How Much Do Electric Gates Cost?

Electric gates make life easier and safer for you. They also add a sense of prestige to your property and might even improve its worth. However, you can't just walk into a store and buy electric gates.

To create the correct electric gate system for your specific needs, you'll need to employ an experienced gate installation.

Opening Electric Gate

In this article, we will go through the different costs of installing an electric gate, such as the average costs, supply costs, labour costs and additional costs, so you know what your budget can be.

We will also go through the duration of installing an electric gate, the types of electric gates, the benefits and how long it takes to remove an electric gate.

So, if you're considering getting an electric gate installation, then here you will find everything you need to know.

The cost of an electric garden gate is highly dependent on your circumstances. The type and size of gate you select, as well as the mechanism and driveway layout, all have a significant impact on the ultimate cost.

As you might think, there are a plethora of electric gate installers out there who can either upgrade your existing gates or construct some new ones.

Many are less expensive than you might expect, and while we usually connect electronic gates with mansions or grand homes, there are solutions available for the average family home.

So, how much does an electric gate cost?

A simple three-foot-high, ten-foot-wide metal gate can be purchased and installed for as little as £800 - £850. A gate of the same size with an underground motor can cost up to £3,000 - £3,500.

Prices for a 6ft metal gate that covers a 10ft broad driveway range from £1,300 - £5,300. The quality of the gate you choose, as well as the mechanism you choose, account for this difference.

The gate's height is also a significant issue to consider. Once again, the higher the gate, the higher the cost. You should keep in mind that this has an impact on not just the cost of the gates but also the size of the motor you'll need to purchase.

If your gates are large and heavy, a higher power motor will be required to open them.

The cost is affected by the type of opening mechanism. Getting a swing gate with a threaded motor is the cheapest choice. Underground motors and sliding gates are more expensive solutions.

The gate installers will need to bring cement to the job site as well as the gates. If these goods are difficult to obtain on-site, the job will take longer and cost more.

Electric Gates Prices

The table below will breakdown the average cost of installing electric gates:

Job Description Electric Gate Installation Cost
Swing gates constructed of solid wood that are fully automated and include a hidden power supply and intercom. £7,500 - £8,000
Solid wood slide gates with built-in power and intercom that are fully mechanised. £8,000 - £8,500
Metal swing gates with a 24V electricity supply and an intercom system. £7,000 - £7,500
Metal sliding electric gates with 24V power and an intercom £8,000 - £8,500
7 kW tethered connector £900 - £930
22 kW tethered connector £1,500 - £1,600
7 kW Tesla-specific £400 - £500
7 kW commando socket £15 - £85

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What are the Supply Costs of an Electric Gate?

Unless you have prior installation skills, it is suggested that you hire a professional to install most electric gate kits. DIY electric gate kits, on the other hand, are a terrific alternative if you don't want to go this route.

So, if you are looking to DIY an electric gate installation or want to know the materials that you need to install, then here, we will go through it without any labour or additional costs included.

Testing Electric Gate

The price of electric gates depends on the type you want and the material they are made of. Therefore, if you are on a budget, then it is a good idea to have a look at the cheaper options available.

Metal gates are a mid-priced alternative with good security and privacy, as well as being very durable and low maintenance. For a 3ft x 10ft metal gate costs £185 - £300, a 3ft x 7ft costs £140 - £200 and a 3ft x 3ft costs £60 - £110.

The larger the gate, the more expensive it will be; therefore, a 4ft x 10ft costs £275 - £950, a 4ft x 7ft costs £200 - £800 and 4ft x 3ft costs £110 - £300.

Then going onto a 6ft gate costs £500 - £1,200 10ft wide, 6ft x 7ft on average costs £400 - £1,000 and a 6ft x 3ft costs £90 - £450.

Height 3ft wide 7ft wide 10ft wide
3ft £60 - £110 £140 - £200 £185 - £300
4ft £110 - £300 £200 - £800 £275 - £950
6ft £90 - £450 £400 - £1,000 £500 - £1,200

A wooden gate is the most affordable in the industry. Softwood is a low-cost choice, but it requires a lot of upkeep and has low durability and security. A 3ft x 3ft costs £15 - £50, a 3ft x 7ft costs £30 - £100 and a 3ft x 10ft costs £60 - £120.

A 4ft x 3ft costs £30 - £80, a 4ft x 7ft costs £60 - £200 and a 4ft x 10ft costs £80 - £250.

A 6-foot gate increases in price a 6ft x 3ft costs £60 - £110, a 6ft x 7ft costs £190 - £800 and a 6ft x 10ft on average costs £300 - £1,200.

Height 3ft wide 7ft wide 10ft wide
3ft £15 - £50 £30 - £100 £60 - £120
4ft £30 - £80 £60 - £200 £80 - £250
6ft £60 - £110 £190 - £800 £300 - £1,200

Sliding gates are a more expensive option and don’t usually give you 3-foot-wide options as they are usually more complicated to install. To buy a 3ft x 7ft siding gate will cost you £1,050 - £1,180 and a 3ft x 10ft costs £1,200 - £1,300.

A 4ft x 7ft costs £1,080 - £1,200 and a 4ft x 10ft costs £1,200 - £1,350. A 6ft x 7ft costs £1,150 - £1,250 and a 6ft x 10ft costs £1,300 - £1,400.

Height 7ft wide 10ft wide
3ft £1,050 - £1,180 £1,200 - £1,300
4ft £1,200 - £1,350 £1,200 - £1,350
6ft £1,300 - £1,400 £1,300 - £1,400

What are the Additional Costs of Installing Electric Gates?

When installing electric gates in your home, you might come across some additional costs that you didn't expect and are going to bring your overall budget up. Therefore, we have created this section so that you know what to expect when additional costs may come up in your overall bill.

New Driveway

When installing an electric front gate, you might want to install a new driveway to give the front of your home a brand-new style. But how much does a new driveway cost? The cost of installing a new driveway varies depending on the type of driveway, the size of the driveway, and its existing state.

New Driveway

Block paving driveways are becoming increasingly popular to save money while still looking amazing! However, depending on the size of your driveway, you may anticipate paying between £2,100 - £9,000.

Tarmac and gravel driveways, on the other hand, are the cheapest driveways, starting at roughly £1,200.

The removal of the previous driveway is one of the most time-consuming aspects of driveway installation. This might cost anywhere between £500 - £1,500, depending on the material you choose and the size of your driveway.

This will include breaking up the flooring and removing it with the help of a skip hiring firm, which might cost between £200 - £250.

The total cost of establishing a driveway is decided by the amount of time it takes to complete the job, which is usually dictated by the driveway's size and the type of material utilised. The average time to have a new driveway installed is usually two days up to three weeks.

If you want to replace your driveway, you'll have to take out the old one first. The cost of removing an asphalt driveway ranges from £400 - £700 while removing a resin driveway costs between £150 - £450.

The cost of removing a driveway made of various materials, such as gravel, ranges from £150 - £250 while removing a concrete driveway costs between £500 - £1,500 and block paving can cost up to £600.

If required, further information can be obtained on driveway installation costs.


If you are installing electric gates for extra protection, then it is also a good idea to have CCTV installed to give you extra peace of mind.

CCTV is quite useful in assisting in the investigation of criminal cases. Vandalism, theft, and stalking are just a few of the crimes that your CCTV system can aid with.

CCTV Camera

The cost of installing CCTV varies based on the type of system. The number of cameras you install and the type of camera system you select will have the greatest impact on the cost.

Multi-camera systems might cost anything between £350 - £1,700. You may anticipate paying between £70 - £2,500 for a single security camera system installation. The average cost of installing a CCTV system is roughly £350.

The length of time it takes to install a new CCTV system is highly dependent on the system being installed. Installing a single camera system can take as little as an hour and as much as two hours.

Installing a multi-camera system can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day. The installation of a new CCTV system should not take more than a day.

If you want to remove your CCTV due to having an electric fence installed and you don't need the protection anything, then a CCTV system is usually simple to remove.

Most people can do this as a do-it-yourself project. It's as simple as unscrewing the cameras and unplugging any wires that link them. It's normally recommended to turn off the energy supply before attempting to remove the CCTV system, depending on the type of wiring.

If you want a tradesperson to remove your home surveillance system, keep in mind that you will have to pay them for their time.

Unless you have a huge number of cameras, the job shouldn't take long. The uninstallation of your CCTV system should take no more than an hour or two. The cost of removing your CCTV system is typically between £120 - £150.

If you would like further information, you can read more about CCTV installation costs.

Minimum Charge

Some contractors charge a minimum fee, which can be applied as the main labour charge (e.g., a daily rate that applies even if the task takes three-quarters of a working day) or as a separate charge added to your total bill.


The type of electric gate, as described in the preceding section, may have an impact on the total cost of installation.

Number of Tradespeople

Electric gate installers will typically work in pairs. If the project is very large or demanding, however, the third pair of hands may be required.

Tradesman at Work

The hourly wage increases as the number of workers on a job increases. However, while this would save time, whether this is a net cost increase will be determined by factors such as the team's ability to collaborate.


The labour costs are proportionate to the time it takes to install an electric gate. The more time the job takes, the more money you'll have to pay. This is an exception if labour costs are fixed.

Where You Live

The cost of installing an electronic gate varies according to your location. For example, the average cost in Manchester is roughly 10%-12% lower than the national average.

Similarly, prices in Liverpool are significantly lower than the rest of the country, with hiring rates almost 20% lower than the national average. Prices in Glasgow are around 10%-20% lower than the national average for hiring a skip.

The southeast, on the other hand, has greater rates than the rest of the UK. The cost of living in London is around 12-17 per cent more than the UK average.

Tradesmen Costs for Installing Electric Gates

The cost will be determined by the type of gate and the mechanism that will be used to open it. It's difficult to give an estimate because they vary so much.

Labour will account for roughly 1/3 of the entire cost. This will be more for underground mechanisms. Here, we'll look at the labour costs for installing an electric gate without any additional or supply charges.

Tradesman in Workshop

Landscape gardeners can hang manual gates, build brick walls, and install the fence, among other things. We recommend hiring a professional gate installer if you want an electric gate with an intercom system; they may be more expensive, but gate electric gate installation is a specialised skill.

The installation charges should be in the range of £35 - £65 per hour. The length of time it takes to finish the installation, and the number of engineers needed is determined by the gate's size and mechanism, as well as the installation's complexity.

It will be up to each installer or installation firm to determine how much they will charge for the hours and labour involved. This depends entirely on what you want and how difficult the job will be.

On average, you should expect to pay roughly £300 - £350 each day, with the cost rising dramatically if you opt for a more elaborate setup on your gates.

A single, ten-foot-wide, three-foot-high metal gate with a threaded mechanism costs between £300 - £500 in labour. A single, ten-foot-wide, three-foot-high metal gate with an underground mechanism should cost between £425 - £800 in labour.

You will pay £380 - £510 for a single, 10ft wide, 3ft high wooden gate with a ram mechanism. A threaded mechanism for a double, 10ft wide, 6ft high metal gate will cost between £450 - £1,090.

Electric gate installers are usually paired up. However, if the job is huge or difficult, the third set of hands may be required. As the number of people on a job grows, so does the hourly wage. While this might save time, considerations such as the team's capacity to interact will determine whether this is a net cost increase.

The table below will break down the labour costs for installing a gate.

Labour Cost
Per hour £35 - £65
Day work £300 - £350
A single, ten-foot-wide, three-foot-high metal gate installation £300 - £500
A single, 10ft wide, 3ft high wooden gate with a ram mechanism installation £380 - £510
A single, ten-foot-wide, three-foot-high metal gate with an underground mechanism installation. £425 - £800
A threaded mechanism for a double, 10ft wide, 6ft high metal gate installation. £450 - £1,090

How Long Does It Take to Install Electric Gates?

The time it takes to install an electric driveway gate varies, and it's impossible to give an estimate without first reviewing the project's details.

The total cost of establishing a driveway is decided by the amount of time it takes to complete the job, which is usually dictated by the driveway's size and the type of material utilised. Therefore, here we will go through the different timescales it takes to install an electric gate into your home.

Electric Gate being Checked

It just takes 4 – 5 hours to replace an existing gate with a new one, but it can take one week to build brick pillars, install electrical and intercom wiring, and so on.

A single, 10ft wide, 3 ft high metal gate with a threaded mechanism takes half a day to one day to install, a single, 10ft wide, 3 ft high metal gate with an underground mechanism takes 1–2 days to install, and a single, 10ft wide, 3 ft high wooden gate with a ram mechanism takes 1–2 days to install. 1–1 1/2 days

A double, ten-foot-wide, six-foot-high metal gate with a threaded mechanism will take 1 – 2 days, while a single, ten-foot-wide, three-foot-high sliding gate will take up to one day.

The table below will show the duration it takes to install an electric gate.

Job Duration
Replace an existing gate with a new one 4 - 5 hours
Build brick pillars 1 week
A single, 10ft wide, 3 ft high metal gate with a threaded mechanism 1/2 a day - 1 day
A single, 10ft wide, 3 ft high metal gate with an underground mechanism 1 - 2 days
A single, 10ft wide, 3 ft high wooden gate with a ram mechanism 1 – 1.5 days
A double, ten-foot-wide, six-foot-high metal gate with a threaded mechanism 1 - 2 days
A single, ten-foot-wide, three-foot-high sliding gate 1 day

Types of Electric Gates

There are multiple types of electric gates that you could have installed in your home. Here we will go through the different types and discuss their pros and cons so you can figure out which one would suit your home more.

Swing Gates Cost

Swing gates are powered by motors attached to the pillars or posts on which they are suspended. Swing gate automation can also be accomplished with subterranean motors or pits dug beneath the hinge point.

Electric Swing Gate

The motor is connected to the gate by the arm, which moves the arm, which then pushes or pulls the gate open or closed. It's vital to keep in mind that swing gate motors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and their operation varies.

Most swing gates are divided into two sections. They're great for flat driveways. The typical price is around £500.


  • Come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Lower cost.
  • Suitable to narrow openings.


  • Require more space.
  • Hard to fit on a slope.
  • Can be affected by the wind.

Slide Gates Cost

Automatic sliding gates move into a space on one side of the gate entry that must be longer than the gate's full width. Sliding gates glide down a track laid across the driveway entry thanks to wheels mounted on their underside. These tracks must be kept free of leaves and debris that could obstruct the gate's operation.

Electric Slide Gate

With sliding gates, homeowners can choose between having one gate that spans the full opening or two gates that meet in the middle. This method is more difficult to install because it may necessitate a foundation for a track and drainage, raising the expense.

These gates typically cost £1,100 - £1,350 for the gate and £800 - £1,500 for the motor.


  • Compact installation.
  • Maximises space on driveway.
  • Not affected by wind.


  • Can be nosier.
  • Need more space on the side of the gate.
  • The entrance will need to be kept clean.

Bi-folding Electric Gates Cost

A genuinely attractive gate is created by combining the strength and durability of deep metal frames with the natural beauty of hand-picked timber infill.

They're especially beneficial for businesses that can only grant access for a short time, as well as sites with a lot of constant vehicle traffic, such as banks, schools, and employee parking lots.

Electric Bi-folding Gate

Bi-folding gates can be created with aesthetics in mind, allowing the organisation's logo to be incorporated.

Bi-fold electric gates are essentially swing gates that have been vertically sliced in two. They take up about half the space that a typical gate would. As they open, the gate panels fold in on themselves and run on a ground track. £650 is the average cost.


  • Give you more space.
  • Good design options.


  • Limited size options.
  • High maintenance.

Telescopic Electric Gates Cost

Sliding gates are comparable to telescopic gates. However, they take up less room. The different pieces of this sort of gate overlap each other when it is opened.

As a result, they're great for situations where security is paramount, yet there's limited space outside the premises for the gates to work.

Electric Telescopic Gate 

Because of the mechanism that allows them to open, telescopic gates can only be put on level ground. These gates can be painted to make them more attractive, and they can be controlled by a variety of access control systems. They are appropriate for the same types of locations as standard sliding gates.

The opening and closing of the gate segments are controlled by cables, which are powered by a typical sliding gate motor. They also necessitate the installation of a separate track for each gate segment.


  • It can be pained.
  • Take up less room.
  • Good for places that need security.


  • It can only be placed on level ground.
  • Expensive

Benefits of Electric Gates

Electric gates give you a lot of benefits and make your life a lot easier. So, if you are indecisive about installing electric gates in your home, then this section of the article will most likely persuade you as we will go through the different benefits of electric gates.


The most important purpose for installing electronic gates is to improve security at your home or business. Households may rest certain that their belongings will be safe, and companies won't have to worry about their valuable assets being taken.

Security Measures

Electric gates not only make it more difficult for people to gain entry to your property or premises, but they also work as a deterrent.


The trouble with a standard set of gates is that you must get out of your car to open them every time you return home or arrive at work.

Another issue is that you may forget to lock the door when you leave. Electric gates, on the other hand, are more convenient because they have entirely automated thanks to in-built motors and wireless technology.


Electric gates are commonly used to keep people out, but they can also be used to keep people in. If your children have space to play outside your home, for example, there's a good risk they'll rush into the street without thinking.

Pets chasing a ball or another animal is in the same boat. As a result, electric gates can provide increased security and peace of mind.

Increased Property Value

The installation of electronic gates, like other household modifications, can increase the value of your home. You might think of this as a long-term investment that will pay off handsomely if you decide to sell and go on.

Businesses may be able to charge a greater price for their goods and services because electric gates demonstrate that they value quality.

Lower Insurance

If you have a set of electric gates, certain insurance companies may offer you lower charges.

Insurance Options

This is because they will know that your home is safer than others in the area and is less likely to be the victim of a break-in or burglary. Lower insurance premiums are also advantageous for businesses wishing to keep a close check on their costs.

How Long Does It Take to Remove an Electric Gate?

If you have an electric gate and want it removed as it no longer works, or you don't want it to run. There are a few alternatives available. You may keep the gate by just removing the mechanism and control box. This is usually simple to accomplish.

Checking Wiring of Electric Gate

The control box is normally screwed into the walls, and the mechanism will be fixed in place. This is a simple task that shouldn't cost more than £100.

It may be more difficult to remove the gate pillars. The post will have been cemented in place and will be difficult to remove. If you need them removed, it may be worthwhile to hire a builder or landscape gardener to assist you.

The cost will be determined by the condition of the posts as well as your location. You should budget between £100 - £300.

When removing an electric gate, you should give yourself up to a full day to complete as the process includes wires and carrying heavy objects, so it is not a task that should be rushed.


Q: Can you open an electric gate manually?

A: Yes, when there is no electricity to power the motors, the method utilised to activate electric gates manually is known as manual release. A manual release key and built-in manual release mechanism, or a separate supplementary manual release mechanism, are used.

Q: How does an electric gate opener work?

A: One side of the drive entrance has a single electronic gate opener. The motor is set up so that a cog on the output shaft of the motor meshes with a toothed rack located on the inside of the gate.

As a result, as the motor turns, the cog in the rack revolves, drawing the gate along with it.

Q: Does an electric gate add property value?

A: When it comes to increasing the value of your home, the enhanced security of automatic gates may be a wonderful selling factor and offer up to 5% more value.

Many purchasers are reassured by electric gates that their home will be safe and private, especially if it is a large home.

Q: Are electric gates expensive to run?

A: Electric gates are inexpensive to operate, and their ongoing expenses will be determined by how frequently they are utilised.

An electric gate system on standby consumes roughly 100 watts per day. With electricity costing roughly 15 pence per kilowatt-hour, this equates to 1.5 pence each day.

Q: Can you get electric gate kits for DIY?

A: Electric gate kits are available for DIY installation. These are usually simpler kits that are easy to put together.


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