How Much to Landscape a Garden?

If you wish to enhance the look of your exterior, then you will need to consider the cost of landscaping garden jobs.

If you're stuck for ideas on how to improve the look of your garden, you can find out here if hiring a professional will help revitalise your space, depending on ideas and your allocated budget.

So how much will landscaping and garden design cost, exactly?

There are various types of landscaping, including turfing, which costs around £150 to £850, decking that is typically quoted at £1000 to £9000 and fencing from £500 to £1000.

beautifully landscaped garden

Getting a garden designed and landscaped is no longer just for the wealthy amongst us!

Other landscaping jobs include installing a patio which on average costs around £800 to £1000 and pond installation, which is normally priced at £500 to £5000.

What other jobs can landscapers complete?

Landscapers are also skilled at building garden walls which range from £920 to £1900 and shed construction for £700 to £1000. They also specialise in gardening duties such as trimming trees and hedges, which costs around £90 to £330.

Landscaping Prices

Below is a table containing a landscaping price list for specific jobs:

Job Description Average Cost
Turfing £150-£850
Decking £1000-£9000
Fencing £500-£1000
Patio £800-£1000
Pond £500-£5000
Garden Wall £920-£1900
Shed £700-£1000
Trimming Trees & Hedges £90-£330

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What are the Supply Costs of Landscaping?

If you have a low budget in mind, you may want to consider the cost of DIY landscaping.

There are various supply costs you need to look at, including:

Different Types of Turf

There are various types of turf and depending on the type it can affect the cost of turf, overall. Budget lawn turf which costs around £2 to £4 per square metre.

This is a general-purpose type of lawn which is easy to main; however, it is not as durable as other turf types.

Another slightly more expensive lawn type is hard-wearing turf which ranges from £5 to £7 per square metre.

This is usually made up of 60% ryegrasses which is ideal for football and rugby pitches due to its significant durability, although it also works well in high-traffic gardens.

If you have a flexible budget, then you can opt for a premium lawn turf which offers a bright green aesthetic, which is not only pleasing to the eye but also extremely hard-wearing.

This type of turf tends to cost around £7 to £10 per square metre.

Different Types of Decking

Before installing new decking, you need to consider the different types of decking and their costs.

One of the most common decking materials is softwood which is typically priced at £3 to £6 per m2, while hardwood ranges from £4 to £10 per square metre.

A hard-wearing wood options such as IPE decking costs around £8 to £15 per square metre.

If you want to avoid the risk of rotting which is associated with timber decking, you could opt for composite decking which is normally priced at £8 to £12 per square metre or PVC decking for £5 to £10 per square metre.

iamge of garden decking

A more advanced option is Trex decking that is made up of 95% recycled materials and costs around £6 to £15 per m2.

Different Types of Fences

The cost of fencing depends on which type of fencing you choose.

There are several fencing options to choose from, with prices starting from £15 to £20 for lap fence boards and £16 to £20 for trellis panels.

Slightly more expensive options include slatted, feather edge and concave fencing, which ranges from £30 to £40 each.

If you are looking for a durable and sustainable fence solution, then you may want to opt for convex fences panels which cost around £40 to £50 each, while weaved fences are priced at £50 to £60 each.

Different Types of Patio Slabs

When building a new patio, one of the most significant costs you need to consider is the price of patio slabs.

There are several patio slab options including manufactured slabs which range from £15 to £30 per m2, while sandstone flags cost around £18 to £22 per square metre.

More expensive options include high-quality textured flags which are generally priced at £40 to £60 per m2, and stone-style paving ranges from £40 to £90 per square metre.

Different Types of Ponds

There are pond types, including a typical garden pond which ranges from £100 to £200 per square metre.

Fibreglass ponds are also a popular option costing around £90 to £150 per square metre, while a raised ponds are typically priced at £350 to £400 per square metres including a dwarf brick wall.

Different Materials for Garden Wall

You may think that building a garden wall just involves bricks, when, in fact, there are various materials to choose from.

Budget options include coping stones which range from £15 to £80 per square metre, concrete blocks for £40 to £60 per square metre and facing bricks priced at £50 to £80 per m2.

If you require a long-lasting garden wall, then your best options may include bricks which cost around £50 to £300 per m2, natural stone for £60 to £130 and £70 to £130 per m2 for sandstone.

The most expensive options include Flint, which ranges from £100 to £120 per square metre, while slate costs around £100 to £150 per m2.

Different Types of Sheds

Garden sheds offer convenient storage space while also enhancing the look of your property.

The average cost of a garden shed will depend on the model you choose, for instance, a budget shed on a slab base typically ranges from £500 to £550.

Other options include Slab-base sheds which are usually priced at £550 to £600, while a concrete base shed may cost up to £650.

What are the Additional Costs of Landscaping?

There are various other costs to consider when you price landscaping, including:


Before making any changes to your garden, you could consider working with a garden designer to figure out what you want your garden to look like and how you will achieve that in line with building regulations and planning permission.

Garden designers tend to charge around £60 to £200 an hour.


If you are installing a pond or patio, then need to make sure that the ground is fully prepared before fitting a water feature or pathway.

excavating a garden

Most landscapers will charge around £100 to £200 per day to remove excess soil and level out the area before installation.


If you are redesigning your whole garden, you can hire a landscaper to plant brand new flower beds to bring some colour to your garden.

The average cost of planting raised flower beds is around £200 to £300, although this will depend on the size and type of flower beds you want.

Tradesmen Costs for Landscaping

Another important garden landscaping cost includes the price of tradesmen, with professional landscapers quoting around £100 to £180 per day or for smaller jobs they may charge approximately £8 to £15 an hour.

Landscapers will charge different rates for various jobs; for example, the labour cost for turfing is around £30 to £40 per square metre.

man using a hedge trimmer

While decking installation ranges from £20 to £50 per square metre and professional fence fitting costs around £20 to £40 per m2.

Labour costs for jobs such as building a patio are priced anywhere between £75 and £100 per square metre, while pond construction costs around £300 to £2000.

Other garden landscaping jobs include building a garden wall which is typically quoted at £270 to £750, while shed construction costs around £150 to £400.

How Long Does It Take to Landscape?

The time frame will also determine the price for landscaping garden jobs, as the longer landscapers spend on a job, the more expensive it will be.

The typical time frame turfing is usually around 4 to 8 hours for a small 10 square metre garden and up to 3 days for a shed measuring more than 100 square metres. For a new fence installation, you should expect landscapers to take around one to two days to install eight fence panels, although any more than this could take up to five days to complete.

While decking installation tends to take around one to two days to finish, however, this can extend to four days if a significant amount of excavation is required.

For shed construction, you should expect your chosen landscaper to take around one to two days to complete the job while building a garden wall can take anywhere from one to eight days depending on the size of the wall.

Patio installation is similar, as a new patio is usually completed within three to seven days.

If you choose to have a pond installed, this usually takes around one to two days for a small pond or up to ten days for a large luxury pond.

Landscapers may also add on around two to three hours if trimming hedges or trees.

Types of Landscaping

Before hiring a professional landscaper, it is vital that you understand each job and how much it costs.

The below guide sets out a summary of each job, along with its advantages and disadvantages.

Turfing Costs

Landscapers specialise in turfing which involves installing grass and soil in gardens which may not have any grass or it is damaged.

turf with a hand

The average cost of turfing is around £150 to £850 depending on the size of your garden.

Decking Costs

If you wish to have a seating area in your garden, you may want to have decking installed. Decking is made out of wood or synthetic materials and is a popular option for those looking to transform the garden.

decking and a decking seat

The average price of decking ranges from £1000 to £9000.

Fencing Costs

For increased privacy, you may want to install or replace fencing, which will also make your garden more secure and aesthetically-pleasing.

row of fencing

Fence panels are usually made from different types of wood which are weather-resistant and durable. The cost of fence installation usually costs around £500 to £1000.

Patio Costs

Another great way to enhance your property’s exterior is by installing a patio, which is a type of outdoor flooring which can be used for outdoor seating or to establish an entryway.

grey patio

Patio construction tends to be priced at £800 to £1000.

Pond Costs

Having a water feature such as a pond in your garden can really enhance the look of your exterior. Ponds are usually filled with natural or synthetic water and house a variety of fish and plants. Pond installation usually costs around £500 to £5000.

a garden pond

Garden Wall Costs

If you wish to border off certain sections of your garden or want to replace your fences for increased privacy, then a garden wall is a great option.

garden wall

They are usually built with brick and on average cost around £920 to £1900, although this will depend on how big you want your garden wall.

Shed Costs

If you are a keen gardener or have a lot of possessions stored outside, you may want to consider having a shed installed which can house anything you wish including tools, washing machines, fridges and more.

small garden shed

Shed construction is typically priced at £700 to £1000.

Trimming Trees & Hedges Cost

While trees and hedges can look appealing, they do need to be maintained regularly to prevent them from spilling over fences and the grass.

trimming a tree branch

Landscapers charge around £90 to £330 to keep on top of hedges and trees.

How Much Does It Cost for Maintenance?

The majority of landscaping jobs will require some sort of maintenance after they have been installed to ensure they are long-lasting.

There are various types of landscape maintenance, including:

Sealing/Painting Decking Costs

If you have had your decking for at least two years, you should consider sealing it and try to make it a habit every two to three years.

This not only prolongs its lifespan but can also enhance the colour of the decking, while also protecting it from heat and water damage.

You can hire a professional to seal your decking, which usually costs around £10 per square metre.

You could also consider painting your decking with a wood stain to enhance the natural colour of the wood or change the shade entirely.

Some wood paints or stain also protect the decking to prevent moisture seeping and causing rot.

To paint your decking, you should expect to pay around £120 to £430, although this will vary depending on the size of your decking.

Sealing/Painting Fences Cost

Fencing is similar to decking as it also needs to be sealed regularly to prevent weather damage, as the majority of fence sealers are incredibly robust and act as a protective barrier against rot and moisture.

Landscapers will charge around £10 per square metre to seal your fences.

painting a fence

Many homeowners opt to paint their fences to improve the aesthetic, while also protecting it from external conditions.

To ensure your fences are painted properly, you may want to hire a professional who will charge around £170 to £270, although this will, of course, depend on the size of your fence panels and how many you have.

Pond Maintenance Costs

It is essential to keep your pond clean as often as possible to ensure the health of the living things, while also making sure that the pond is working as it should. You can hire professional pond maintenance experts who will perform an annual and thorough pond clean for around £100 to £200.

Patio Maintenance Costs

To ensure your patio is long-lasting, you should try to clean all debris and dirt from it regularly to prevent staining and significant damage.

This includes removing leaves and weeds, while also performing more thorough maintenance such as professional power washing which generally costs around £150 for a small patio and up to £400 for a large patio.

Turf/Lawn Maintenance Costs

Installing new turf is an excellent way of improving the look of your property, which is why it is even more important to look after your turf. You can do this yourself.

However, you can also hire a gardener to mow, water and treat yourself, which costs around £15 to £40 an hour.

How Much Does It Cost for Garden Waste Removal?

If you wish to hire a landscaper to improve the look of your garden, then this may involve removing turf, fences, decking and more.

image of garden waste in bags

If you have a lot of waste, you may want to consider hiring a professional removal company who will charge around £60 to £230, although the final cost will depend on how much waste you have.


Q: What is landscaping?

A: Landscaping involves enhancing the aesthetic of a garden space, which could include anything from installing fences, decking, water features, new turf, patio slabs and more.

Q: What plant is suitable for gravel landscaping?

A: If you are planning to have gravel flowerbeds in your garden, then you should be aware that there are only a few plants that grow in gravel. These include perennials, lavender, rosemary, crocus, thyme, juniper, alliums and cistus.

Q: What should I budget for landscaping?

A: There are a variety of costs you need to consider when landscaping, including your planning costs, as you can decide whether to hire a garden designer or design the garden alongside the landscaper.

You may also need to consider the costs of excavation, especially if you plan to lay a new patio or pond, as it is vital that the floor is level.

You will also have to budget for all your materials such as new turf, fences, decking and more.

Q: Will landscaping improve home value?

A: Enhancing your garden can add up to 77% to your home value, especially if it is a large garden with various features such as a pond, patio and decking.

Q: When is the best time to hire a landscaper?

A: If you want to save money and hire a landscaper quickly, then surprisingly enough, winter is actually known as the best time to hire a landscaper.

This will also ensure that your garden is ready for spring and summer, while also avoiding high rates and long waits.

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