How Much is a Replacement Conservatory Roof?

Want to know the price of having a conservatory roof replaced?

In this article, we’ll break down the prices of removing a conservatory roof and installing a new one. This will include total costs, supply costs, and labour costs.

We’ll also discuss potential added expenses and other relevant subjects, such as the benefits of replacing a conservatory roof.

A replacement conservatory roof can add value to your home.

Replacing conservatory roof

Without further ado, let’s get right to it...

Conservatory Roof Prices in 2024

Starting with glass conservatory roofs, the average cost would be:

Conservatory Type Average Cost
Small Lean-to Conservatory £2,000 to £2,800
Medium Lean-to Conservatory £2,300 to £3,000
Large Lean-to Conservatory £2,500 to £3,500
Small Victorian Conservatory £3,000 to £4,200
Medium Victorian Conservatory £4,500 to £5,800
Large Victorian Conservatory £6,000 to £8,500

As for polycarbonate roof conservatory roofs, you can expect to pay:

Conservatory Type Average Cost
Small Lean-to Conservatory £1,900 to £2,600
Medium Lean-to Conservatory £2,200 to £3,000
Large Lean-to Conservatory £2,300 to £3,200
Small Victorian Conservatory £3,000 to £4,000
Medium Victorian Conservatory £4,100 to £5,700
Large Victorian Conservatory £6,000 to £8,500

What can the price depend on?

The cost of this work will depend on a whole host of factors, including the size/type of conservatory roof, location, number of tradespeople hired, materials, ease of access, and property location.

Those based in London can expect higher labour costs for the work.

As for where you live, this is relevant since labour prices tend to differ throughout the nation.

On the one hand, labour costs are usually lower than the national average in the north of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. However, prices are more expensive in the southeast (London in particular).

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What are the Supply Costs of a Conservatory Roof Replacement?

The bulk of the cost of having a conservatory roof replaced would come down to that of supplies.

Conservatory roof

For glass conservatory roofs, the supply cost of replacing a conservatory roof would be:

Conservatory Type Average Cost
Small Lean-to Conservatory £1,700 to £2,300
Medium Lean-to Conservatory £2,000 to £2,700
Large Lean-to Conservatory £2,200 to £3,000
Small Victorian Conservatory £2,700 to £3,700
Medium Victorian Conservatory £4,200 to £5,300
Large Victorian Conservatory £5,700 to £8,000

In terms of polycarbonate conservatory roofs, you can expect the materials to cost:

Conservatory Type Average Cost
Small Lean-to Conservatory £1,600 to £2,100
Medium Lean-to Conservatory £1,900 to £2,500
Large Lean-to Conservatory £2,000 to £2,700
Small Victorian Conservatory £2,700 to £3,500
Medium Victorian Conservatory £3,600 to £5,200
Large Victorian Conservatory £5,700 to £8,000

What are the Additional Costs of Replacing a Conservatory Roof?

As with any type of labour, there are some added expenses that you may incur or extra jobs that you may wish to pay for. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Cost of A New Conservatory

What if you don’t just want a new conservatory roof? What if you want a brand new conservatory. Prices can start from as little as £13,000, or you may need to have a budget of up to £75,000.


Type of Conservatory Roof

Obviously, a key factor is the type of conservatory roof replacement in terms of design and material. Lean-to conservatory roof installations tend to be relatively cheaper than the majority of options, while Edwardian conservatory roof instalments would be dearer than most.

Size of Conservatory Roof

It pretty much goes without saying that the larger a conservatory roof, the more it will cost.

This would matter for one, when it comes to supply costs, given that a larger roof will simply cost more but even for the labour price, assuming that a larger installation takes longer, it would likely bring up the total trades cost. Beyond that, waste removal expenses would be higher for a larger conservatory roof replacement.

Condition of Current Conservatory Roof

The state of the existing roof is also relevant since it may take longer to remove if it is in poor condition; for instance, a tradesperson may take longer to remove a roof in a bad state for safety reasons.

Conservatory cost

Number of Tradespeople Needed

The more tradespeople hired, the more the hourly or daily labour rate (where/if applicable) will come to. That being said, with more labourers on-site, the work may not take as long.

Duration of Work

How long the work lasts is also likely to impact the cost of labour one way or another. Indeed, most contractors charge by the day or hour.

However, it is possible that the duration of work will not alter the cost. For example, a contractor/company may have a set rate regardless of how long the job takes. On average, a conservatory roof replacement normally takes around two full working days.

Tradesmen Costs for a Conservatory Roof Replacement

The cost of labour for having a conservatory roof replaced would be around £300 to £500 a day.

For a small conservatory roof, the cost of a replacement may end up around this price, given that it will likely take about a day to replace.

Installing a new conservatory roof

For a medium conservatory roof, you can expect a price closer to £600 to £1,000, or approximately £900 to £1,500 to have a large roof replaced.

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Conservatory Roof?

It takes about one to three days to replace a conservatory roof, although it will depend on the size of the roof itself. For example, a 3m x 3m conservatory roof might take 1-2 days to replace while, on average, a 5m x 5m conservatory roof is likely to take around three days to replace.

New Conservatory roof

The duration of this work will depend on a wide range of factors such as the size/type of conservatory roof, condition of the current roof, number of tradespeople hired, and ease of access.

Types of Conservatory Roof

As shown by our cost breakdown, there are many types of conservatory roof. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular examples.

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Cost

First, let’s consider polycarbonate conservatory roofs. These tend to have a supply cost in the range of £500 to £1,000 less than that of glass roofs though it will depend on the size of the roof.

They are a relatively inexpensive option that offers both strength and durability. On the other hand, polycarbonate roofs do not provide the same striking appeal as glass roofs, and they may accumulate grime if not taken care of effectively.

Polycarbonate Conservatory roof


  • Not too costly for replacement conservatory roof
  • Long-lasting
  • Strong


  • May gather grime with time
  • Not as fancy as glass roofs

Glass Conservatory Roof Cost

As you’d expect, glass conservatory roofs are the most popular option. They are ideal for letting plenty of light in and will really illuminate the space. Further, glass roofs are strong, durable, come with a beautiful appearance, and are straightforward to clean.

However, glass conservatory roofs can leave a conservatory particularly cold in the winter or a bit too hot in the summer per their nature. Also, glass roofs are usually a bit more costly, as they are around £500 to £1,000 more expensive than polycarbonate conservatory roofs on average.

Glass Conservatory roof


  • Great for illuminating a conservatory internally
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Beautiful look
  • It can be cleaned with ease


  • May have unfavourable temperatures in winter or summer
  • It can be more expensive

Benefits of Replacing a Conservatory Roof

There are many key advantages to having a conservatory roof replaced. Let’s take a look at some obvious benefits

Improves Quality

Replacing an old and worn down conservatory roof can give your conservatory a new lease of life; a fresh roof will offer better quality over the one that existed before.

Not only that, but if the previous roof was installed many years or even decades ago, then a new roof is likely to bring better quality because of the era it was made in.

Glass Conservatory roof replacement

Renewed Longevity

Of course, all conservatory roofs come with a rough life expectancy. As a result, getting a new conservatory roof will bring renewed longevity as opposed to the worn-down existing roof.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Conservatory Roof?

To simply have a conservatory roof replaced may cost about £400 to £800. This includes a daily labour charge (if applicable) and the price of waste disposal.

Conservatory roof with greenery

If you were to remove the roof yourself, you could save several hundred pounds on the above price estimate.


Q: How can you insulate a conservatory roof?

A: There are many methods to achieve conservatory roof insulation; some materials you could use include installing aluminium foil as well as thermal wadding.

Q: What is the best way to clean a conservatory roof?

A: Arguably, the best way to do this is with a ladder and a telescopic brush; this is a pretty safe approach. Once the brush has been used, the roof should be rinsed off either with a garden hose or pressure washer (assuming that the material is suitable and will not be damaged by a pressure washer).

Q: Can I have a tiled conservatory roof?

A: While you may need building regulations approval, it is possible to have a tiled conservatory roof as a great solid conservatory roof option.

Q: Is it considered permitted development to replace conservatory roof?

A: Yes, having a conservatory roof replaced does not require planning permission approval.

Q: How long does a new conservatory roof last?

A: On average, they tend to go for about ten to fifteen years before they begin to wear down, at which point a replacement would be in order.


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