Spring-Cleaning Songs

There is nothing like a banging playlist to kick-start your motivation and get you on your feet to tackle those cobwebs, take out the garbage or spin your vacuum cleaner around the room.

To save you the time of finding the best tunes to get you in the mood, we did it for you. Analysing Spotify song data for keywords related to housework, chores and cleaning motivation, we went through 30,000 songs across 185 of Spotify’s most-streamed playlists to find out which songs and artists are cleaned to the most. The results are in and these are the most streamed tracks:

  1. Whitney Huston’s classic ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ tops the list of most streamed the best songs. With over 610M streams on Spotify, the dance anthem is featured on 36 playlists, more than any other song on the list.
  2. In second place is Britney’s ‘Toxic'.
  3. Followed by The Killers with ‘Mr. Brightside’.

We also looked into the top artists based on their total song appearances. The number one singer, the queen of clean with 445 appearances across playlists is Taylor Swift. Other leading artists include Drake in second place with 156 appearances, followed by Rihanna, Katy Perry and The Weeknd.

Analysing the top 10 tracks we also looked at the average beats per minute. We discovered that people like a fast and lively beat to dust the shelves to, 129 BPM is the optimal tempo that gets people pumped to clean.

Take a look at the full list below to see if your favourite artist made the cut and to get inspiration for your own housework playlist: