How Much Are Kitchen Worktops?

The average cost of replacing kitchen worktops will vary greatly depending on the materials that you use and the size of your kitchen.

The cheapest type of worktops are usually laminate worktops

So what are the options?

These type of worktops typically cost around £20-£50 per square metre.

It's all about the quality...

If you are looking for average quality wood worktops, these will cost around £50-£150 per square metre.

Granite worktops are a popular type of worktop, but these can be quite expensive at around £250-£400 per square metre.

Kitchen Worktop Prices

There are many different types of worktop materials so the prices for new worktops can vary.

Below is a list of the different types of worktops and their costs. The costs show the average costs for a standard-sized kitchen with a worktop space of 3 metres squared, a width of 600mm and a thickness of 20mm.

Kitchen Worktop Average Cost
Laminate worktop costs £260-£350
Solid wood worktop costs £350-£650
Granite worktop costs £950-£1,400
Marble worktop costs £1,100-£1,700
Quartz worktop costs £800-£1,700
Glass worktop costs £1,100-£1,700
Slate worktop costs £470-£1,100
Concrete worktop costs £950-£1,700
Copper worktop costs £1,100-£1,700

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What are the Supply Costs of Replacing Kitchen Countertops?

If you would prefer to fit the worktops yourself without the cost of labour, then you should budget in the below costs. These figures indicate the prices for the supplies various materials of kitchen worktops:

Kitchen Worktop Average Cost Per M2
Laminate worktop costs £20-£50
Solid wood worktop costs £50-£150
Granite worktop costs £250-£400
Marble worktop costs £300-£400
Quartz worktop costs £200-£500
Glass worktop costs £300-£500
Slate worktop costs £100-£300
Concrete worktop costs £250-£500
Copper worktop costs £300-£500

What are the Additional Costs of Kitchen Worktop Replacement?

There are several additional costs that you may need to think about when it comes to replacing kitchen worktops. Below is a list of the additional things that you may need to budget for with this type of work:

New Kitchen Installation

When getting new kitchen worktops installed, you may consider going the extra step by investing in a completely new kitchen.

white kitchen from front

The prices for a new kitchen will vary depending on the size of the kitchen, the materials used, and your location in the UK. On average, you can expect a new kitchen installation to cost around £5,000-£12,000.

New Kitchen Cupboards

When you replace your kitchen worktops, you may also want to consider replacing your kitchen cupboards too to give your kitchen a completely new look.

The cost of replacing kitchen cupboards will depend on the number of cupboards that you have in the kitchen. You can expect to pay roughly £90-£200 per kitchen cupboard.

New Edging Strips

If you want to give your new kitchen worktops a beautiful and tidy finish, then you may want to invest in edging tape. This allows you to cover the cut ends of the worktops so that they match the rest of the worktops.

This will cost around £9-£12 for a 3m roll of worktop edging tape.

New Kitchen Sink

If you are working on your kitchen, then you may also wish to replace a kitchen sink. The space for the sink will be cut out in your new worktops, so once this is done, you can easily install a new sink in place of the old one.

grey worktop with sink

The average cost for a new kitchen sink is around £30-£300. The price you pay will depend on the material, and size of the new sink.

New Kitchen Flooring

While you are upgrading your kitchen worktops, you may also want to think about installing new kitchen flooring.

There are many different types of kitchen flooring materials to choose from. Budget options include tile kitchen flooring which costs around £15-£200 per square metre, laminate kitchen flooring for £16 to £65 per square metre, and vinyl flooring for £11-£45 per square metre.

More expensive options include natural stone flooring, which costs £25-£35 per square metre, and solid wood flooring that typically costs £72-£116 per square metre.

Tradesperson Costs for Replacing Kitchen Worktops

If you are planning on purchasing the worktops before they are installed, you will need to know how much to budget for the labour costs.

When replacing your kitchen worktops, you will need to hire a kitchen specialist with the appropriate experience in fitting the type of kitchen worktops you have chosen. A contractor for this type of work will usually charge around £150-£200 per day.

tradesmen installing cooker

If you have a built-in hob or oven, then you will need to hire an approved Gas Safe engineer to remove these appliances and then reinstall them once the worktops are complete.

This will likely cost around £60-£100 per hour, depending on the area that you are in, and whether you choose a large or small company to handle the work.

How Long Does It Take to Replace Kitchen Countertops?

You may also be wondering about the timescales you can expect when replacing your kitchen worktops.

Replacing worktops in an average-sized kitchen will usually take around a day to complete. A smaller kitchen may take around 4-5 hours to finish.

If the materials you are using are quite difficult such as granite, marble, or quartz, this may increase the timeframes by a few hours. These materials require a lot of skill to ensure they are cut correctly.

If the tradesperson needs to cut around sinks or appliances in your kitchen, this could also increase the timeframe by a few hours, as it requires some skill to get these cuts completely right.

Types of Kitchen Worktops

There are many different types of kitchen worktops to choose from. The material you choose will depend mostly on your personal preferences, however, certain worktops have advantages over others.

In this section, we will take a look at the different types of kitchen worktops, their costs, and the advantages and disadvantages of each type:

Laminate Kitchen Worktop Cost

Laminate worktops are the most popular type of worktop in the UK. These worktops are very versatile and come in a wide range of colours, styles, and finishes. They tend to mimic the look of natural materials, but they come at a much lower cost.

The average cost for laminate kitchen worktops is around £20-£50 per square metre.

laminate worktop


  • Cheap materials
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Scratch and heat resistant
  • Can look more expensive than they are
  • Wide range of colours, styles, and finishes


  • Can burn under excessive heat
  • Unhygienic is they are scratched
  • Can peel if water is left standing on the surface
  • Cheap options can be damaged easily

Quartz Kitchen Worktop Cost

Quartz is a man-made stone. It has the durability of natural stone, but it comes in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit your taste.

The average cost of quartz kitchen worktops is around £200-£500 per square metres.

quartz worktop


  • Environmentally friendly as it’s made from recycled materials
  • Resistant to water and staining
  • Strong and resistant to chips


  • Quite expensive
  • Can be damaged by fast-changing temperatures
  • Heavy material so can be difficult to install

Granite Kitchen Worktop Cost

Granite kitchen worktops are a very popular choice in the UK. These worktops give a polished and expensive look, however, granite can be hard to source. This means that most kitchen worktops that look like granite are actually made from other materials.

If you want real granite worktops, you can expect to pay around £250-£400 per square metre.

granite worktop


  • Resistant to heat changes
  • Durable and hardwearing
  • Hygienic material
  • Easy to clean
  • Adds value to your home


  • Heavy material so difficult to install
  • Heavy material so needs reinforced cabinets
  • Requires sealing every two years
  • Difficult to repair
  • Limited colours and patterns due to natural material

Marble Kitchen Worktop Cost

If you are looking for a luxury kitchen design, then look no further than marble worktops. Marble is the leading choice in luxury worktops in the UK, as it offers a timeless look.

The average cost of marble worktops is around £300-£400 per square metre.

marble worktop


  • Luxurious design
  • Heat-resistant material
  • Long-lasting material


  • Can stain easily
  • Scratches easily
  • Expensive material

Solid Wood Kitchen Worktop Cost

Solid wood is a very classic finish for a kitchen. Wood is a great natural alternative to stone materials as it is a cheaper option. However, wood worktops require more maintenance.

The average cost of solid wood worktops is around £120-£250 per square metre.

wooden worktop


  • Looks better and better with age
  • The cheapest natural material
  • Hygienic when maintained properly
  • Unique and beautiful appearance


  • Requires maintenance twice each year
  • Can become stained and burned
  • Can scratch easily

Glass Kitchen Worktop Cost

Glass kitchen worktops are a very modern-looking design choice. These worktops have a very glossy finish and can come in a wide range of designs and colours.

The average cost of a glass worktop is around £300-£500 per square metre.

glass worktop


  • Hygienic surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to staining
  • Heat-resistant
  • Many design options available


  • Needs regular cleaning
  • Can become scratched

Concrete Kitchen Worktop Cost

Concrete worktops come in a large range of colours and styles. Other materials can also be added to concrete, such as shells and stones to give it a more unique look.

Concrete worktops can be quite expensive at around £250-£500 per square metre.

concrete worktop


  • Large choice of colours and styles
  • Other materials can be added for a unique appearance
  • Durable material
  • Repairs can be easy


  • Hairline cracks may appear if proper reinforcement isn’t used
  • Not resistant to staining
  • Not resistant to scratches
  • Liquids are easily absorbed which can lead to bacteria growth
  • Can be very expensive
  • Requires significant sealing

Copper Kitchen Worktop Cost

Copper is a beautiful choice for kitchen worktops. It offers the warm appearance of wood but you can put hot pans directly on it. Copper also provides a very unique look that can blend in well with a wide variety of kitchen designs.

The average cost of copper kitchen worktops is £300-£500 per square metre.

copper worktop


  • Beautiful and unique design
  • You can put hot pans directly on it
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Easy to clean


  • Needs to be sealed regularly
  • Weathers over time
  • Will oxidise over time

How much Does It Cost to Remove Kitchen Worktops?

Before you can install new worktops, you will need to have your old worktops removed. If you are having new worktops fitted professionally, then the contractors will usually include the removal costs in the overall price.

However, in some instances, you may need to pay for this work separately. If that’s the case, you can expect to pay around £100-£200 to have your kitchen worktops removed. The price will depend on the type of worktops and your location in the UK.

Once the worktops have been removed, you can either ask the contractors to take of the waste removal for you, or you can hire a waste removal company. This will usually cost around £70-£180 depending on the amount of waste that there is.

You may also want to hire a skip for a week for all of the waste. This could cost around £60-£375 depending on the size of the skip.


Q: Can you resurface kitchen countertops?

A: You can resurface most kitchen countertops. Some examples include re-laminating, installing granite sheets, or tiling over the existing kitchen countertops. This will give your countertops a completely fresh new look without having to replace them.

Q: How do you cut a kitchen worktop?

A: When it comes to cutting kitchen worktops, it’s best to hire a professional. However, if you would like to cut them yourself, take the following steps:

  • Measure the cuts properly and mark them out on the uncut worktop.
  • Obtain a circular saw for the initial cuts and then a router saw for more precise cuts.
  • Find a suitable place to cut the worktops such as a workbench. Make sure both ends of the worktop are fully supported and clamp it so that it doesn’t move during the cuts.
  • Set the circular saw blade depth to 0 and use a straight edge to ensure the cuts are completely straight. Saw in a clean motion back and forth over and over until you fully saw through the worktop.
  • Follow the same process when using the router saw.
  • Once completed, you can now position your worktops on the counter to ensure no further cuts are needed.

Q: How wide are kitchen worktops?

A: The typical width for a kitchen worktop in the UK is around 600mm. If you have extra-wide kitchen worktops, these can measure around 1200mm.

Q: What is the best wood for kitchen worktops?

A: Hardwoods are the most common types of wood used for kitchen worktops. Some of the most popular types of wood for a worktop are oak, walnut, and iroko. Oak is seen as the best choice as it is very durable and offers a very pleasing aesthetic.

Q: How much should a worktop overhang the cabinets?

A: A standard kitchen worktop overhang is 20mm. However, you can get smaller or larger overhangs, depending on your personal preferences.


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