How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a House?

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If you are planning any internal renovations, then you should take a look at the following guide which sets out supply and installation costs, along with time frames and what each job involves.

If you're thinking of making considerable changes and improvements to your home, you'll need to consider your options carefully, and the potential costs involved.

How much are the average costs of renovations?

The average cost of internal renovation projects ranges from £100 to £150 per sqm, however, this does depend on the type and size of the internal renovation job.

new kitchen and dining area

In order to keep tight control over your costs, it's important to be as specific as possible when planning exactly what you want to do in your home.

Some examples of jobs and costs...

You should expect to pay around £1200 to £1800 for wall removal and the cost of RSJ installation, £350 to £500 to block up a doorway and £300 to £1000 to create a new door or window opening.

House Renovation Prices

Stud wall £700-£1000
Wall removal/RSJ £1200-£1800
Blocking up a doorway £350-£500
New door/window opening £300-£1000

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What are the Supply Costs of Internal Renovation?

If you plan to conduct internal renovations on a DIY basis, then you need to calculate the following supply costs in your budget:

Stud Wall Supply Costs

The supply cost to build a stud wall includes the price of timber which is around £2 to £3 per square metre or plasterboard for £3 to £5 per m².

metal internal wall frames

You will also need to consider the cost of insulation which ranges from £13 to £18 per square metre for mineral fibre insulation and up to £25 to £30 per square metre for wool fibre insulation.

RSJ Supply Costs

When removing a wall, you will need to consider the cost of fitting a rolled-steel joist to support a load-bearing wall.

The average RSJ cost is around £200 to £500.

Blocking Up a Doorway Supply Costs

Bricking up a doorway will involve the cost of bricks which are typically priced at £0.70 to £5 per brick, while mortar ranges from £0.40 to £2 per kg.

New Opening for Window or Door Supply Costs

To create a new opening for a window or door, you will need to consider the cost of a lintel which is usually placed at the top of the opening to support the wall structure.

Steel lintels typically cost around £18 to £230 each, or for concrete lintels, you should expect to pay around £10 to £50 each.

What are the Additional Costs of Internal Renovations?

There are various other costs you need to consider when making any changes to your property interior, including:

Painting & Decorating Cost

After installing a stud wall or blocking up a doorway, you will need to consider painting and decorating costs.

This could include having your walls painted, which generally costs around £180 to £500 to paint a room.

If you opt for wallpaper instead, then you should expect to pay around £180 to wallpaper a small room and up to £600 for a larger space.

However, you need to remember these prices will vary depending on the type of wallpaper you choose.

Plastering Cost

Before painting and decorating, it is vital that your walls are fully prepared and plastered before they can be decorated.

three people plastering

The average cost of hiring a professional to plaster an entire room is around £600 to £1000. Plastering costs will depend on the size of room or walls.

Waste Removal Cost

If removing a wall to expand your space or to create an opening for a door or window, you will need to consider waste removal costs.

To get rid of unwanted materials, you can hire a skip which can range from £170 for a 6-yard skip up to £340 for an 8-yard skip.

Tradesmen Costs for Internal Renovations

Most internal renovations will be conducted by a team of professional builders who will charge various rates depending on the type of job.

tradesman looking at internal house renovations

To help you understand the labour costs for different internal renovation costs, take a look at the below table.

Stud wall installation £260 - £1000
Wall removal/RSJ £400 - £800
Blocking up a doorway £130 - £780
New door/window opening £260 - £780

How Long Does It Take for Internal Renovation?

The overall cost of internal renovations will also depend on the duration of the job. The following table sets out the time frames for different internal renovations.

Stud wall installation 2 – 4 days
Wall removal/RSJ 1 – 3 days
Blocking up a doorway 1 – 3 days
New door/window opening 2 – 3 days

Types of Internal Renovation

Before many any internal changes to your property, you should take a look at the following guide. This explains the different jobs and what they involve, as well as the costs and time frames for each task.

Stud Wall Costs

Stud walls are a type of partition wall which are made up of timber frames and plasterboard.

They are generally used for non-load bearing walls, although they can be used to support load-bearing walls.

The average stud wall cost is around £700 to £1000.

Wall Removal/RSJ Costs

If you want to expand your living space, then you may opt to remove a wall.

This will involve installing a rolled-steel joist (RSJ) which is a type of structural beam which is put in place to support a load-bearing fixture during removal.

The average RSJ installation is around £1200 to £1800.

Blocking up a Doorway Costs

When renovating, you may decide to remove an unused doorway and block it up with brickwork.

bricked up door

This normally costs around £350 to £500, although this will depend on how wide the doorway is.

New Door or Window Opening Costs

Another popular internal renovation is the construction of a new window or door opening.

This involves measuring and cutting out part of the wall where you want your new doors or windows.

The average cost to create a new door or window opening is around £300 to £1000.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Internal Renovations?

If you wish to open up your space and remove stud walls or an RSJ, then you should expect to pay around £130 to £260 per day for a professional builder.

Once removed, you will have to consider waste disposal costs which usually ranges from £170 to £340 to hire a skip.


Q: What is a renovation?

A: Renovation involves upgrading or fixing structures in your home, which are damaged. Many homeowners conduct renovations to enhance the space in the home and create open-plan spaces or new rooms.

Q: How thick is a stud wall?

A: Average stud walls tend to be around 5 inches which will ensure your walls are structurally sound and also offer an adequate level of noise reduction.

Q: What size RSJ do I need?

A: The size of the RSJ you choose will depend on your wall dimensions, as you need to make sure that the RSJ is the right length. The weight its supporting will also determine what size you need as the heavier the wall is the larger RSJ you need. RSJ beam installation cost will vary depending on the size you need.

Q: What does RSJ stand for?

A: RSJ stands for rolled-steel joist, which is a type of steel structural beam which supports load-bearing walls during wall removal.

Q: Can a metal stud wall be load-bearing?

A: Stud walls are typically installed as non-load bearing walls; however, there are some occasions where metal stud walls can be load-bearing. Although, this usually is only in older properties where they support small joists.

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