How Much to Install a Socket?

What does this cost guide contain?

If you're planning to have new electrical fittings installed, then this guide will help you understand the supply and installation costs, as well as what the jobs involve and how long they take to complete.

If the sockets in your home are old then it's a good idea to replace them, or perhaps to conveniently suit a change of layout of one (or more) rooms.

What does the overall cost depend on?

The average cost will vary depending on the type of electrical fitting.

While using multi-adapters from one socket can be useful, the main problem with this approach is that it's not always safe to do so. It can overload circuits and in the worst case, be a potential fire risk.

Plug Socket, Fitting, and Switch Prices

To help you understand the overall supply and installation costs, take a look at the following price breakdown:

Downlights £31 - £120
Spotlights £62 - £240
LED lights £65 - £240
Unswitched plug socket £31 - £90
Switched plug socket £61 - £200
Smart plug socket £110 - £380
Toggle switches £33 - £140
Dimmer switches £35 - £320
Isolator switches £36 - £180
Fire alarm £90 - £790
Heat alarm £40 - £320
Smoke detector £33 - £220
C02 detector £50 - £220
Natural gas detector £70 - £270
Burglar alarms £90 - £740
CCTV £220 - £1340
Home security £370 - £1130
Outdoor security lights £66 - £460
Doorbell £33 - £570
Outside socket £68 - £310

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What are the Supply Costs of Electrical Fittings?

If you plan to install your electrical fittings on a DIY basis, then you need to consider the following supply costs for your budget:

Downlights £1 - £60
Spotlights £2 - £60
LED lights £5 - £60
Unswitched plug socket £1 - £30
Switched plug socket £1 - £80
Smart plug socket £20 - £200
Toggle switches £3 - £20
Dimmer switches £5 - £200
Isolator switches £6 - £60
Fire alarm £30 - £550
Heat alarm £10 - £80
Smoke detector £3 - £100
C02 detector £20 - £100
Natural gas detector £40 - £150
Burglar alarms £30 - £500
CCTV £100 - £1000
Home security £200 - £450
Outdoor security lights £6 - £120
Doorbell £3 - £450
Outside socket £8 - £70

What are the Additional Costs of Installing Electrical Fittings

There are various other costs to consider when having new electrical fittings installed, including:

New Consumer Unit

If you are experiencing regular electrical trips or an electrician notices any issues with your consumer unit during an electrical check, then they may advise you to invest in a new consumer unit.

The average cost of a new consumer unit typically ranges from £300 to £350 for a six-circuit consumer unit, £400 to £450 for a ten-circuit consumer unit and up to £500 for a twelve-circuit system.

House Rewire

Another cost you may need to consider is house rewiring, especially if your property is more than thirty years old and has its original wiring. If this is the case, you will need to hire an electrician to rewire your entire house to ensure it is safe.

The typical cost for house rewiring is around £2000 to £3000 for a one-bedroom flat, £3000 to £4500 for a three-bedroom semi-detached house and up to £6,500 for a five-bedroom detached home.

New Wiring

If an electrician decides that only some of your wiring needs to be replaced, such as new wiring for light fixtures, then this will be much lower than an entire house rewiring.

You should expect to pay around £500 to £600 for new kitchen wiring, £100 to £200 for exterior wiring and about £800 to £850 to wire an outbuilding.

Tradesmen Costs for Electrical Fittings

One of the most significant costs you need to consider is the electrician costs, which usually ranges from £30 to £60 per hour for smaller jobs and £170 to £340 per day for larger electrical fittings.

Installing light fixtures usually costs around £30 to £340, while the cost of fitting plug sockets ranges from £30 to £180.

Safety electrical installations such as smoke detectors, C02 detectors, and natural gas detectors tend to be priced at £30 to £120, while fire, burglar and heat alarms usually range from £60 to £240.

Electricians tend to charge more for larger jobs such as CCTV and home security installation typically cost around £120 to £680.

How Long Does It Take to Install Electrical Fittings?

The time spent fitting electrical installations will also determine the final cost. To help you understand how long each job takes, take a look at this time frame breakdown:

Downlights 20 mins – 1 hour
Spotlights 1 – 2 hours
LED lights 1 – 2 hours
Unswitched plug socket 1 – 2 hours
Switched plug socket 1 – 2 hours
Smart plug socket 2 – 3 hours
Toggle switches 1 – 2 hours
Dimmer switches 1 – 2 hours
Isolator switches 1 – 2 hours
Fire alarm 2 – 4 hours
Heat alarm 2 – 4 hours
Smoke detector 1 – 2 hours
C02 detector 1 – 2 hours
Natural gas detector 1 – 2 hours
Burglar alarms 2 – 4 hours
CCTV 4 hours – 1 day
Home security 1 – 2 days
Outdoor security lights 2 hours – 1 day
Doorbell 1 – 2 hours
Outside socket 2 – 4 hours

Types of Electrical Fittings

There are various electrical fittings that electricians are qualified to install, including:

Moving Switches and Sockets Cost

If renovating your home, you may need to move switches or sockets to accommodate new electrical installations.

The average cost to move a switch is around £100 to £200.

Downlights Cost

A downlight is a type of recessed light which is fitted into an opening in the ceiling or kitchen cabinets.

Downlights cost around £31 to £120, although this will depend on your budget and the design you choose.

Spotlights Cost

A spotlight is a lighting solution which helps to brighten up certain areas in the home, especially in the kitchen or bathroom.

Spotlights tend to cost around £62 to £240 for supply and installation.

LED Lights Cost

LED stands for light-emitting diode which uses a semiconductor to produce light when electricity is passed through it.

LED lights are one of the most eco-friendly lighting options, which usually costs around £65 to £240 to buy and fit.

New Plug Sockets Cost

New properties may require a new plug socket installation. This normally ranges from £31 to £90 for an unswitched plug socket.

In contrast, switched plug sockets are priced at £61 to £200 and do not feature an on and off switch next to the plug socket.

A more advanced and eco-friendly option is a smart plug socket which can be controlled by an app or voice activation from a smart home hub.

Smart plug sockets usually cost around £110 to £380, which may seem steep; however, this type of installation can actually help you save money on your energy bills.

New Light Switches Cost

Another essential electrical installation is light switches, which generally costs around £33 to £140 for toggle switches, which features a lever to control the lights.

If you're replacing light switches because your light switch isn't working, check out our guide to see if you can fix it first before reaplcing.

Dimmer switches are also popular and tend to range from £35 to £320 and feature a small dial that helps you control the level of lighting.

Isolator Switches Cost

An isolator or main switch is used to separate a circuit from the primary power source which enables electrical installations to be safe and de-energised.

The cost to install isolator switches ranges from £36 to £180.

Fire Alarm Cost

To ensure your home and family is protected in the event of your family, you should consider having a fire alarm installed, which is a system that detects the early signs of fire.

The average fire alarm installation cost is around £90 to £790 to supply and install a fire alarm.

Heat Alarm Cost

A heat alarm or detector is another type of fire alarm which is designed to detect significant temperature increases and sound an alarm to warn of a potential fire.

Heat alarms usually cost around £40 to £20 to buy and install.

Smoke Detector Cost

Another type of fire safety alarm is a smoke detector which is a device that monitors smoke levels in the event of a fire.

Smoke detectors usually cost around £33 to £220.

CO2 Detector Cost

A carbon monoxide detector is an important system to have installed in your home, as this can prevent fatalities should a leak occur.

C02 detectors usually range from £50 to £220 for both supply and installation.

Natural Gas Detector Cost

Natural gas detectors typically cost around £70 to £270 for a qualified electrician to install it.

They are put in place to detect any natural gas leaks in a property and will alert the homeowners if there is an issue.

Burglar Alarms Cost

To protect your home from intruders, you may want to consider having a burglar alarm installed, which will detect any unauthorised access through a digitally-coded alarm system.

The cost to install a burglar alarm ranges from £90 to £740.


To improve your security system, you may want to hire an electrician to fit a CCTV system.

If you are wondering how much does it cost to install CCTV, then you should expect prices to range from £220 to £1340.

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television which is a system that uses video surveillance to deter intruders and provide evidence of theft.

Home Security Cost

There are various types of home security systems which help to protect properties and their occupants.

This includes cameras, video doorbells, and alarms which usually cost around £370 to £1130 to install.

Outdoor Security Lights Cost

Another important security feature you may want to consider is outside security lights, such as motion sensors which switch on when any movement is detected.

Outdoor security light installation typically costs around £66 to £460.

Doorbell Cost

If you have trouble hearing people knocking at your door, then you may want to consider having a doorbell installed which can be wired up so you can hear it throughout your home.

The price of doorbell installation ranges from £33 for a basic doorbell up to £570 for a high-quality video doorbell.

Outside Socket Cost

If you use electrical equipment in an outdoor setting, then you may need to install an outdoor socket to avoid using extension leads.

The cost of fitting outside socket tends to range from £68 to £310.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Electrical Fittings?

Before new electrical installations can be installed, you need to understand the costs of removing the old electrical fittings.

The average price for electrical removal is around £30 to £60 per hour or £170 to £340 per day.

To remove the electrical fittings from your home, you should expect to pay around £70 to £180 to hire a professional removal service.


Q: Why earthing is necessary for electrical fittings?

A:Earthing involves installing a system that connects to the conductive surface in the existing earth.

This helps to protect property owners from electrical shocks by acting as a protective conductor, while also having the power to switch off the electrical current should anything go wrong.

Q: Why is my fire alarm beeping?

A: If your fire alarm is beeping persistently, then there could be an issue with the battery.

This will need to be replaced to ensure that your fire alarm is working properly.

Q: What does com mean on a light switch?

A:The COM or common marks the area where the live wire supplies the voltage to the main switch that enables the light to turn on.

Q: What does CCTV stand for?

A: CCTV stands for closed-circuit television which is a type of security surveillance system which helps to monitor and detect theft and unauthorised access.

Q: Why did my plug melt in the socket?

A: A melted plug is usually caused by a sparked power outlet as a result of an overloaded circuit.

Melting may also occur if there is a loose wire in the circuit which will need to be determined and repaired by a qualified electrician.

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