How Much Does Emergency Plumbing Cost?

The average cost of emergency plumbing is around £100 to £180. However, this will vary depending on where you live, as plumbers in London tend to charge a lot more than tradespeople in Northern parts of the country.

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Emergency plumber prices will also be based on the type of plumbing problem you are encountering. The below table sets out the different costs for various emergency plumbing issues.

Emergency Plumber Prices

Plumbing Job Average Cost
Overflowing or blocked toilet £100 - £250
Sink blockage £100 - £180
Drain blockages £200 - £300
Malfunctioning boiler £100 - £240
Boiler pressure issues £100 - £240
Hot water tank repairs £300 - £400
Gas leak/broken gas pipes £100 - £1,000
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What are the Supply Costs of Emergency Plumbing?

If your emergency plumbing issue involves a repair or replacement, then you will need to consider the following supply costs:

Plumbing Parts Supply Cost
Steel pipes £2 - £50 per metre
Copper pipes (15mm) £3 - £6 per metre
Radiators £110 - £500
Toilet £100 - £2,000
Sink £45 - £430
Boiler £490 - £4,000
Boiler heat exchanger £300 - £500
Boiler flue £100 - £200
Boiler control panel £60 - £250
Boiler timer £50 - £150
Gas valve £70 - £240

What are the Additional Costs of Emergency Plumbing?

There are several additional costs you may want to consider alongside any emergency plumbing jobs, such as:

New Radiator Installation

If this is not the first time that you have had to call in an emergency plumber to fix your radiators, then maybe you should consider installing brand new models instead.

The cost of installing radiators typically costs around £200 per radiator.

Boiler Replacement

Boilers tend to last around 10 to 15 years, and after this time you should consider replacement even if it is still working.

The typical boiler installation prices are around £1,000 to £4,000, depending on the type of model you choose.

Underfloor Heating

If you have poor heating in your home, you may want to consider installing underfloor heating.

image of underfloor heating

The average price of underfloor heating will depend on the type you choose. For instance, a wet underfloor system costs around £40 per square metre, while a dry system ranges from £50 to £100 per square metre.

The cost of an emergency plumber will also depend on various factors, including:

Type of Plumbing Issue

The most important cost factor is the type of emergency plumbing job. As smaller jobs such as sink blockages tend to be a lot cheaper than a high-risk issue such as a gas leak.

Minimum Fees

Some plumbers charge a minimum fee regardless of the issue or job. When obtaining a quote, you should ask if they charge a minimum fee, which will help you determine the overall cost.


The time spent on the job will also significantly affect the cost, as usually the longer the job takes, the more it will cost.

Tradesmen Costs for Emergency Plumbing

The labour cost for emergency plumbing will, of course, vary depending on the type of job. However, you can determine the roundabout price by looking at the estimated hourly or daily rates in your area.

In London, you should expect to pay around £50 per hour or £280 per day, in comparison to places like Sheffield where plumbers charge an hourly rate as little as £30 or £220 for a day’s work.

How Long Do Emergency Plumbing Jobs Take?

The time spent on a job will vary significantly, as smaller repairs may only take an hour or two whereas a replacement could take a full day or more.

Types of Emergency Plumbing Jobs

There are several emergency plumbing jobs you need to consider before calling out a plumber. Some of the most emergencies include:

Overflowing or Blocked Toilet

If your toilet will not flush or you notice it is overflowing, it is always a good idea to call in a plumber to resolve the issues quickly.

Some of the main causes for an overflowing or blocked toilet include trapped air, flushing unsuitable items, a build-up of limescale or cracks in the pipework.

blocked toilet

You should call an emergency plumber if you notice that the toilet is flushing slowly or not at all, it does not refill, or the toilet is draining very slowly.

The call-out cost is typically around £100 to £250, although this could increase if the problem is more complex or a replacement is required.


  • Keeps your toilet plumbing in good working order
  • It will be resolved fairly quickly


  • You will incur an emergency call out fee

Sink Blockage

A blocked sink is quite common as many items can get stuck in the drain, which can cause a significant build-up.

The most common cause of sink blockages is the residue from soap, hair, food and scum. Limescale can also cause a sink to block, as can pipes if they are damaged or too narrow.

An emergency plumber will be required if your sink shows signs such as a slow-draining sink, gurgling noises, unpleasant odours and fluid regurgitation.

You should expect to pay anywhere from £100 to £180 for a blocked sink repair.


  • Keeps your plumbing in good working order
  • It will be resolved fairly quickly


  • You will incur an emergency call out fee

Boiler Problems

If your boiler is less than ten years’ old and not operating correctly, then it is important that you get professional help as soon as possible to prevent any costly repair or replacement.

Boiler issues can occur as a result of incorrect installation or even poor manufacturing if any components are not working properly or are completely broken.

broken boiler

You should call out a professional plumber if you hear any strange noises such as leaking or hissing coming from your boiler.

You may also notice inconsistencies with temperature, to the extent that you may not be able to control the temperature or your radiators aren’t working.

The cost of hiring an emergency plumber for boiler repairs could range from £100 to £240.


  • Having your boiler fixed quickly will prevent any further damage
  • It will ensure your boiler is working efficiently again


  • You will incur an emergency call out fee

Gas Leak

One of the most serious issues you may encounter is a gas leak, as they can be extremely damaging to your health and could result in a fire or explosion if left. This is why a gas leak should be addressed immediately by a professional.

One of the main causes of a gas leak is old appliances which are worn out. Pipework damage is also another common contributor, as are poorly fitted appliances.

It is vital that pay attention to the signs of a gas leak, including a sulphuric or rotten egg type of smell. You may also hear a hissing sound or could even start to feel dizzy or suffer from headaches.

Emergency plumbers tend to charge around £100 to £1,000 depending on the extent of the leak.


  • Ensures the safety of your home as gas leaks can be highly dangerous


  • You will incur an emergency call out fee


What is a plumbing emergency?

A plumbing emergency is classified as an issue with your plumbing system that prevents you from cooking, cleaning, or staying safe in your own home.

Does insurance typically cover emergency plumbing?

The majority of home insurance policies will provide emergency plumbing cover for issues such as burst pipes or accidental water leaks. However, it may not cover smaller jobs such as blocked toilets and sinks as well as amateur installations.

How do you pick an emergency plumber?

To find an emergency plumber in your area, you can google ‘emergency plumbing near me’. You may also want to ask any neighbours if they have a good recommendation as this will provide you with complete reassurance that the job will be done properly.

Is a leaking boiler classed as an emergency?

Repairing a boiler leak is not typically classified as an emergency plumbing service; however, if there is any significant damage to the appliance, this would require an immediate emergency plumbing repair before it becomes irreparable.

Why are emergency plumbers more expensive?

Emergency plumbers provide a 24-hour emergency plumbing service which tends to cost more than normal services. This is because they are typically called out in unsociable hours and must work quickly to correct the problem.

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