How Much is a TV Aerial?

What factors can affect the total costs?

Some factors can affect the overall cost of the job including your location, the signal in your home, the length of time the installation takes, and any additional materials that you may need for the job.

So, what can you expect to pay?

The average cost to have a brand new TV aerial system installed at your home is around £150-£250.

This average price is based on the installation of an average-sized aerial, a new cable, a pole for the aerial, and a replacement TV socket.

What if you just need to replace an aerial?

If you currently have an aerial, you will be able to get a replacement aerial with the same pole, cables, and socket for around £80-£100.

Remember than it is more expensive to install a new TV aerial than it is to replace an existing one.

aerial on tiles roof

Okay so let's take a look at these prices in more detail...

TV Aerial Prices

Below is a list of the estimated costs for fitting or replacing a TV aerial:

Type of Job Average Cost Duration
New outdoor TV aerial system installation £150-£200 4-6 hours
New indoor TV aerial system installation £30-£50 1-2 hours
Like-for-like outdoor TV aerial replacement £80-£120 2-3 hours
Like-for-like indoor TV aerial replacement £18-£25 1-2 hours
Extra TV aerial socket installation £80-£120 2-3 hours
TV aerial with dish replacement £230-£280 2-3 hours
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What are the Supply Costs of Installing an Aerial?

The supply costs for installing an aerial at your home will vary depending on the type of aerial choose. Below is a list of the different types of aerial that you can choose for your home and their prices:

Type of Aerial Average Aerial Cost
Yagi aerial £35-£50
Grouped aerial £25-£35
Log periodic aerial £28-£42
Indoor aerial £15-£35
High gain aerial £20-£45
Loft aerial £22-£42

What are the Additional Costs of Aerial Installation?

Several additional costs involve installing a TV aerial, including the aerial mast, brackets, cables, clips, and signal booster.

man installing aerial on roof

With this in mind, you should budget tor extra costs with this type of work. The table below highlights the additional costs that may come up with this type of job:

Product Type Average Cost
Steel aerial mast £4-£10
Alloy aerial mast £7-£12
Aluminium aerial mast £8-£15
Pole bracket £4-£6
TV Aerial cable £20-£40
Cable clips £2-£3 per pack
Signal splitters £4-£10
Distribution amplifier £20-£40

Tradesmen Costs for Installing a TV Aerial

When calculating the overall aerial installation prices for your home, you will need to consider the labour costs. The cost of labour will depend on the time it takes to complete the installation and the difficulty of the job.

A standard aerial installation including the aerial, pole and a standard bracket would cost around £100-£200. For a replacement aerial installation, it would cost around £60-£100.

indoor tv aerial

Those based in London can expect to pay a little more for the labour cost than those based in the North or other parts of the UK.

How Long Does It Take to Install an Aerial?

You may also be curious about how long the installation may take. This can vary depending on the ease of access, the difficulty of the job, and the type of aerial installation.

A standard aerial installation including the aerial, pole and a standard bracket would take around 3-5 hours to complete. For a replacement aerial installation, it would take around 2-3 hours to complete on average.

Types of Aerial

There are several different types of aerial that you can get for your home. Below is a list of the different types of aerial with their uses and costs:

Yagi TV Aerial Cost

Yagi aerials are the most common type of TV aerial used in the UK. These are fitted to a property with a mounted pole on the roof. It features a large rod with a reflector close to the pole and has smaller rods that capture the signal.

These aerials can pick up most digital TV stations in areas that have moderate to good signal coverage. However, these aerials fail to work in areas where the signal is poor. A Yagi aerial usually costs around £35-£50.


  • Most common type of aerial
  • Can pick up most digital TV stations


  • This aerial wont work in poor signal areas

High Gain TV Aerial Cost

This type of TV aerial is purposely made for areas that have low signal coverage. They are similar to Yagi aerials in their build, but they have two large reflectors used to capture the signal and boost it to give the best picture possible.

This is the best choice of aerial for those who live in rural areas. The average cost for a high gain aerial is around £20-£45.


  • Purpose made aerial for low signal areas
  • Best choice for rural areas


  • None

Indoor TV Aerial Cost

An indoor TV aerial is not designed to pick up digital transmissions, so with this in mind, indoor aerials are much less common now than they used to be.

This type of aerial is also often prone to interference from other electrical devices. The average cost for an indoor aerial is around £15-£35.


  • You can install this yourself easily
  • Cheaper option


  • Not designed to pick up digital channels
  • Prone to interference

Loft-Mounted TV Aerial Cost

A loft-mounted TV aerial is designed for high coverage areas where it is not suitable to place an aerial outside. This is best for areas that experience strong winds or weather patterns that could damage an outdoor aerial.

loft mounted tv aerial

A high signal is needed as the roof tiles, plumbing, and cabling in your loft can affect the transmission quality. A signal booster is usually recommended with loft aerials. A loft aerial is usually around £22-£42.


  • Designed for high coverage places


  • High signal is required

How Much Does Aerial Removal Cost?

If you have an old TV aerial at your home that you're no longer using, then you may want to consider having it removed.

Removing an old TV aerial can improve the look of your home, but it can also stop any chances of it coming loose and potentially falling off in bad weather.

If you are looking to remove an aerial, you can expect to pay somewhere between £50-£100 on average.


Q: What TV aerial do I need?

A: The most common type of TV aerial in the UK is a Yagi aerial. This is best suited for areas with moderate to good signal coverage.

If your area's coverage isn't great, you would be better off with a high gain TV aerial. If your area is prone to bad weather and strong winds, you should opt for a loft aerial. However, these will only work in areas with good signal coverage.

Q: Can you watch TV without an aerial?

A: You can watch TV with a satellite dish and a satellite receiver instead of a TV aerial. Alternatively, you can get some online TV services via Wi-Fi such as Netflix where you can watch several TV shows and movies. However, these services don't tend to provide live TV.

Q: Can I add an extra TV aerial socket?

A: You can do this. The best way would be to use a splitter on the main aerial. However, this may cause some signal loss so you may need to install a booster.

A new coaxial cable will need to be installed from the splitter to the new outlet. This is then connected to a surface-mounted aerial output.

Q: How long will a TV aerial last?

A: New TV aerials tend to be quite durable and will last around 10-20 years depending on the model.

Q: Does a smart TV need an aerial?

A: If you want to watch live TV, you will need an aerial. If you only watch catch up TV or subscription services such as Netflix, you won't need an aerial as this will run through Wi-Fi.

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