How Much are Fire Doors?

There are several different types of fire doors to choose from, so the price can vary by quite a large amount.

Let's start with domestic properties...

For most domestic properties, a 30-minute fire door is sufficient. However, the design and the glazing options will alter the price.

You can also install a fire door with 60 minutes of protection. These are commonly known as FD60 fire doors and will typically cost around £300-£800.

A 30-minute fire door is sufficient for domestic properties.

What is the average size of a fire door?

The average size of an internal door in a domestic property is 1981mm x 35mm. If you are looking to install a fire door of this size, you can expect to pay around £150-£400 for a solid unglazed door.

If you are looking to install a fire door with a glazing panel, this will cost around £250-£785. These doors provide 30 minutes of fire protection and are most commonly referred to as FD30 fire doors.

Internal fire doors need to be hung with at least three fire-resistant hinges that need to be able to withstand heat of up to 800 degrees centigrade. The cost of these will vary depending on the size and brand. However, you can expect them to be around £10-£15.

The labour costs for fitting a fire door are higher in London than other areas of the UK.

If you are looking to hire a professional to install your fire door for you, you can expect to pay them around £150-£200 per day.

Fire doors can be quite heavy, so the contractor may need an assistant to help them with the installation. If so, this may add an extra £80-£100 to the cost of the job.

It is recommended that you hire a professional to install fire doors, rather than doing them as a DIY job, as they can be very heavy, and this can make them quite difficult to install.

Fire Door Prices

Below is a table showing the costs that you can expect to have your fire door professionally installed. These costs include both the supply fire door installation costs and the labour costs:

Type of Fire Door Installation Average Cost
1981mm x 686mm timber fire door £350-£400
1981mm x 762mm timber fire door £400-£450
1981mm x 838mm timber fire door £400-£500
1981mm x 686mm glazed fire door £650-£700
1981mm x 762mm glazed fire door £700-£750
1981mm x 838mm glazed fire door £625-£675
FD60 fire door £625-£800

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What are the Supply Costs of a Fire Door Installation?

If you are thinking of installing the fire door yourself as a DIY job, then you may be interested in the costs of the supplies alone without the labour costs.

The table below shows the supply costs that you can expect for several different types of fire doors:

Type of Fire Door Average Cost
1981mm x 686mm timber fire door £150-£250
1981mm x 762mm timber fire door £200-£280
1981mm x 838mm timber fire door £220-£300
1981mm x 686mm glazed fire door £480-£600
1981mm x 762mm glazed fire door £500-£600
1981mm x 838mm glazed fire door £500-£800

What are the Additional Costs of Installing a Fire Door?

There are several additional costs that may come up when installing a fire door in your home. Below is a list of the additional costs that could come up with this type of work:

Fire Alarm

If you are installing a fire door, then you may be interested in installing some other fire safety elements around your home.

Fire alarms are a very important fire safety feature in your home and are responsible for saving thousands of lives each year. You can typically install a new fire alarm for around £10-£500, depending on the type of alarm and the labour costs for installing it.

installing a fire alarm

New Front Door

If you are replacing your internal doors with new fire doors, then you may also want to install a new front door to give the outside of your home a new and improved look as well.

The average cost of a new front door is around £165-£7,200. The costs will depend on the type of door that you opt for, the materials used, and the contractor's costs for installing it.

Electrical Safety Certificate

If you are concerned about fire safety in your home, then you may want to invest in an electrical safety certificate. This is where a contractor will come to your home and test your electrical circuits to ensure they are safe, undamaged, and that they are not a fire hazard.

The average cost for an electrical safety certificate is around £100-£350.

man with clipboard

Tradesperson Costs for Installing a Fire Door

If you are planning on buying your fire doors before hiring a contractor to come and install them, then you may be interested in the labour costs.

A contractor will usually charge around £35-£50 per hour to install fire doors or around £150-£200 per day.

If you are planning on installing multiple fire doors at once, it’s best to get them all done in one day so that you can save on labour costs by paying a daily rate rather than an hourly fee.

The labour costs will mostly depend on where you are based and the level of skill that the contractor holds. For instance, those based in the London area can expect to pay more than those based in the North or other parts of the UK.

You may also need to pay a small additional fee for the waste removal of your old doors or the packaging of your new doors, so you will need to incorporate this into your budget. This will usually cost around £15-£30, depending on how much waste needs to be removed.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Fire Door?

You may also be curious about the timescales that you can expect for installing new fire doors.

It typically takes around 1-2 hours to install one new fire door. If you are replacing all of the internal doors in your home with dire doors, then this will usually be a full day job. However, this will depend on the number of doors that you have in your home.

Types of Fire Door

When it comes to choosing the right fire doors for you, this will usually depend on your personal preferences. There are two main types of fire doors – timber and glass.

Below, we will take a look at some information on these two types of fire doors and the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Timber Fire Door Costs

Timber doors usually come in a flush panel design and come in a variety of colours and finishes. Timber doors are reassuringly heavy, and this reflects the solid construction and extensive fire resistance.

These doors tend to be quite easy to install if installed by a professional contractor who is experienced in installing fire doors.

Timber fire doors typically cost around £150 to £300 for the supply cost alone.

timber fire door


  • Available in a wide number of designs, styles, and finishes
  • Very solid and reliable
  • Certified and tested
  • Offers good sound insulation


  • Can be quite heavy
  • They can’t be locked for safety reasons
  • May be difficult to match with other doors if only one is being installed

Glass Fire Door Costs

Glass fire doors are a lot more modern-looking than timber fire doors. Some varieties can even come frameless for a seamless appearance.

These doors are made from fire-rated glass, and they may have an electromagnetic hold-open spring so that they close automatically when there is a fire.

These doors are usually more expensive than simple timber fire doors, however, there are some pros to choosing glass doors.

The average cost of a glass fire door is around £480 to £800 for the door alone.

glass fire door


  • Allows light into the room and to flow through the home
  • Ability to see through the door without having to open it
  • Many different designs and styles to choose from


  • More expensive than simple timber doors
  • Some styles can look out of place in domestic homes
  • Heavier than standard glazed internal doors

Benefits of a Fire Door

There are several benefits of installing fire doors in your home. Below is a list of the main advantages of installing these types of doors in your home:

Fire Safety

Fire doors are very safe in the event of a fire. This means that you can have some peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe within your home.

Fire doors can not only help you stay safe in the event of a fire, but they also reduce some stress, anxiety, and worry about fire safety in your home.

wooden fire door

High-Quality Feel

Fire doors are very thick and solid. This makes them feel more high-quality than most standard internal doors. The weight of fire doors makes them feel much sturdier. This can make your doors seem more high-quality than other doors, and this can be a huge advantage when it comes to renting or selling your home.

Fire doors may even add value to the home as buyers often look favourably on safety features in the home.

High-Quality Look

While some fire doors can appear quite boring and blind, many doors have beautiful features. Modern fire doors can come in glazed options or panelled options.

These additional elements do not have any effect on the performance of the doors, but they do make them look very high-quality.

porthole fire door


Fire doors are very thick and heavy. This makes them more acoustically insulating than regular internal doors, so they can reduce the amount of noise that transfers from room to room. This is beneficial in busy homes with a lot of noise.

How much Does It Cost to Remove a Fire Door?

If you plan on replacing your old fire doors, or if you are renovating your home, then you may need to know the costs involved with removing fire doors.

There are some extra steps involved with installing fire doors, so this means that there are also some additional steps needed to remove them. This is especially true if you are changing your fire doors to non-fire-resistant doors, as the frame will most likely need to be altered.

Removing your fire doors will usually take just as long as installing a new fire door. With this in mind, you can expect it to take around 1-2 hours to remove each door.

If you hire a contractor to remove your fire door for you, you can expect to pay around £35-£50 per hour. If you are removing multiple fire doors, then you may pay a daily rate to the contractor, which will usually be around £150-£200 per day.


Q: How do you identify a fire door?

A: Fire doors are usually quite heavy and fit very snugly in the frame. This is usually a clear giveaway that you have fire doors installed.

If you look closely at the door and all of the fixings, you will notice that they have certifications on them specifying the fire-resistance accreditations.

Q: How long does a fire door last?

A: There are no set rules on how long a fire door should last, however, you should consider how often they are being used and how often they are being inspected.

Fire doors tend to be quite sturdy, but they are susceptible to wear and tear over time. You should inspect your fire doors regularly to ensure they are closing firmly, there are no gaps around the edge, the door moves easily, and there is no visible damage to the door.

If you notice any of these issues, then this could be a sign that you need a new fire door.

Fire doors also need to comply with fire safety standards set out in the building regulations. Fire door regulations may change over time, so you may need to replace your doors to meet the current requirements.

Q: What is the purpose of fire doors?

A: Fire doors are put in place to limit the spread of a fire by containing it. For example, if a fire breaks out in the kitchen, your fire door will conceal the fire to the kitchen for as long as the door specifies (usually 30 or 60 minutes in domestic settings).

This stops it from reaching other rooms in the home and gives you and your family more time to escape from the fire, causes less damage to the home, and it gives the fire department more time to combat the fire.

Q: Can I paint a fire door?

A: You can paint a fire door, however, you should avoid painting the intumescent strip as this can reduce the effectiveness of the door in the event of a fire. Many fire doors can be bought pre-finished in the colour that you want, so there's no need to paint them.

Q: How heavy is a fire door?

A: Thirty-minute fire doors (FD30) are usually around 45kg in weight, and sixty-minute fire doors (FD60) are usually around 75kg in weight.


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