How Much is a Glass Staircase?

If you are planning to install a glass staircase, you may be interested in the costs involved with this type of work.

So how much does a glass staircase installation cost?

Glass Staircase

A glass railing will tend to cost around £110-£630 per linear foot.

What can affect the cost of a glass staircase?

The price will vary depending on the size of the staircase, the location of your property, the ease of access, and the quality of the materials used.

Handrails will usually cost around £5-£25 per foot. The average cost to hire a general builder for the work is around £100-£300 per day.

Glass Staircase Prices 2024

Below is a table showing the average glass staircase prices:

Glass railing cost (supply only) £110-£630 per foot
Handrails cost (supply only) £5-£25 per foot
General builder labour costs £100-£300 per day

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What are the Supply Costs of a Glass Staircase Installation?

Typically, the cost of a glass staircase will vary depending on the size of the staircase. The larger and longer the staircase and the more steps that it has, the more it will cost overall for the materials.

If the stairs have turns, this could add more to the price. You may also need to factor in additional costs for an upper-level balustrade on the landing if necessary.

Installing a Glass Staircase 

The thickness of the glass will also usually affect the over cost of the materials. Typically, glass panels for a glass panel staircase tend to be around 8mm-10mm in thickness, and this provides enough strength to provide effective safety for you and your family.

The type of fixtures and fittings used to secure the panels in place may also affect the cost and may also affect how thick the glass needs to be. On average, you can expect to pay around £110-£630 per linear foot for a glass stair railing.

Your staircase wouldn't be complete without a stair railing, and this provides both practical and aesthetic benefits. Handrails tend to be quite budget-friendly, and you can expect to pay around £5-£25 per foot for the materials needed for a handrail.

However, this will depend on the type of handrail you choose, the materials, and the length of the handrail.

What are the Additional Costs of Installing a Glass Staircase?

When it comes to installing a glass staircase, there are several additional costs that you may need to think about. For example, you may need some painting and decorating done once the work is complete, or you may want new flooring to match better with your new staircase.

Here, we will look at the additional costs that may come up with this type of work:

Painting and Decorating

The average cost for painting and decorating can vary depending on the size of the area and the quality of the materials used.

The average price for painting a room will cost around £180-£600, depending on the size of the room.

Wallpapering will cost around £180-£600 also depending on the size of the room. Internal cladding costs around £1,500-£2,500.

You may also want to have doors painted, and this can cost around £50-£300 per door.

Painting and Decorating a Glass Staircase

Hanging a Door

If you are interested in installing new doors to match your new staircase, then you may be interested in how much it might cost for this work. The cost will depend mostly on the type of doors that you choose and the number of doors that you choose.

Doors can range in price from around £90-£5,250 on average, depending on the quality of the doors. On average, you can expect to pay around £20-£30 per hour for the labour portion of this work.

Hanging a Door

New Flooring Installation

If you have a new staircase installed, you may also want to invest in some new flooring to complement it. The average cost for installing flooring is around £400-£1,000. However, this will depend on the size of the floor and the materials used.

There are various different types of flooring, and they vary in cost. For example, the carpeting may cost around £80-£2,625 depending on the size of the area, whereas parquet flooring may cost around £250-£3,700 depending on the size of the floor.

If required, further information can be found on specific flooring costs.

Installation of New Flooring

Tradesmen Costs for Building a Glass Staircase

When having a glass staircase built at your home, you will need to hire a team of professionals to take care of the work for you. Installing a glass staircase takes a great deal of skill and care, so you want to make sure you hire specialists with experience in the work.

If you don't hire specialists for this work, you may end up with accidents and broken glass.

Building a Glass Staircase

A general builder can usually complete this type of work, but you want to ensure they have the experience and skills needed to fit a glass staircase. The average cost to hire a general builder is around £100-£300 per day.

The labour costs can vary, mostly depending on where you live. Those based in and around the London area can expect to pay more for labour than those based in the North or other parts of the UK. Some other factors that may affect the labour costs include the ease of access, the difficulty of the job, and the size of the staircase.

How Long Does It Take to Build and Install a Glass Staircase?

There are various factors that can affect how long it will take to build and fit your new staircase. The complexity of the job is one major factor that will affect the timescales. The size of the staircase and the materials used will also affect the overall time it takes to install.

Glass Staircase in Construction

On average, you can expect it to take around two days to install a new glass staircase. If your stairs are quite complex or if you have quite a large staircase, this may increase to around three days.

The skill of the tradespeople will affect the timescales. If you choose a company that is very skilled and experienced in installing glass staircases, then it may only take around one or two days to complete. The more tradespeople that are working on the job, the faster you can expect it to be completed.

Types of Glass Staircase

There are various different glass designs that you can choose from for your staircase. Below is a list of the different glass staircase designs that you may wish to choose from and some information on each type:

Clamped Glass Staircase

If you are looking to add an extra touch to your staircase rather than a regular glass staircase, you may want to opt for a clamped glass staircase. This includes brass or polished and brushed stainless-steel clamps. These may have a round or square profile and add an additional touch to your glass staircase.

Clamped Glass Staircase

These clamps will often compliment or match your door handles or other fixtures and fittings around the home. The glass provides a light, airy feel, and the clamps provide great safety for you and your family.


  • Very safe
  • Modern appearance
  • Match with other fixtures and fittings


  • Clamp appearance may not be to everyone’s taste

Embedded Glass Staircase

An embedded glass staircase is one that is simple and clean with elegant beauty and defined lines. This type of staircase can drastically improve the appearance of your home as it allows light to pour into the home.

Embedded Glass Staircase

The staircase comprises of a glass panel between the handrail and base rail of your staircase. This design eliminates the need for brackets so your staircase will have a strong, streamlined look.


  • Elegant appearance
  • Allows light flow through the home
  • No need for brackets


  • It May be more difficult to install

Frameless Glass Staircase

Frameless glass balustrades provide a unique appearance without the need for handrails. While it's not to everyone's preference, this unique look can really open up your space and make it appear bigger. It also allows a lot of light to flow through the home.

Frameless Glass Staircase

here are many designs for this type of staircase, and you can have it made bespoke to your preferences. The glass is fitted securely with various choices of brackets. This type of staircase requires a lot of skill and precision to install, so the installation time may be longer than other staircase types.


  • No need for handrails
  • It opens up the space
  • Allows a lot of light to flow in
  • It eliminates the need for handrails


  • Increased installation times
  • Requires skilled professional installation
  • It may not be to everyone's taste

Sandblasted Glass Balustrades

Sandblasted glass balustrades provide a unique translucent appearance for those who prefer not to have a clear glass appearance. This is perfect for those who want the elegant appearance of glass but without the use of fully transparent glass for the staircase.

Sandblasted Glass Balustrades

The glass boards can be incorporated into many different styles of staircases and can easily complement the décor in your home.


  • Provides a unique appearance
  • Elegant look
  • Great for those who don’t want fully transparent glass
  • It fits in with various styles of staircase


  • Allows less light to flow through the home
  • It may not be to everyone's taste

Shaped Cut Glass Staircase

Shaped cut glass is a bespoke type of glass staircase that can be cut to fit into the size and shape of your particular staircase. The glass can be shaped in any way to compliment your staircase.

This is perfect for those who have awkward staircases or traditional cut string staircases. This type of staircase requires a lot of skill and precision to install correctly, so it may take longer to fit.


  • Bespoke and unique
  • Shaped to fit into your particular staircase
  • Perfect for those with awkward staircases


  • It can take a long time to install
  • Requires a lot of skill and precision to install

Glass Spindles

Glass spindles are a new, modern take on contemporary glass balustrades. These are ideal for those who want to add clean lines and a unique appearance to their home.

Glass Spindles

There is no need for brackets on glass spindles. This type of staircase offers the same benefits as embedded glass by allowing plenty of light to flow through the home. The exposed edges and spaced spindles add a crystal-like appearance that shimmers and glimmers in the sunlight.


  • Unique appearance
  • Modern aesthetic
  • Crystal-like appearance
  • No need for brackets


  • Difficult to install
  • It takes a long time to install

Oak Glass Staircase

An oak staircase with glass is one that uses both of these materials to complement each other. The final design is a unique and sophisticated look. If you currently have oak in other areas of the home, such as doors or furniture, then an oak glass staircase may be just for you.

Oak Glass Staircase

The glass opens up the space and allows a lot of light to enter the room, and the oak provides a warm homely feel.


  • Unique appearance
  • Warm homely feel
  • Complements other elements of the home


  • It doesn't allow as much light in as other glass staircases
  • It may not complement the home if you don't have other oak fixtures, fittings, or furniture

Benefits of a Glass Staircase

There are many benefits of a glass staircase. Below is a list of the main benefits of installing a glass staircase at your home:

Opens the Space

Glass creates a type of illusion that makes your space appear bigger. This is one of the most popular benefits of this type of staircase as it can create an appearance of open-space living while still providing plenty of safety for you and your family.

Allows Light to Flow

Glass balustrades are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes as they allow so much light to flow through the home. Traditional staircases may block out light and cause shadows in the home. With glass staircases, you don’t need to worry about this.

Glass Staircase Allowing Light Flow

Modern Appearance

If you are looking to create a modern aesthetic throughout your home, you can’t go wrong with a glass staircase. This type of staircase adds elegance and sophistication to modern interiors that you simply can’t achieve with other staircase types.

Easy to Clean

Not only is a glass staircase beautiful, but it's also very easy to keep clean. There are several glass cleaning products available that can help to keep your glass looking shiny, dust-free, and streak-free.

Cleaning Glass

A simple wipe every few days is enough to keep your glass staircase looking as good as new.

Strong and Durable

As well as looking great, glass staircases are also surprisingly strong and robust. Your glass staircase will last for many years and will require very little to no maintenance at all. This makes a glass staircase a great investment for your home.

Compliments Your Space

Glass can complement many different materials. With this in mind, no matter what your other fixtures and fittings are made from, it’s very likely that your glass staircase will fit in well with them.

Safe and Secure

Modern glass is manufactured extremely strong and safe. Most glass staircases are made from thick, tempered glass. This type of glass very rarely breaks. It takes extreme pressure to break a glass staircase, so it provides a lot of safety and security for you and your family.

How much Does It Cost to Remove a Glass Staircase?

When you no longer require your glass staircase, you may need to have it removed. Also, if your glass staircase is old, you may want to have it removed so that you can get a completely new one installed instead.

Glass Staircase Removal

The removal of a staircase shouldn’t take too long. It can usually be completed within a day. Since glass staircases are quite heavy in comparison to other materials, you are best hiring a professional to complete this work for you.

They can usually provide all of the tools that they need for the removal and may often dispose of the waste from the removal. More importantly, they will have all of the safety equipment needed for the work.

The cost to hire a tradesperson to remove a staircase for you is around £100-£200 per day. You may need to pay a little extra for the waste removal, so it’s worth asking your contractor what’s included in the price.

If you need to hire a skip for the waste removal, then you can expect this to cost an additional £80-£150, depending on the size of the skip needed.


Q: How long will a glass staircase last?

A: Glass staircases are very strong and durable. They are built to last and make a great investment as they are designed to last for many years. With the right amount of maintenance, you can expect a glass staircase to last for at least 20 years.

Q: Are glass staircases safe?

A: Glass staircases are most commonly made with thick, tempered glass. This type of glass is extremely strong and durable. It would take a huge amount of pressure to break this type of glass since it’s so strong. With this in mind, you can live in peace that your glass staircase is very strong and safe.

Q: Do glass balustrades need to adhere to any building regulations?

A: It is a legal requirement that all glass balustrades must be manufactured by CE marked companies. According to the building regulations, your balustrades must meet the British Standard EN 1090-2. It is very important to check these when purchasing glass balustrades.

Q: Why do I need a glass staircase specialist?

A: A glass staircase specialist will understand this type of staircase like no other. They will understand all of the architecture, tools, and skills needed to install your glass staircase effectively, efficiently, and safely.

Some glass staircase designs can be very intricate, so it's best to get a professional installation to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Q: How much does a tradesperson charge to install a glass staircase?

A: A tradesperson will charge around £100-£300 per day to install a glass staircase. The overall price will depend on the size and type of staircase, the materials used, and your location in the UK. Those based in the London area can expect to pay more for the work than those based in the North or other parts of the UK.


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