How Much is Skip Hire?

What are the average costs to hire a skip?

The average cost to hire a 2-yard skip is £60 to £120 with the cost landing about £100 to £260 for a 4-yard skip and £110 to £238 for a 6-yard skip.

The price for an 8-yard skip is about £150 to £375, £170 to £250 for a 10-yard skip, or £220 to £450 for a 12-yard skip.

It will set you back around £200 to £300 for a 14-yard skip, £220 to £420 for a 16-yard skip, £275 to £400 for an 18-yard skip, or £290 to £400 for a roll-on roll-off skip.

The price to hire a skip will depend mostly on the size of the skip.

How much should you budget for a lockable skip?

You'd need to budget for roughly £200 to £300 for a lockable skip.

skip being dropped off by truck

What can affect the costs of skip hire?

The cost of hiring a skip depends on the type of skip as well as the size. For instance, roll-on roll-off skips are cheaper per yard than ordinary skips.

Other price factors are the number of tradespeople hired to drop off and collect the skip, ease of access to your property, and your location. Where you live will impact on the cost of hiring a skip since skip hiring prices vary across the country.

On the one hand, you can expect hiring costs to be higher than the national average in the southeast (London especially). Still, costs are generally lower than most of the country in the north of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Those based in the London area can usually expect to pay higher on average to hire a skip than other regions in the UK.

To find out what local skip hire prices are, you can always Google 'skip hire near me'.

Skip Hire Prices in 2024

Type of Skip Skip Hire Prices (weekly)
2 Yard Skip £60 to £120
4 Yard Skip £100 to £260
6 Yard Skip £110 to £238
8 Yard Skip £150 to £375
10 Yard Skip £170 to £250
12 Yard Skip £220 to £450
14 Yard Skip £200 to £300
16 Yard Skip £220 to £420
18 Yard Skip £275 to £400
Roll-on Roll-off Skip £290 to £400
Lockable Skip £200 to £300
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What are the Additional Costs of Hiring a Skip?

There are a range of added costs that may apply when hiring a skip. In this section, we'll break down some of the most common examples.

Minimum Fee

Some skip providing companies will set a minimum charge regardless of the skip's size, where you live, and how long it takes to reach your property. This won't apply in most cases, but in scenarios where it does, it will likely act as an added fee to your total bill.

Most skip providers offer a cost breakdown on their website that should provide you with all the information you need. If one is not available, you can always try contacting them by phone or email for further information as to what costs will be featured.

Where You Live

As discussed, the cost of hiring a skip varies depending on where you're located. For instance, in Manchester, the average cost is about 10-12% less than the national average. Likewise, in Liverpool costs are notably lower than most of the country, with hiring rates about 20% below the UK average. In Glasgow, prices are about 10-20% lower than the mean rate of hiring a skip nationwide.

On the contrary, the southeast tends to have higher rates than most of the UK. In London, costs are about 12-17% higher than the UK average. As discussed, googling something along the lines of 'skip hire cost near me' will help you find out what you might pay in your region.

Size/Type of Skip

As shown in the opening section, the size and type of skip are the main cost factors. While you may pay £100 or less to hire a 2-yard skip, you'd be looking at paying somewhere in the range of £275 to £400 to hire an 18-yard skip.

As for skip types, regular skips tend to be the cheapest depending on type with larger roll-on roll-off skips coming with a higher price tag. Lockable skips tend to cost somewhere in between.

Skip License

If you have a front garden, you should be able to fit a skip on your property. However, if a skip needs to be placed on a public road, a skip license will be needed. Thankfully skip hire companies usually deal with this for you, but if that is not the case, you'll need to contact your local council.

yellow skip on drive

More information on a skip license for England and Wales can be found via It usually costs between £15 to £70. This fee will apply whether you obtain a skip license yourself or as an added expense on your bill if the skip hiring company gets the license for you, where necessary.

Number of Tradespeople

The cost of hiring a skip is also determined by the number of tradespeople required, which is influenced by the size/type of skip hired. The more tradespeople required, the more a skip hire will likely cost.


The longer it takes to drop off and collect the skip can impact on the cost. The duration may be in the form of excess mileage charges too. The skip hire cost may be higher if there are issues such as ease of access that prolong the drop-off or collection of the skip. It's unlikely that it will really have much if any of an impact but it's certainly possible.

Types of Skip

This section will take a closer look at the various skip types based on size. Let's discuss these options and look at their pros & cons.

2 Yard Skip Hire Cost

Generally, a 2-yard skip is the smallest option you'll be able to find and therefore tend to be the cheapest type of skip available. You'd hire a 2-yard skip if you wanted to dispose of a small quantity of waste.

two yard skip

Many homeowners go with this choice if they're undertaking garden cleaning and clearance. On average, you'd fit about 20-30 bin bags in a 2-yard skip.

It costs approximately £60 to £120 to hire a 2-yard skip.


  • Lowest cost of skip hire
  • Drop off and collection is easier
  • Perfect for removing garden waste


  • Unsuitable for more waste removal jobs
  • Very small skip hire

4 Yard Skip Hire Cost

Next, we've got 4-yard skips. You'd get about 30-40 bin bags in a 4-yard skip. This is a good option if you're still looking for a small skip but one with a bit more room than a 2-yard skip.

On average, the price of hiring a 4-yard skip is £100 to £260.


  • More room than a 2-yard skip
  • Cheap skip hire


  • Still might be a little too small in terms of skips for hire
  • You may hire a 4-yard skip then realise that a 2-yard skip was enough

6 Yard Skip Hire Cost

Though still a relatively small skip, this is the largest option before you get to 'mid-sized' options. In fact, it can hold up to 60-75 bin bags. This choice is especially popular among builders.

It costs around £110 to £238 to hire a 6-yard skip.


  • Largest of the small skip options
  • Perfect for construction work
  • Great option for removing old appliances and fittings


  • May be a little too big for what you need
  • The dearest price tag of the small skip size options

8 Yard Skip Hire Cost

Perhaps the most common choice is an 8-yard skip and can hold about 75-85 bin bags. Just like with a 6-yard skip, medium-sized skip is often used for building projects.

eight yard skip full of rubble

It's also a smart choice if you're undertaking a landscaping project in a large garden or if you need to clear out your home and it's a large property.

You'll pay about £150 to £375 for an 8-yard skip.


  • Perfect for clearing a large house or garden
  • One of the most popular options
  • Mid-sized skip


  • Could be expensive, even more than £300

10 Yard Skip Hire Cost

Moving along to a larger mid-sized option, a 10-yard skip will allow you to dispose of around 100 to 120 bin bags in total.

Despite being a mid-range choice, a 10-yard skip is one of the largest options that may be suitable for an ordinary project, although in most cases it will be too large.

In fact, a 10-yard skip would be one of the smaller options that are well suited for a commercial and industrial clearance project.

On average, a 10-yard skip costs between £170 and £250.


  • Small but often suitable option for commercial/industrial waste disposal
  • Can be a good choice for some larger domestic projects


  • Can be a good choice for some larger domestic projects
  • Not well suited to the vast majority of household/garden clearance projects

12 Yard Skip Hire Cost

A 12-yard skip is unsuitable for most projects. It is often employed for commercial and industrial cleanups. You'd get about 120 to 140 bin bags in a 12-yard skip.

full twelve yard skip being picked up

The average cost is £220 to £450.


  • Ideal for large projects
  • Well suited to commercial and industrial clearance


  • May end up being more than £400

14 Yard Skip Hire Cost

Next, we have a 14-yard skip, and by now we're getting into large skip territory. This option will hold between 140 and 170 bin bags on average and usually costs £200 to £300 to hire.

man standing next to a 14 yard skip


  • Large option
  • Can hold up to 170 bin bags or more


  • May be expensive, possibly more than £400

16 Yard Skip Hire Cost

Another large option is a 16-yard skip. It generally costs £220 to £420 to hire this type of skip, showing that the cost range of hiring a skip doesn't increase too much by the time you're getting to skips that are this large.

A 16-yard skip can hold around 170 to 200 bin bags in total.


  • Very large option
  • Good for many industrial/commercial projects


  • Costs can head toward £500

18 Yard Skip Hire Cost

This large skip can be used to dispose of bulky items and generally come with particularly high sides. It is about as tall as the average person. 18-yard skips usually cost around £275 to £400, meaning that it is the most costly conventional skip yard offered by the majority of skip providers.

18 yard skip

You're looking at getting 200 bin bags or more into an 18-yard skip.


  • Good for throwing out bulky objects
  • Largest conventional skip type generally offered


  • Can be costly, up to about half a grand

Roll-on Roll-Off Skip Hire Cost

In any realistic scenario, you won't be hiring a roll-on roll-off skip for a domestic waste clearance project. These skips tend to be used on construction sites or in other commercial or industrial contexts.

roll on roll off skip

The cost of hiring a roll-on roll-off skip is generally about £290 to £400, but sometimes they can cost more depending on how large the skip is that you hire. They can hold between 220 and 440+ bin bags on average.


  • Well suited for commercial/industrial projects
  • Often used on construction sites


  • Can be expensive
  • Not suitable for the vast majority of domestic projects

Lockable Skip Hire Cost

As the name suggests, this type of skip can be concealed. You may hire a lockable skip if you're concerned about the risk of adverse weather creating a mess or people either throwing items into your or taking items from it.

lockable skip

The average cost of a lockable skip is £200 to £300. The number of bin bags it will hold will depend on the sizes which can vary significantly.


  • More secure
  • Staves off the risk of a mess being created from adverse weather
  • Prevents people from throwing items into your skip


  • Can be more expensive than a conventional skip of a given size


Q: Which skip size should I get?

A: It will simply depend on the scale of the waste removal job. As discussed in this guide, different sized skips are more suited to different types of waste removal.

By looking at the bin bag capacity estimates given in this article, you'll be able to get a rough idea of what the right option is for you. However, you should always go one size bigger if you've doubt what skip size will be needed.

Q: How much does it cost to hire a mini skip?

A: As a broad average, usually anywhere from £60 to £120.

Q: How long can I hire a skip for?

A: In most cases, you'll be able to hire a skip for several days to several weeks. However, most skip hire covers a two-week period.

Q: What skips are considered medium?

A: Examples of mid-sized skips would be a 6-yard, 8-yard, and 10-yard skip.

Q: Can I arrange next day skip hire?

A: It depends on the company and the current demand. If you need a skip urgently, you should get on the phone with several local providers right away and ask if they can provide you with a next day drop off.

Often, it will be possible, thankfully, but there's no guarantee.

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