Introduction to the Best Hobs

Kitchen hobs are something no kitchen is without. With so many types of hobs there can be some confusion on which will work best for you.

However, the good thing about so many choices is that there will definitely be one that is perfectly suited for your needs.

This guide aims to help you understand the different types of hobs and what each is best at, plus we’ll look at some modern hob features.

Types of Hob

There are a few types of hobs that all cater towards the different requirement people have for their kitchens.

To make life a little bit simpler for you, we’ve gone through each hob type to explain the differences between them.

Electric Hob

Electric hobs utilise electric plates as the main source to heat pots and pans while cooking.

Electric plate hobs feature four or six cooking zones or rings which makes it a more favourable option to gas hobs. They are also the go-to choice for homeowners who do not have access to the mains gas supply.

There are two different types of electric hob – ceramic and induction – which have varying cooking functions.

They are both popular as they offer a minimalistic aesthetic with glass surfaces which are very easy to clean and are also robust.

They are also a much safer option if you have children, as modern hobs tend to have safety functions that prevent them from touching hot zones and avoid burns.

If opting for a ceramic model such as a halogen hob then you can use any pots or pans on the surface, however they do take longer to heat up.

It may also be susceptible to burn marks which may be hard to remove as unlike an induction hob, the whole of the ceramic surface heats up – making it harder to control.

Induction Hob

An induction hob is a type of electric hob, although in comparison to electric ceramic hobs, they utilise magnetism to heat up pots and pans rather than the actual surface.

Many people opt for induction hobs as they make the cooking process much easier and quicker as the heat hits the food faster than it does with a ceramic hob.

Induction hobs are also extremely energy-efficient as they only heat up when a pan or pot touches the surface.

This hob type also features easy to use controls which allows the user to change the temperature slightly if need be.

This also enables it to be a much safer option for those with children as it avoids the risk of touching hot surfaces.

If you are having an induction hob installed you need to be careful with the cooking equipment you use, as induction hobs are only compactible with pans or pots made of ferrous metal.

Gas Hob

A gas hob is fuelled by the mains gas supply and normally features four or five burners alongside an ignition switch which is used to control the burners manually.

They also feature knobs which are connected to the burners in order to control the temperature.

Gas hobs are one of the most popular options for both homeowners and businesses with access to the mains gas supply, although they can also be converted to access liquefied petroleum gas.

They are also preferred to their ease of installation, although the fitting will require a professional gas engineer.

Gas hobs are usually made of glass or steel which can accommodate any pots or pans.

In comparison to electric hobs, gas hobs, in the past, have not been very energy-efficient, however some modern gas hobs now feature optimal burners which enable the flame to run vertically and only heat the edge of the pan.

Best Electric Hobs

Before purchasing the first electric hob you see, you should take a look the following guide which sets out the best electric hobs, the costs and both the advantages and disadvantages.

Zanussi ZEV6240FBA

This ceramic electric hob features four burner zones including two 1.2kW, one 1.8kW and one impressive 2.3kW plate. The average cost of this hob model is around £200 to £300.

One of the main benefits of this Zanussi hob is that it has residual heat indicators that helps to avoid accidental burns. It also heats up quickly and has a digital display which makes temperature control much easier.

The downside of this electric hob model is that it does not have any child safety features to prevent them from touching hot surfaces.


  • Safety deatures protects users from accidental burns.
  • Fast heat up.
  • Digital display.


  • No child safety.

Logik LCHOBTC16 Electric Ceramic Hob

Another popular electric ceramic hob is the Logik model which has nine heat settings, so you can cook your food with greater accuracy.

You should expect to pay around £100 to £200 for the Logik LCHOBTC16 electric ceramic hob.

One of the biggest advantages of this electric hob is that it has a touch control display which is simple to use.

It is also low-maintenance and is very easy to clean due to its seamless glass design.

Another disadvantage of this ceramic hob is that the safety lock is very easy to turn on, which may be hazardous if you have children.


  • Inexpensive for a hob.
  • Simple to use.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Can be easily turned on by children.

Indesit RI 161 C Electric Ceramic Hob

This is one of the best ceramic hob models which features four different-sized hobs and a hob power output between 1.2kW and 1.7kW.

Prices for this hob range from £160 to £180.

One of the reasons why this hob is so popular is that it offers control precision with easy touch controls which makes the cooking process a lot easier.

You can also benefit from its ten year guarantee, as should anything go wrong with the hob you will be offered a replacement.

One of the problems with this hob is that it can be quite temperamental so you may need to double check that your hobs are still switched on while cooking.

You may also find an issue with the size of the hobs if you have only have large pots and pans, as they may not fit so you may need to buy new cooking equipment.


  • Inexpensive
  • Guaranteed ten year warranty.


  • Tempermental.
  • Hob sizes might be to small.

Bosch PKE611CA1E

This frameless and ceramic hob design features four cooking zones and nine heat settings which offers a quick and efficient cooking process.

The average price of this hob ranges from £200 to £230.

The main benefit of this model is that it has QuickTherm technology which enables the hob to heat up quickly in comparison to other products.

It is also one of the most hygienic hobs due to its seamless design which makes it much easier to clean due to its lack of edging and sealing.

This Bosch model features knobs which may be difficult to clean and could result in a build-up of dirt. It is also susceptible to scratching so you need to be extra careful when placing anything on the surface.


  • Less expensive.
  • Hob heats up very fast.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.


  • Knobs are a tough clean.
  • Susceptible to damage easily.

Samsung 58cm Ceramic

Another popular electric hob is the Samsung’s model which has four different-sized ceramic hobs. This is a mid-priced ceramic-style hob which costs around £200 to £300.

Due to its flat design, the Samsung C61R1AAMST hob is extremely easy to clean, especially If you spill anything, which will ensure your hob Is virtually germ-free while cooking.

It Is also very safe and is probably one of the best options if you have children, as it includes child safety locks and touch controls which are also easy to navigate.

The downside of choosing this electric hob is that it does not feature pan detection like other models, so it may not be as easy to use. The zones sizes are also relatively small, so you might not be able to use some of your bigger pans.


  • Inexpensive
  • Guaranteed ten year warranty.


  • Temperamental.
  • Hob sizes might be to small.

Best Gas Hobs

If you would prefer to have a gas hob installed in your kitchen, then take a look at the follow best gas hob reviews which will help you decide which model is best for you.

Neff T26CA42S0

This gas hob has been rated as the best hob pound for pound due to its high-quality features including the maximum power output of 3kW with 4 burners and easy to use knobs.

You should expect to pay around £400 to £430 for this Ness gas hob.

The main benefits of this gab hob includes the aesthetic of the product with its sleek and shiny black tempered glass surface and matching knobs.

It also offers efficient control which are very easy to use and offer extensive accuracy while cooking.

One of the main reasons to avoid this gas hob is that it is very difficult to clean heavy spills, as the surface is flat which can cause the spills to fall on the floor or cupboard doors – making for a very difficult cleaning job.


  • Massive power.
  • Incredibly aesthetic.


  • Due to design, spillages can be an issue.
  • Expensive.

Bosch Serie 6 PPS9A6B90

This Bosch gas hob product offers an industrial black design and has been categorised as the best fiver burner hob with a 4kW heat output.

The average price of this gas hob model ranges from £620 to £640.

The main advantage of this gas hob is that it features a highly-rated wok burner which helps food cook faster.

This Bosch product also features flame-select nine-position knobs which help to improve cooking efficiency.

If you only have small kitchen, then this may not be the best option for you as would require 90cm of worktop space for the hob to fit.

It is also quite costly, so if you are looking for a budget gas hob this is not an ideal choice.


  • Improved cooking efficiency.
  • Excellent technology that helps cook food faster.


  • Expensive.
  • On the larger side.

Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Aesthetic PV675CNX

This gas hob has been described as the best designer hob on the market which is a 5 burner gas hob with a heat output between 1.10kW and 4.20kW.

The average price of the Smeg gas hob is around £1000 to £1100.

The main benefit of the Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Aesthetic gas hob is that it has one of the most powerful burners which makes cooking quick and easy.

It is also popular for its stylish and classy stainless steel trim design which creates a high-quality aesthetic.

One of the biggest downsides is that the surface is only 75mm which means there is limited space for pots and pans.

The knobs are also positioned fairly close to the burners so you may not be able to use a large frying pan at the front as this could reach significantly high temperatures.


  • One of the most powerfuly burners.
  • Incredibly stylish.


  • Knobs are a little close to the burners.
  • Very expensive.

John Lewis JLBIGH603

John Lewis’ own hob brand is the perfect budget option which costs around £170 to £200.

It features four burners which have an output that ranges from 1.65kW to 2.2kW.

This hob model is ideal if you have a lot of large pots and pans as it features an offset wok burner which can be used alongside the other burners to make the cooking process easier.

Unlike other models, there are no gaps over the burners which allows your pots to be positioned on the burners without wobbling.

The problem with this John Lewis hob is that in comparison to other gas hobs it does not have a high output which means you might be waiting awhile for your meals.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Large burners.


  • Low output.

Beko HIZG64120

One of the cheapest gas hobs available is the Beko HIZG64120 which is normally priced at £100 to £190.

This hob has four burners including a small 1kW plate, two 2kW heating zones and one 2.9kW burner which is the most powerful of them all.

It is also available in either white or black so should work for more kitchen interiors.

The main advantage of this hob is that it is very affordable, so if you do have a low budget in mind you want to consider this model.

It also comes fitted with a flame failure device which prevents dangerous levels of gas from entering your home.

One of the main shortcomings of this gas hob model is that the design is quite bland which may not be appealing to those who are looking for a sleek style hob.

Another issue is that the control knobs are positioned on the right hand side of the hob which could increase the amount of accidental burns as the user will have to reach over to heat up the plates.


  • One of the cheapest gas hobs available.
  • Flame failure device could save your life.


  • Easy to accidentally burn yourself.

Best Induction Hobs

If you are considering installing an electric induction hob, then take a look the following guide which sets out the best induction hob models, the price of each as well as the pros and cons.

Bosch PUE611BF1B induction hob

One of the most cost-efficient induction hobs is this Bosch model which has four zones with a maximum output of 3kW.

It also has seventeen heating options alongside a child safety lock. You should expect to pay around £300 to £330 for this model.

This Bosch induction hob features a PowerBoost function which is one of its most favoured elements, as it allows the user to bring food to a boil quickly which is great for mealtimes.

It also has TouchSelect controls which are very easy to operate without the hassle that other touch screen hobs have.

The main problem with this induction hob is that it may not cook the food thoroughly so it is important that you check first before eating, as you would with most induction hobs.


  • Cost-efficient.
  • Seventeen heating options.
  • Child safety.
  • Powerboost function.
  • Easy to control.


  • Sometimes temperamental in cooking.

Ikea Bejublad

This off-white Ikea induction hob is an affordable and aesthetically-pleasing appliance which has four zones and an electricity loading rate of up to 7.4kW.

You can purchase the Ikea Bejublad induction hob for around £350 to £400.

One of the greatest benefits of this hob is that you can actually turn two small heating zones into one to accommodate larger pans or pots.

It also has easy-to-use touch and slide controls which in combination with its power boost functions enables your food to be ready quickly.

One thing to look out for with this induction hob is that is much harder to clean than a black hob and white may not be the best option if you have children, as this can result in a lot of smudges and mess.


  • Less expensive.
  • Can be used for both small and extermely large pots and pans.
  • Powerboost function.


  • Can be hard to clean.
  • Does not feature child safety locks.

Neff N 50 T36FB41X0G

Another popular induction hob is the Neff N 50 model which has four cooking zones, a 13amp attached plug and an output up to 3kW.

This Neff model is available to buy for around £300 to £350.

If you buy this induction hob, you could benefit from its TouchControl interface which is so easy to use and also features a boost setting which will boil your food quicker than the majority of other induction hobs.

It is also easy to maintain, as the surface is made of ceramic which is one of the easiest materials to clean.

The main disadvantage of choosing this induction hob is that it does not have bridge function which means you cannot link any zones together.

You will also need to avoid using too many hob plates at once as it does not distribute heat very well.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Powerboost function.


  • Not the best at distributing heat when lots of hob plates are in use.

Samsung Chef Collection NZ64N9777BK

This is one of the more premium induction hob options which costs around £700 to £800.

It has four zones which range from 1kW to 3kW and also has multiple functions which make it one of the safest hobs on the market.

There are multiple benefits of choosing the Samsung Chef Collection hob including its Keep Warm function which helps to maintain the temperature while cooking.

It also has a FlexZone+ area which can fit small pots as well as large pans over various heat plates.

According to induction hob reviews, this model features touch screen controls which can be quite difficult to see and navigate which could result in your setting the wrong temperature.


  • Keep warm function.
  • Flexzone+ fits both small and large pans.


  • Can be difficult to use at first.

Hisense 60cm Induction Hob

Another recommended induction hob is the Hisense I6433C model which has a power level ranging from 1.4kW to 3kW with four cooking zones.

You should expect to pay around £150 to £200 for this product.

This is one of the most flexible hobs available, as it features flexible bridge zones which enable you to manoeuvre your pans across various heat plates when using large pans.

The cooking zones are also touch sensitive which provides extra precision when preparing dinner.

While the flexibility of the zones is ideal, there are certain restrictions in place so you cannot just place your pan anywhere and expect it to work.

This may cause your cooking time to increase if you have not placed your pots in the right area.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Flexible bridge zones.
  • Touchscreen control easy to use.


  • Heat distribution can be inconsistent.

Cost of Installing a Hob

Another important factor you need to consider is the labour and installation costs for fitting a hob.

These costs may vary depending on the type of hob you choose, for instance hiring a gas engineer to fit a gas hob is around £50 to £120 to install, while hiring an electrician to install an electric or induction hob is normally priced at £70 to £100.


Q. What is an induction hob?

A: An induction hob is similar to an electric hob under its surface it has coils which help to create an electrical current in order to generate heat to the hobs and cook your food.

Some of the best models include the AEG induction hob, Bosch induction hob and Neff induction hob.

Q: What happens if you use a normal pan on an induction hob?

A: Induction hobs only work with pans and pots that are made out of ferrous metal, so using any other pans will be ineffective as induction hobs work through magnetism when connected to a metal pan.

Basically, the worst that can happen is that your food simply will not cook and you will have to buy pans that are compatible.

Q: Which gas hob is easiest to clean?

A: Gas hobs tend to be difficult to clean, however some modern gas hobs tend to be much easier to clean. This includes the Neff gas hob which can easily be cleaned by lifting up the cast iron pot holders and wiping the area to remove any dirt.

Q: Is a gas hob better than an induction hob?

A: Gas hobs tend to heat up much faster than induction hobs, however, this does not result in the food cooking faster as induction hobs tend to be have high heating outputs which enable it to heat up slowly but still cook the food in a similar time.

Gas hobs are also easier to control in terms of temperature, although it can be quite hard to set in the first place, in comparison to induction hobs which involve a three step process of turning the hob on, selecting the zones and adjusting the temperature.

Out of the two, the induction hob does offer more options and better accuracy regarding temperature and zone control.

They are also much safer as they only heat up when in contact with a pan, so there is not the risk of accidental burns that comes with gas hobs.

Q: Can I install an electric hob myself?

A: If you are just replacing or upgrading your electric hob, then you can install it yourself, however this is only advised if you are an experienced DIY enthusiast who is competent with electric fittings.

If you need a new circuit before installing your electric hob, then you must hiring a qualified electrician to do this in order to meet current regulations and ensure your electric hob is safe to use.


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