 to £1,300 £730 to £1,550
Sectional £150 to £250 £900 to £5,000 £1,050 to £5,250
Side-Hinged £150 to £250 £770 to £4,300 £920 to £4,550
Round a Corner £150 to £250 £1,800 to £3,700 £1,950 to £3,950

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What are the Supply Costs of a New Garage Door?

For this section, we’ll discuss the material costs of fitting a new garage door. This, therefore, excludes the price.

For an up and over garage door, you can expect to pay approximately £460 to £1,000, about £580 to £1,300 for a roller garage door and £1,500 to £2,000 for a sectional garage door.

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For a side-hinged garage door, you should expect to pay around £770 to £4,300 for a side-hinged garage door, or £1,800 to £3,700 for a round-the-corner garage door. These prices apply to single-width garage doors.

You should expect to pay an extra £200 to £1000 on top of the costs mentioned above for an electric garage door,

What are the Additional Costs of Fitting a New Garage Door?

There are various extra costs that you may incur along with having a new garage door fitted. Let’s take a closer look at some examples.

New Garage Building

You may be interested in having an entirely new garage built before having a new door installed. There are many popular choices when it comes to garage construction, such as those made from bricks, concrete, or wood, as well as with the options of attached or detached.

A single garage build would cost around £3,600 to £7,400 with the price rising to roughly £6,000 to £12,800 for a double garage, or £8,700 to £19,000 should you prefer to have a triple garage installed.

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Garage Conversion

Some homeowners may wish to fully convert their garage into something more practical and homely; for instance, one fairly popular type of garage conversion involves turning it into a small kitchen at the side of a property.

This would open up more space within the rest of the property for other uses. This is a great alternative to adding a whole new extension.

On average, it costs approximately £13,000 to £18,000 for a single garage of approximately 18m², £27,000 to £36,000 for a 36m² double garage, or about £39,000 to £54,000 for a 52m² double garage.

Minimum Fee

One prominent added cost of any trades work is a minimum fee that a tradesperson will set. This may exist as an independent charge that is added or as a minimum cost that is added to (for instance, an hourly charge may be mandatory, although this isn’t necessarily the most applicable given that garage door instalments usually take several hours).

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Charges for Excess Mileage

One notable cost that you may incur is related to how far the tradesperson has to travel. If they are expected to travel a further distance than for most jobs, they may have added expenses related to this.

You may face this sort of extra charge, if you live in an isolated part of the country or if you choose to hire a contractor from out of town (this may apply if you’ve been given a particular recommendation as to someone from afar).

You’re looking at paying about £0.40 per mile in excess mileage charges, but, of course, this could vary greatly depending on the contractor. Sometimes they may simply have a set charge.

The following calculation would apply:

0.40 x distance in miles x 2 = Excess mileage cost


The material used is relevant such as whether it be steel or wood (although insulated steel is another option). As for the size, a double garage door may cost about 80% to 100% (or around twice as much) to install as single garage doors.

Number of Tradespeople Hired

The more tradespeople hired for work, the more it may cost. That said, this is more likely to affect the timeframe of the work as an increase in tradespeople will result in a faster job.

Of course, this fact can essentially counterbalance the added cost of hiring a second or more tradespeople instead of having just one installer albeit (if labour is charged by the hour, for instance), this could depend on factors such as how well the contractors work together.

Duration of the Work

Another factor that may apply is how long it takes to have the garage door installed. Of course, if you are being charged by the hour, then this will apply or if another time frame is used to determine the cost. However, sometimes the cost will be set out from the beginning regardless of whether it takes an hour more or less than expected.

Tradesmen Costs for Installing a New Garage Door

The labour cost of fitting a new garage door will likely land around £150 to £250 per contractor per day.

This work tends to take less than one day, so unsurprisingly, the labour costs make up a relatively small per cent of the overall total, about 20%, in fact. As for waste removal costs, these may make up about 10% of the total.

05 Garage Door

How Long Does It Take to Fit a New Garage Door?

We’ll now discuss the time it takes to install a new garage door. On average, you can expect this work to last between three and six hours for a regular garage door. If an old garage door needs to be replaced, this could add another hour or so to the process.

In the case of having an electric or/and specialist door installed, you can expect it to take a few hours extra, so about five to eight hours in total.

06 Garage Door

As for the clean up, this would be included within the total time frames given above and will likely take about half an hour. Unsurprisingly, the bulk of the work will involve the installation of the new garage door.

The duration of the work will depend on the type, size, and material of the garage door being installed, whether an old garage door is being replaced, the number of tradespeople hired, and how accessible the work area is.

Types of Garage Door

There are various types of garage doors available, including:

Sectional Garage Door Cost

The most common type of garage door in the UK is that of a sectional garage door. These comprise panelled sections that are connected via their hinges.

07 Garage Door

When the door opens, the sections fold at a given point on the track so as to allow as much open space as possible when the door is up.

Sectional garage doors tend to cost about £1,050 to £5,250.


  • Opens up plenty of space
  • Very popular
  • Generally not too high in terms of a garage door replacement cost


  • Uses up storage space of the garage ceiling

Electric Garage Door Cost

This type of garage door is electrically operated. The door is generally controlled by a wall-mounted push-button or a handheld remote. In some cases, electric garage doors are operated with technology like wireless keypads, key switches or card readers.

08 Garage Door

Overall, electric garage doors may cost somewhere between £1,000 and £7,000. One key benefit of electric garage doors is the enhanced security that they offer since they can’t be opened with special access. It’s also a bit safer for you to use, given that you don’t need to physically lift up or pull down a shutter.


  • Easier to use
  • More secure
  • Safer


  • Can be especially costly

Roller Garage Door Cost

Roller garage doors have become more prominent in commercial garage units. Also, they’re used quite a lot for domestic garages, given that many roller garage doors now come with quite striking designs.

09 Garage Door

They usually consist of steel slats that go around a central drum (this is positioned above the opening of the garage door itself). They’re made to cope with heavy use, so it’s no surprise that you’ll often find them on commercial premises.

Roller doors usually cost in the range of £730 to £1,550.


  • Great for commercial garage units
  • Devices can improve security


  • May not suit your property
  • More limited design with just horizontal lines

Up and Over Garage Door Cost

This canopy-style of garage door comprises a single and solid unit of material as opposed to joint sections. They come with a pivoting hinge mechanism, so tilt into the garage upon opening.

10 Garage Door

You’ll find many older garages with up and over doors, given that this was the standard option in years prior; it’s also usually quite inexpensive. Expect these to cost approximately £610 to £1,250.


  • They can tilt into the garage opening
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Fairly old design

Side-hinged Garage Door Cost

Lastly, you have the option of a side-hinged garage door. These garage doors have two distinct openings that can open outwards; you’ll only need to open a single door to enter.

11 Garage Door

These garage doors can be electrically operated or hand-operated. On average, these garage doors cost about £920 to £4,550.


  • Accessible
  • Two openings available
  • Reduces noise
  • Great for garages with not much headroom


  • Not as easy to make automatic
  • Great for garages with not much headroom

Benefits of a New Garage Door

As with any installation/replacement work, there are a range of advantages worth considering. Let’s have a look at some examples.

12 Garage Door

Improved Quality

A garage door replacement can bring enhanced quality, if it is a better product than the one that existed before. The quality can improve greatly if it’s electrically operated.

Either way, if the existing garage door is quite worn down, then replacing it with a new garage door would have significant benefits all the same.

Better Security

As with better quality, a new garage door can increase security, again particularly if it’s an electrically-operated garage door.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Garage Door?

You may wish to simply remove a garage door because you want to close off the garage to the outside and convert it for another purpose (e.g. to be used as a spare living room).

13 Garage Door

If you just want to have an existing garage door removed, you’d likely need a budget of around £200 to £300; this would cover the labour costs (unless you choose to do so DIY) and the approximate price of £100 for waste disposal.


Q: What’s the best paint for a garage door?

A: Something like slate grey usually does the job. Of course, it will really depend on your preference. Most want their garage doors to have a subtle colour that will blend in well. Other good ideas include smooth blue, white, and dark red.

Q: How do you secure a garage door?

A: Adding a monitoring system or an alarm would help to secure your garage door.

Q: How long do garage doors last?

A: On average, they tend to last for about 20-30 years.

Q: Where can I buy an automatic garage door?

A: There are many UK websites dedicated to the sale of garage doors and most should offer automatic garage doors. Other websites like eBay also provide these. Some hardware stores will also have you covered.

Q: What is the very best feature of garage door security?

A: Arguably it would be a multi-point locking system of an electric garage door.


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