How Much is Flat Pack Furniture Assembly?

Flat pack furniture is a type of furniture that you must assemble yourself. In a lot of cases however, tradesmen are called upon to perform this task.

Firstly, lets look at what can affect the costs!

If you have any flat pack furniture that needs assembling by a professional, then the cost will depend on the size and type of furniture, as well as how many tradesmen are required, the location of the job and accessibility.

Tradesmen are relied upon for work such as this because we simply don't have the time or the skills required to do it ourselves.

So how much exactly can you expect to pay?

What Are The Supply Costs of Flat Pack Furniture Assembly?

If you plan to purchase flat pack furniture and assemble it yourself, then you can save money on labour costs, as you only have to worry about the price of the furniture itself.

There are various companies which sell flat pack furniture, although the most popular include Ikea, Wayfair, John Lewis and Argos.

To help you understand which flat pack furniture fits within your budget, take a look at the following supply costs:

Flat pack furniture Supply cost
Sliding door wardrobe £200 to £2,000
Hinged door wardrobe £80 to £8,000
Four-door wardrobe £65 to £4,000
Two-door wardrobe £65 to £3,000
Baby cot £69 to £1,000
Small bookcase £20 to £1,000
Tall bookcase £50 to £4,000
Bunk beds £150 to £1,100
Single bed £75 to £1,500
Double bed £89 to £2,200
King-sized bed £139 to £3,400
Chest of drawers £25 to £3,300
Bedside table £12 to £8,300
Desk £19 to £8,300
Dining table £39 to £4,900
Chairs £10 to £4,200
TV unit £15 to £1,075
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Additional Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Costs

There are various other factors you need to consider when calculating the cost of flat pack furniture assembly, including:

Flat Pack Size

Another important flat pack assembly cost factor is the size of the furniture, although this is only important if the person assembling it is also going to pick it up on your behalf.

flat pack bed

If the furniture is large, then you may need to consider the cost of van hire which normally ranges from £50 to £60 per hour which includes the labour cost for two workers to complete two hours work.

Type of Furniture

Usually, one tradesperson is enough to assemble flat pack furniture, which costs around £20 to £30 per hour.

However, larger purchases as outdoor equipment or children’s playground may be substantially heavier and more complicated to assemble so a second person would be required. This means that the cost may be duplicated – with two-man job costing around £40 to £60 an hour.

Minimum Fee

If hiring someone to assemble your flat pack furniture, you should be aware that they may charge a minimum fee, which is usually around £10 to £20 for independent traders or small companies, while larger more established companies in London may charge up to £60.

Time Frame

The time frame for assembling flat pack furniture will also affect the cost, as most jobs tend to only take around 15 to 30 minutes and cost around £10 to £30, however, larger jobs that take an hour or more to complete can cost up to £190.

Tradesmen Costs for Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

Furniture assembly services cost around £20 to £60 per hour, although this will, of course, vary depending on the type of furniture that needs to be assembled.

Tradesmen typically charge around £10 to £20 to assemble chairs and tables, while wardrobes can cost up to £190 to assemble.

How Long Does It Take to Build Flat Pack Furniture?

The overall cost of flat pack furniture assembly will depend on the duration of the job.

someone assembling furniture

For example, smaller jobs such as putting together a small bookcase or chair may only take around fifteen minutes, while a king-sized bed or TV unit could take up to three hours to assemble.

Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Prices

Before purchasing flat pack furniture, you should take a look at the following guide, which will help you understand the different types of flat pack furniture and their costs.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

There are various types of flat pack wardrobes, including sliding door options which open and close horizontally.

You should expect to pay around £200 to £2,000 to purchase sliding doors, while a professional will charge £60 to £150 to assemble them.

Hinged Door Wardrobe

Another type of flat pack storage includes hinged door wardrobes which feature various types of hinges which allow doors to swing inwards or outwards.

hinged door wardrobe

Hinged wardrobes range from £80 to £8,000, while the cost to assemble them ranges from £20 to £190.

Four-door Wardrobe

If you are looking for an effective storage solution, a four-door wardrobe may be your best option, as it provides various sections for your possessions.

Four-door wardrobes tend to cost around £65 to £4,000 and £70 to £90 to assemble.

Two-door Wardrobe

A two-door wardrobe is ideal for anyone looking for a storage solution to fit in a limited space. The average cost of a two-door wardrobe is around £65 to £3,000, while professional installation is normally priced at £60 to £80.

Baby Cot

Flat pack baby cots tend to cost around £69 to £1,000, although the price will depend on the size and material of the cot.

To have a baby cot assembled by a professional, you should expect to pay around £15 to £20.

Small Bookcase

The cost to assemble a small bookcase is around £10 to £15 for a professional to pick it up, drop the bookcase off and put it together.

The supply cost for a small bookcase is around £20 to £1,000.

Tall Bookcase

Tall flat pack bookcases usually cost around £50 to £4,000 to buy in a store. You may also want to opt for professional installation, which will cost an extra £10 to £20.

Bunk Beds

Flat pack bunk beds feature two beds stacked on top of each other are perfect for a child’s room with limited space.

bunk beds

The average cost of flat pack bunk beds is around £150 to £1,100, while the price for professionals to assemble bunk beds is normally around £30 to £50.

Single Bed

Flat pack single beds tend to range from £75 to £1,500, although this will vary depending on the design you choose. For professionals to install a single bed, it typically costs around £10 to £15.

Double Bed

The average cost of a flat pack double bed will depend on the style you want. Installing a flat pack double bed usually costs around £89 to £2,200 plus an additional £15 to £20 for a tradesman to assemble your double bed.

King-sized Bed

Purchasing a flat pack king-sized bed is one of the best options, as it helps to avoid other costs such as removing doors.

king sized bed The typical price for a king-sized bed is around £139 to £3,400, while professional installation can range from £20 to £50.

Chest of Drawers

Another type of storage furniture is flat pack drawer units which usually costs around £25 to £3,300. When hiring a tradesman to assemble a chest of drawers, you should expect to pay around £10 to £50.

Bedside Table

The average cost of flat pack bedside tables ranges from £12 for a basic design to £8,300 for a luxury storage piece. The installation price usually starts from £10 and can cost up to £20 or more to assemble a large bedside table.


Flat pack computer desks are normally priced at £19 to £8,300, although this will vary depending on the size and style.

flat pack desk

The average cost of installation is normally around £20 to £50.

Dining Table

Flat pack dining furniture such as a dining table usually costs around £39 to £4,900. For professional installation, you should expect to pay around £10 to £20.

Dining Chairs

Flat pack dining chairs are one of the easiest pieces of furniture to assemble and usually only costs around £10 to £15. You can purchase flat pack dining chairs for £10 to £4,200.

TV Unit

TV units can be one of the most time-consuming pieces of furniture to assemble, and for professional installation, you should expect to pay around £20 to £60. When purchasing a flat pack TV unit, you will find costs ranging from £15 to £1,075.

How Much Does It Cost to Dismantle Flat Pack Furniture?

If you wish to replace any flat pack furniture, then you will need to dismantle it, while you can do this yourself, some homeowners opt for professional help.

The cost of hiring someone to dismantle your flat pack furniture is around £20 to £70 per item. You may also have to pay a waste disposal company to get rid of your flat pack furniture which normally costs around £70 to £180.


Q: What is flat pack furniture?

A: Flat pack furniture is basically ready-to-assemble parts which are relatively easy to put together to form a complete piece of furniture.

Q: Who invented flat-pack furniture?

A: Flat pack furniture was first invented in 1956 by a Swedish draughtsman known as Gillis Lundgren. He came up with the idea when he unscrewed the legs from a table to make it fit in his car, as this enabled him to come up the concept of a manufactured furniture kit.

Q: Who can build my flat pack furniture?

A: Most people build flat pack furniture themselves. However, it does take a lot longer than hiring a professional do assemble it. You can hire a flat pack furniture assembler to install your furniture, which may be included in the overall purchase price or you may have to pay an independent trader separately.

Q: Where can I buy flat pack furniture?

A: You can purchase flat pack furniture from several stores, including Ikea, Wayfair, John Lewis, Argos, and more.

Q: Can you paint flat pack furniture?

A: It is possible to paint flat pack furniture. However, you need to make sure that you choose the right paint for the material, for example, for wood furniture you should use satinwood, while metal surfaces will require a metal-friendly paint.

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